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While in Lebanon
   Lebanon has a good hotel capacity, including a number of outstanding luxury establishments. In Beirut there are also many small, well-run hostelries. Several of the older large hotels have refurbished their premises and once again offer an elegant and convenient place to stay.

Hotel space in the mountains is abundant, the majority in the second and third class category. Generally open in the summer season, these are clean but basic establishments perfectly adequate for short stays. There are some grand hotels in the mountains as well, open year around. furnished apartments, which offer self-service facilities, are found throughout Greater Beirut and in other population centers.

   Many people in Lebanon speak some French or English in addition to Arabic, and often other language besides. Foreign news papers and magazines are available and the prolific local press publishes in French and English as well as Arabic. Communication is definitely not a problem !

Relax and have a good time
   There is always something entertaining in Lebanon. Traditional dances such as the dabbke and sword dances are immensely popular and they perpetuate costumes of the distant past. Both in night clubs and in private parties and celebrations , oriental or "belly dancing" is a
always a great attraction.

Known for its night life before war , the Lebanese capital is still the place to go for excellent night clubs and discotheques. About 24 km north of Beirut, the Casino du Liban at Maameltein, is famous for its top international shows and luxurious gaming facilities. With the
Lido de Paris in charge of entertainment, world-class shows can be expected every evening.

Every sport can be enjoyed in Lebanon including water skiing, snow skiing, yachting and tennis. Clubs are open to tourists for golf, tennis, karate and riding. the Beirut race course, set in its pine woods, is a favorite with race goers.

   Few visitors to Lebanon can resist its handicrafts, either in old style or tasteful modern adaptations of traditional designs. there is pottery fashioned in the peasant manner, glassware and cutlery. Brass and copper goods of all kinds can be found , with attractive handworked designs. Exotic caftans and abayas are always appreciated as gifts. Gold and silver prices are especially good and skillful local jewelers charge moderate prices for their work. As for clothing, everything is available - from the top Paris designers to jeans and leisure ware.. Lebanon's shopping arcades and busy main streets are crammed with shops selling every necessity and luxury, both local and imported.

   Automobile rental companies provide self-drive cars or cars with a chauffeur. Lebanese taxis are comfortable and reasonably priced. Even cheaper is the "service-taxi" which allows one to share the cost of a trip with other passengers.
Bus service is also available to certain destinations.

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