Politics - Lebanese newspapers headlines for Friday 11/5/2012

Fri 11/05/2012 08:32


1- AL-Nahar:

Mikati's time limit to face governmental blockage

Protection of phone calls a new dossier following the Data dossier?
2- Assafir

425 dead and injured... Washington perceives "Al-Qaeda" fingerprints

Terrorism blows up in the morning of Damascus
3- Al-Mustaqbal

Hariri reiterates calls to bring down tutelage of weapons and assassination... Karami asserts Mikati's possibility to resign

Assad's terrorism continues from Bekaa to the North


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Politics - Press Review/Newspaper Headlines

Sat 5/05/2012 13:23

NNA - 5/5/2012
Highly-placed Official: Syrian-Lebanese Coordination to Lessen Damaging Effect of Euro-American Pressure on Banks
Preparations for Launching a Non-civilian TV Channel with Company Board Almost Taking Final Shape
Baabda-placed Source Lending No Listening Ear to Former Government Official over new deadline for the downfall of the Syrian Regime

Boutros Harb Would Justify his Bowing before Jeffrey Feltman by Showing Further Refuting Details
Karami/Aridi/Mikati Squabbling over Eating Arab Sweets Representative of Serious Differences between Them

LF Activists Marching to Bkerki to Offer Former patriarch Sfeir Red and white Roses on his 97th Birthday
Siniora Criticizing PM Mikati before a Feltman who wields no local or Regional file what-so-ever
Berri Instructs Amal Supporters in Canada to Turn Out heavily at Rahi's Reception Boycotted by March 14
Dhour Shwayr Municipal head Purchases Shares at a Local Hospital in Anticipation of Looming Electoral Campaign
Dbayeh Villagers Complaining about Rebel-Syrian Army Cross-firing with Lebanese Military doing nothing to Halt similar future recurrences

Journalist in the Pay of an Anti-STL Publication Joins the Very Office of Court Defense Attorney
Walled Moallem Himself Turning Out Behind Message Conveyed To Counterpart Mansour
Mikati Face-to-face with Subsidizing the ATL Upcoming Summer
Unfolding Syrian Developments and STL Pressing Charges Expected to Bear on Local Electoral alliances

Arab Diplomat Qualifying Rahimi's Beirut Visit as Ill-timed
Middle-of-the-Road minister Alienated from An Arab file on account of Report lack of Accuracy
Minister with Sovereign Portfolio agrees with Senior Ministry aides to Assign his Media Office with Handling Media campaigns matters regardless of their origin

Lost Leader Informs Arab and Foreign Sides of Intention of Siding Politically with March 8 while Electorally-speaking Opting for March 14
An Internationally-Renounced Figure Does Not Rule out Assassinations Carried out by a Certain Faction Bent on destabilizing the Situation
Lebanese Party Boss Enquiring About Israel's Holding onto Asad Regime?
Foreign Diplomat Retorting:"Absolutely Not.
Arab Foreign Minster Requesting Lebanese leader's reconnecting with Christian Counterpart

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Politics - Lebanese newspapers headlines for Friday 4/5/2012

Fri 4/05/2012 08:03

1- Al-Nahar

Financial paralysis delayed until Wednesday

Feltman's visit tied up Iranian delegation's "drive"

Lebanese president speaks today on overspending, proposed issues

Saudi Ambassador sternly responds to his Syrian counterpart accusations
2- Assafir

Rahimi visits Maroun-El-Rass, binocularly views Palestine

Feltman does not reassure "allies": yes... Minorities are threatened
3- Al Mustaqbal

Saudi Ambassador responds to his Syrian counterpart's allegations on weapons' vessel

Mikati's government... Iranian reserve

4- The Daily Star

Loyalists kill 4 students in Aleppo

Feltman: Assad will go but brace for long turmoil in Syria

Cabinet session postponed in bid to avert faceoff

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Politics - 3/5/2012 - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday

Thu 3/05/2012 07:59

1- An-Nahar

Labor strikes overshadows mounting cabinet wrangling

Feltman and Lieberman underscore sanctions and importance of protecting Syrian refugees

Cabinet debate over Syrian "discontent message" to the government

Doubts in raising the financial file in Baabda session today

Political tensions in Egypt turn violent again

Military Council seeks speeding up transfer of power

International monitors to reach 100 in Syria at end of the week

2- Assafir

No Cabinet today...and GLC strike without labors

Feltman "custodian" on elections...and Lieberman on the borders

Drafting 22 battalions for service in the Egyptian front

Israeli army acquits the killer of Al Samouni in Gaza

Street wars in Cairo 20 dead and dozens wounded

3- Future

U.S. concern on Lebanon from Baklien to Akkar and assuring support for Syrian refugees

March 14 proposes solutions to facilitate the lives of the people

"Coordination Committees" counts 800 killed since Damascus approval of Annan's plan

