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(Temple Remains 40 km)

From Chtaura, drive in the direction of Masnaa (border post) and turn right shortly before the post onto the Rashaya road. Turn right at the sign for Akbe about a kilometer west of Rashaya. The remains are in a valley called "Aradeen" which is below the village. A rough road takes you most of the distance, but the site itself is a twenty-five-minute walk further on. Villagers will be glad to show the way.
    Before treasure-hunters bulldozed the site in the early 1990's there remained three sections of the east pillar. The bases of the columns which framed the cult statue were still attached to the interior wall. The temple, which faced a ridge overlooking a valley is now in fragments scattered across the hillside. Nonetheless, it is possible to find a number of important temple stones and admire the excellent site.

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