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    From Nabatiye, drive north to the district of Iqlim al Tuffah or Apple District, so called because of apple and other fruit-tree plantations. Leave the Nabatiye crossing in the direction of Kfar Rumman, 2 kilometers north of Nabatiye. Continue to Arabsalim (10 km) and Jarjuh (12 km) where remains of old water canalizations from the Roman period and ancient historic caves are found. These hydraulic installations carried the water to Sidon and vicinity and are called by the locals "the Zenobia channels".
    On the hill slopes east of the village are abundant water springs, the most famous being Nabeh al Tase which is surrounded by outdoor restaurants and coffee shops. Seventeen kilometers from Nabatiye is Ayn Abu swar, where the tourist can visit mineral water springs and enjoy lovely promenades and outdoor restaurants. The next village is Jbaa (17 km), where one can admire the ruins of an old monastery and Roman tombs. Around the abundant water sources of the village are fruit-tree plantations and a large number of nice outdoor restaurants. Note that you can also go to Jbaa following the Sidon-Kfarhatta-Kfarmelki- Kfarfila road.
    Northwest of Nabatiye lies the village of Habbush (4 km) meaning "jail" in Syriac. East of the village, rock-cut tombs with reliefs have been found. Continue to Dayr al Zahrani (8 km). The old watchtower that once stood here is reduced to few stones, but one can still see the ancient stone grape presses. From Dayr al Zahrani, one can return to Sidon.

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