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Cultural Renaissance Flowers in Lebanon:
   The Arab cultural renaissance flowered in Lebanon at the beginning of the 19th century. Professors, poets, journalists, writers and historians grouped together in Lebanese or Western cultural institutions of the capital to revive ancient Arab culture and reveal to their compatriots the value of Modern culture. Their activities accelerated the liberation of the Arab world, and raised its cultural level. In Lebanon teaching establishments multiplied, either founded by Lebanese or by foreign missions.

The St. Joseph university, founded and run by the Jesuit fathers, has for over a century and a quartet, contributed to the Lebanese and Arab culture.
The American University of Beirut, founded in 1866, provides a liberal education the has trained many of the world's leaders, educators and scientists. The general educational spirit of Lebanon looks outwards, both to the east and the west.
Many Lebanese students pursue their higher education in European, American and Arab universities. Soon after independence, a Lebanese state university was founded, which comprises faculties of law, medicine, arts and sciences, and a teachers training college.
Later the Arab University, with faculties of arts, law, commerce and engineering was opened.
The venerable Beirut university College has also been important influence. in recent years, numerous new universities have sprung up through out country, notably Kaslik Universities and Notre Dame University (LouaizÚ), both north of Beirut and Balamand University south of Tripoli.

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