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A Place in the Heart
   Lebanon has always been a special country. Despite the recent years of war, Lebanon's long history, natural beauty and the spirit of its people give it a place in the hearts of all who have been there --whether in  the  halcyon years, or  during  periods of crises.  An independent republic since 1943.  It is a compact country of 10,452 square kilometers with a population approaching 4 million.

Located at the meeting  point of three continents, over  the centuries Lebanon has  been the crossroads of many civilizations whose traces may still be seen today.
Its countryside is a place of  rocks, cedar trees and magnificent ruins that look down from mountains to the sea. "Lubnan" its Arabic name, means "white" the color of the mountains.
 In winter the high peaks are covered with snow and in summer their limestone slopes glimmer white in the distance.

Two rocky ranges traverse Lebanon parallel to the sea coast, separated by the high plateau of the Beqaa valley. On the coast are five famous towns known to every archeologist and school child - Berytus (Beirut), Byblos, Sidon , Tripoli and Tyre -- the names of ancient Phoenicia.

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