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(Winter and Summer Resort 69 km)

In all seasons Laqlouk is notable for its starkly beautiful scenery, dramatic views and interesting rock formations. Near the town is a large hotel, which is surrounded by flower gardens and pine trees. The air, especially in summer, is said to be like wine.

The Laqlouk ski resort, established in the early 1960’s, is known for its family atmosphere. At 1,920 meters, it has good ski lifts, as well as chalets, night clubs and other facilities.

Not far from the village is the spectacular sink hole of Houet Baatara, known locally as the Ballouaa or “drain.”  A walk over moderately rough terrain of about half a kilometer brings you to a huge open cavern 255 meters deep with three natural bridges. A river disappears into the cave, never to be seen again, hence its name “drain.”  Besides the sink hole, which will take a good deal of time to investigate, the surrounding hills invite exploration. This is a pleasant place for a picnic as well.

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