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(Roman Temples and a Short Hike 17 km)

    Go from Chtaura to Ablah via Zahle, taking the left fork at Ablah. About 2 km from Ablah a blue sign marks the left turn to the village of Niha.
    The temples are visible as soon as you enter the village, making it easy to wind your way through to the site, which is protected by  a fenced enclosure.
    The larger temple, approached by a monumental staircase, is imposing in its size and beauty. Restoration work by the General Directorate of Antiquities gives an idea of its original appearance, although not al elements are in their original places. To the left of the first flight of stairs is a well preserved relief carving of a priest making an offering. A cornice around the top is worth examining.

    The much smaller temple nearby, dedicated to the Syro-Phoenician god Hadaranes, is interesting for its delicately carved doorway which stands nearly complete.

Upper Temples
Leaving the village of Niha with the lower temples behind on your left, take the uppermost road leading into the mountains to the west. The steep rural roadway, usually traveled by foot, takes you up 300 meters to Husn Niha, or the "fortress of Niha". Here you will find two partially preserved Roman temples. Niha is illuminated at night thanks to arrangements by the Ministry of Tourism.
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