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(Cedar Grove 68 km)

    Millennia ago, when cedar trees covered much of Mount Lebanon, the groves of Jaj were one of the earliest forests to be exploited. The profitable cedar wood was exported to Egypt and later to Jerusalem.
    Splendid survivors of this forest are still

scattered on the peaks above the town of Jaj. They are easy to spot. Rounded in shape and very dark green in color, the trees are not readily confused with the much smaller pines at lower elevations. For the best view go to the top of the town and look up. Trails exist up to these cedars, which grow out of what looks like bare rock in groups of two or three. It is advisable, however, to find a local guide for the excursion.
    Also worth a visit is the beautiful stone stone church of Mar Abda, located at the upper reaches of the town.

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