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(Tomb of the Imam Ouzai 3 km)

    A tiny hamlet known as Hantous once stood by the seaside in Beirut's southern suburbs. Today all that remains of this settlement is a small 8th century mosque built in the Abbasid era.
    The mosque itself is very simple, with an elongated design built in two different periods. The older part, which bears the marks of relatively
recent remolding, has a prayer hall with a marble

plaque dated 1902 set above the mihrab. The plaque bears the name of Imam Abdul-Rahman al Ouzai, who was born in Baalbeck in 706 and died in Beirut 774. Imam Ouzai was a personage celebrated for his piety as well as his knowledge of theology and law. To the west of the prayer hall is another square room which has a raised floor and is covered with a cupola.
    The modern part of the mosque, built in the mid-19th century, has a small prayer hall and the marble tomb of the Imam surrounded by a wooden enclosure. The simple cylindrical minaret was built in 1939

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