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(Roman Aqueduct and Ottoman Cemetery 6 km)

    Approaching Hazmiyeh from Beirut look for a small Ottoman cemetery on the left. Here are two funerary structures, known as the "Qabr al-Wali" or the tomb of the governor. Two of the eight Ottoman governors of Mount Lebanon are buried here: Franco Pacha (1868-1873) and Wassa Pacha (1883-1892).

    In the valley east of Hazmieh are the remains of a Roman Aqueduct. Originally the aqueduct crossed this tributary of the Beirut River for a distance of 240 meters and although the main span has disappeared, substantial sections can be seen on both banks. The aqueduct is locally known as Qanaterr Zubaida. Perhaps the name can be identified with the celebrated Zubaida-Zainab-Zenobia of Palmyra, who may have built it, or with Zubaudah, the wife of the Caliph Haroun ar-Rashid. Interestingly, another Roman aqueduct on the Nahr Ibrahim (ancient Adonis river) bears the same name.

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