"Human Rights": Assad forces commit war crimes

4- Al-Akhbar

Feltman: Isolating Hezbollah

5- Daily Star

Melee roils transition to democracy in Egypt

Clashes kill 11 people, prompt presidential candidates to suspend election campaigns

Lebanon braces for GLC strike over fuel prices

Feltman: U.S. for democracy, pluralism in Arab world

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Tue 1/05/2012 12:10

1- HAYAT: Israel builds wall at boarder

Aoun continues campaign against Sleiman and Jumblatt

Iran suggests to Lebanon "Iraqi formula" and Clinton delegates Feltman to Beirut

2- THE DAILY STAR: Voice your pain, Hariri tells workers

3- ANNAHAR: Visits of Feltman and Rouheimei turn up heat in Beirut

Ratified expenditure project tests cabinet

Geagea: Hezbollah and FPM a machine for terrorism and suppression

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Politics - 18/4/2012 - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday

Wed 18/04/2012 08:18

1- An-Nahar

Parliamentary duel an early prelude for elections

March 8 faces the opposition with more speakers

Mikati summarizes government's work before parliamentary debate

Lebanon officially refuses to allow international observes to use Qlayyaat airport to monitor Syria

United Nations observers visit Daraa and Ban-Kee Moon proposes equipping them with helicopters

2- Assafir

Nasrallah : Syrian opposition refuses dialogue

"Parliamentary chatterbox" away from the concerns of people

The Arab committee supports Annan's plan within a timeframe context and Moscow refuses attempts to foil the plan

Violence recedes....and United Nations demand supplying observes with helicopters

"Syrian Coordination Committee": Moscow is capable of finding solution but differences emerge over violence and transitional period

3- Future

Mikari calls on Mikati to resign....and Zahra calls for "protection" to participate in elections

Parliamentary session: Authority returns to Lahoud's speech

Erdogan accuses Assad regime of wasting time and Ban-Kee Moon calls for aircrafts for the monitors

The Arab Committee striving to hold a conference to unite Syrian opposition

4- Al-Akhbar

Will the cumulative voting in 38 districts penetrates the election crisis?

5- Daily Star

March 14 fires barrages at Cabinet

Coalition's MPs blast government's approach to crisis in Syria, inadequate performance

U.N. may provide more Syria monitors, aircraft

Activists deploy cyber attacks on government websites

Nasrallah reveals Syria opposition contact in Assange interview

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Politics - Lebanese Newspaper headlines for Tuesday 17/4/2012

Tue 17/04/2012 09:47

1- Annahar

Blocs up in arms, government caught between a rock and a hard place over opposition dossiers

Sleiman refuses signing decree to return spending to Cabinet

Sleiman warns of "transfer of Syrian fire" to Lebanon...Discussions session kicks off today

Coup government stands before Parliament and streets

2- Assafir

Discussions session: Verbal duel match followed up by strikes and protests

Berri's electoral escape: Extended proportionality... then the Senate

Sleiman: Billions project is revocable... I shall not sign it

3- Al-Akhbar

Opposition stage comprehensive attack, Mikati "happy with the Parliamentary life"

4- The Daily Star

Shaky truce tests monitors in Syria

March 14 to grill Cabinet, confidence vote unlikely

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Sun 15/04/2012 11:20

1- MOUSTAQBAL: Hariri in TV interview: No proportionality in presence of arms

2- DIYAR: Sleiman insists on passing 8900 Billion in Parliament

Jreissaty: Not signing the draft project is constitutionally incomprehensible

Hot session in House between Oppositionists and Loyalists

3- SHARQ AWSAT: Homs under attack on day ahead of UN team's arrival

Washington: We are not delusional and doubt sincerity of regime

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Sat 14/04/2012 11:36

1- ANNAHAR: Financial conundrum awaits passing of storm

Libya re-insinuates to "remains of Sadr"

2- AKHABAR: Did Sleiman launch extension battle?

SHARQ: Hariri: April 13 1975 is a black day in the history of Lebanon

3- THE DAILY STAR: UN dithers as Syria truce still shaky

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Fri 13/04/2012 11:13


1- SHARQ AWSAT: Anan to Security Council: Assad did not abide by cease-fire terms

37 killed on day of truce

Opposition calls for week of revolt

Washington: Assad must carry out six points, pave way for political transition
2- SHARQ: Apparatuses re-demand judicial body of Data
3- ANNAHAR: Safadi throws political bomb in Mikati's face shortly before session

Sleiman not to sign additional spending project "if not proven adequate"

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Politics - 12/4/2012- Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday

Thu 12/04/2012 07:29

1- An-Nahar

Maarab meeting responds to Geagea's targeting

Debate over cellular data escalates between "legal committee" and security apparatus

