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(Summer Resort 45 km)

    Located at the foot of Mount Sannine, this traditional summer resort boasts a magnificent view of surrounding mountains. Baskinta is also known for the variety of its fruit and numerous vineyards. This is the native village of Mikhail Naimeh (1889-1988), one of Lebanon;s greatest thinkers and men of letters, as well as companion to Gibran Khalil Gibran. It was here in a hut

surrounded by extraordinary rock formations that Naimeh drafted much of his monumental work.
    From Baskinta it is possible to climb to the  2,628 meter summit  of mount Sannine, starting off at Nabaa Sannine, a village 7 km up the mountain. Count on three hours for the climb and be sure to carry drinking water. A local guide will help you locate the beat routes. The descent is made easy for those who choose to slide down on the pebbly scree.

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