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(Druze Shrine and a Rock-Cut Castle 33 km)

    The reputed tomb of Job or Nabi Yacoub/Ayoub, located east of Niha Shou, has been enshrined in  a modern building overlooking a panoramic view. Especially interesting are the hillsides, where strata have been twisted in some distant geological upheaval. Among the many caves in this area, both natural and man made, is Shakif Tiron or Qal'at Niha. This is a cave fortress of interlinking chambers cut

Nabi Ayoub: View from the Shrine

into the top of a cliff. Occupied by the Crusaders from 1165 to 1260, tradition says it is  the hiding  place of Fakhreddine II who fled the Turks in 1635. In fact, it was probably his father, Emir Korkomaz, who took refuge here in 1584.
    In Niha village look for the old church of Mar Yousseh (Saint Joseph) as well as a fountain known as "Ain al-Qat'ah." Both are listed as Historic Monuments.

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