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(Roman Ruins and a Cave 21 km)

Follow the Damascus road from Chtaura turning left toward Rayak. Six kilometers along this road turn right for Kfar Zabad. A steep footpath from this village leads to a lofty acropolis with tumbled remains of two Roman temples. From here, the view of the beautifully barren Anti-Lebanon mountains to the east and the fertile Beqaa valley to the west is truly spectacular.

To the northeast of the lower temple is a rock-cut relief of Venus, calles "Bint El Malik" or the king's daughter by the local people. The area also has ancient quarries and shaft tombs from the Roman period. An alternative route for those with four-wheel drive vehicles can be found one kilometer beyond the village at Ain Kfar Zabad. A track on the left winds its way to the temple site.
For those interested in spelunking, there is a beautiful little cave, explored to 125 meters, which has stalactile and stalagmite formations similar to those of Jeita. Drive for about a kilometer along a dirt road which leads from Kfar Zabad toward the foothills of the Anti-Lebanon mountains. A thirty-minute walk up a mountain footpath will bring you to the entrance - an opening about fifty centimeters wide. This leads to a 4.5-meter descent into the cave, using ropes.

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