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Delicacies of the Local Cuisine:
In Beirut you can find excellent international cooking, but
you will also be offered the delicacies of the local cuisine.
The national drink is arak, an anise flavored alcohol served in small glasses and mixed with ice and water. But the offer of arak is a courteous way of leading you to eat "mezzes",  delectable hors d'oeuvres of infinite variety.

Homos and tabboule, both now widely enjoyed in Europe
and the United States, are still at their best on Lebanese soil.
For a main course you might be offered "kebbe", which is mutton carefully pounded and cooked with crushed wheat. "Chawarama" is a Lamb grilled on a vertical spit. Local wines, some of which rival those from Europe, go very well with these dishes.
The sea also provides ingredients for Savory Lebanese recipes and fruit is abundant, not only the kinds known in the west but also those which only ripen under the oriental sun.

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