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(Roman Temple 56 km)

Take the road to Baalbeck and just before the town turn left toward Chlifa. (along this road  is the isolated column of Iaat) About two kilometers past Chlifa you will have to park the car and climb up to the Roman temple, situated on a rocky tableland. Look for the site of a new church from where a passable track goes up the hill. At the end of the track hike along the path for about twenty minutes.

    The top of the hill is full of cisterns, tanks, platforms, rooms and steps, all hewn from solid rock in Greco-Roman times or earlier. This solid-looking temple structure was used as a fortress long after Roman days. A Latin inscription can be seen inside, although it is almost impossible to read. About a hundred meters before the temple and a little to the southeast are two circular high places of ancient Semitic worship.
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