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Roman Temples
(35 km east of Tripoli)

    From the summer resort of SÓr Danniyyeh ask the way to Sfireh village, some 9 kilometers along a narrow winding road. The temples are located on a mountainside on the far outskirts of town.
    A five-minute walk will get you to the first site, known locally as "Qalaat al-Hosn." This 2nd century Roman temple has survived almost intact
except for the pediment and cornice. It is a large, imposing building with a surprising number of structural details remaining. Look for carvings on the front of the main temple and the popular acanthus leaf design. In the floor you can still see square holes used for door jambs. There is a Greek language inscription on the outside wall.

    From the larger temple, a steep path winds left up the hill to the ruins of a smaller monument and some standing columns. In this temple, which is half in ruins, note the fine altar, fallen on its side, with a bull's head carved within a wreath on the three exposed sides. The stonework on the interior of the standing wall is particularly fine.
    In the southwest part of Sfireh itself can be found the remains of yet another temple, this one hidden among the modern-day buildings. If you are in the mood to explore, ask for "Beit al-Kebir" (big house). Villagers will help you to locate it.

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