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Crusader Chapel
(1 Km from Batroun)

    Just north of the coastal town of Batroun in the village of Kubba is a gem of a Crusader chapel in its own wooded setting.
    This 12th century chapel of the Holy Savior is in excellent condition with a well-carved medieval portal, barrel-vaulted construction and rough weathered stonework. The interior is of simple design with white washed walls.


    Below this church, at the foot of the hill, lie remains of the little modern shrine of Mar Yaqoub (Saint James). This was built  on a Crusader-era church, which itself was constructed in the emplacement of a Byznatine church. The Byzantine church, in turn, was built with material from a Roman temple. Look for an altar with a Roman inscription and for some sculpted Byzantine stones.
    On the other side of the coastal road are some prehistoric caves, one of which was transformed into a shrine dedicated to Saint John the Baptist.

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