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Passports and Visas:
Foreigners who wishes to visit Lebanon must have a valid passport and a Lebanese Visa.
Visas are issued by Lebanese diplomatic missions abroad.

All ordinary personal effects are exempt from customs duty. tourists are allowed two bottles of alcoholic beverages for personal use and 500 grams of tobacco (400 cigarettes or 20 Cigars).

Local time is GMT +2 hours in winter and +3 hours in summer.

Lebanese currency and Banking:
Movement of currency into and out of the country and all exchange transactions are completely free of any kind of control. Foreign currency can be exchanged at any bank or at money exchangers found in main business areas. The monetary unit is the Lebanese pound . Banking is a major industry in Lebanon with strict banking secrecy one of its important features . Currently 81 banks operate in the country and transactions are performed efficiently and at low cost.

Credit cards:
Visitors will find many credit cards are readily accepted in larger establishments. Master Card , American Express , Diner's Club International and Visa International are among those in common use . In addition, local credit cards such as Investment Credit Card, Cashless Card and Link Card are accepted.

Lacking natural resources, Lebanon capitalizes on the initiative of its people and its geographical location. Its trading facilities, banking and financial services as well as its free economy made Lebanon the region's commercial center before the war. With peace established and reconstruction underway Lebanon is again assuming its former position as a business center. To help strengthen the economy, authorities have initiated a new low income tax schedule to provide investment incentive, increase disposable income and expand the tax base.

Lebanon is a democratic republic with a parliamentary system of government. Its constitution is based on the separation of powers with a president elected for a single six-year term, a prime minister, 128 members of parliament elected by universal adult suffrage for a four year term, and independent judiciary system.

Working hours:
- Government offices: 8:00 am - 2:00pm
- Banks: Open to public: on week days 8:00 am - 12:30pm
                                    and on Saturday 8:00 am - 12:00pm
- Private offices 8:00 am - 5:00 pm ( Hours vary so it's best to check )

Lebanon enjoys an essentially Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and long warm summers. It almost never rains between June and October and visitors can count on 300 sunny days every year. In summer Lebanese like to escape the heat and humidity of the coast by going to the mountains. In winter, however , higher elevations can be cold and snowy. Average annual rainfall is 893 mm in Beirut, mostly occurring in winter.

Average Temperature in Beirut (Centigrade)
January 13.4 July 27.1
February 14.0 August 27.8
March 15.7 September 26.4
April 18.5 October 23.8
May 21.8 November 19.5
June 24.9 December 15.6

International calls can be made from domestic telephone via Lebanon's own satellite station. Private international lines and cellular phone service are also used . There are more than 20,000 subscribers to telex lines and Fax service is widely available. Many Internet services providers offer e-mail communications in Lebanon.

Electric Current:
110 or 220 volts . It's best to check.

Tourist police:
In the event of any difficulty or problem, visitors may contact the tourist police at telephone (01) 343 209.


For More Information about Tourism in Lebanon contact :
Ministry of Tourism
550 Central Bank Street
P.O.Box 11-344 Beirut , Lebanon
Tel: 961-1- 340940/4    Fax : 961-1- 343279
Telex: 20898 LE Cable TOULIBAN

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