Damascus announces commitment to cease fire this morning

West and opposition are skeptical and demand withdrawal of troops

Quartet calls on Palestinians and Israel to take measures to "build trust"

2- Assafir

LL8.9 trillion laws stranded between Baabda Presidential Palace and Parliament

Financial vacuum threatens suspension of government wages

Iran supports Annan's mission...and the West precedes Damascus commitment with cynicism campaign

Syrian Defense Ministry: suspension of operations as of 6:00 AM

3- Future

Legal source responds to withholding "communication data": Refined democracies takes all the entire data at the time of the murder

March 14 issues a dire warning: Confrontation is decisive and everyone is targeted

Israeli army: We will attack government centers and our bank of targets include hundreds of Hezbollah's positions

4- Al-Akhbar

No salaries for employees after May

5- Daily Star

Day 1 arrives in Syria, now what?

Stipulation that Syrian forces "remain on standby" generates Western skepticism

Speculation rife as official word on Sadr's fate pending

Berri levels complaints at country's lawmakers

Khartoum mobilizes army after South Sudan claims key oil field

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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines, Wednesday 11/4/2012

Wed 11/04/2012 08:27


1- Annahar

No Syrian answer on Shaaban killing

Judicial authority refuses handing over full telecom data
2- Assafir

Qortbawi "preserves" his candidate for "Higher Judiciary"

Mikati: Close appointments .. And London supports us
3- Al-Mustaqbal

"Future" holds government accountable for leniency toward Syrian aggressions.. Aoun has no comments

March 14 in Meerab: A sole row in face of terrorism
4- The Daily Star

Hezbollah: Punish Shaaban's killers

Beirut protesters rail against Shaaban shooting

Syria sinks into abyss as Annan plan flounders


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Politics - 10/4/2012 - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday

Tue 10/04/2012 07:50

1- An-Nahar

"Al Jadeed" cameraman killed in a direct Syrian attack

The Pope on the footsteps of his predecessor "exemplar Lebanon"

Syrian fire exceeds borders and Ankara warns

Annan's deadline collides with "guarantees" demanded by Damascus

2- Assafir

Charbel: mayors and district governors before end of April

Fneich appointments are imminent

Syrian crisis crosses Lebanese and Turkish borders...and Ankara prepares for military intervention

Damascus and Moscow: Mutual position from Annan's plan and means to implement it

3- Future

Investigations on Geagea's assassination attempt reveal an effort to rent a house near Maarab

Media victim of government's overlooking of Damascus regime aggression

Washington furious, Ban kee Moon issues final ultimatum and Riyadh denounces Syrian regime tenacity and its refusal to respect its pledges

Assad topples Annan's deadline with massacres crossing borders of Turkey and Lebanon

4- Al-Akhbar

Tripoli meeting: Safadi appeasement and absence of development

5- Daily Star

Beirut demands Syrian probe into journalist's killing

Owner of Al-Jadeed television says attack on Shaaban and crew was intentional

Rivals for Egypt's presidency share secretive past

After row, Iran confirms Istanbul for nuclear talks

Cross-border gunfire bodes ill for Syrian truce

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Sat 7/04/2012 11:25


1- AL HAYAT: USA: Targeting head of Lebanese Forces may be due to criticizing Syrian regime and Hezbollah

Damascus renews demand that Lebanon hands over refugees and finds evidence in Geagea's assassination attempt

2- SHARQ AWSAT: Tens of thousands defy Assad

Turkey faces an influx of refugees

Blood-bath continues as tens are killed

Liberal army notifies UN of its intention to stop operations if regime halts shelling of towns

3- ANNAHAR: Holding back telecom "data" foreshadows increase in complications

Geagea: Effects of Doha agreement are over

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Fri 6/04/2012 11:08


1- AL HAYAT: Escalating concerns over assassination phase

Lebanese Minister of Interior confirms: Geagea's assassination attempt very serious

SHARQ AWSAT: Security Council: Deadline April 10..

France: Assad is deceiving us

Syrian source denies presence of deadline...

Annan: Last chance

Tens killed..shelling on Reef of Damascus

Russia: Lavrov's statements on Sunni rule were misunderstood

2- AL SHARQ: Sleiman informed of American concerns over Geagea's assassination attempt

3- ANNAHAR: Group behind Geagea's targeting

Two Turkish power generating vessels..."without commissions?"

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Politics - 5/4/2012 - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday

Thu 5/04/2012 09:13

1- An-Nahar

Meerab sniping brings back assassinations' ghost, Geagea alludes to a "big team and new series"

Information about heavy machine guns used in assassination attempt

March 14 demands incident referral to International tribunal

2- Assafir

Bkerke, Aoun encourage Sleiman to make use of "signature prerogative"

Lebanon's Journey to "gas era"... decided by MPs

Jumblatt: Before elections ... provide people with electricity

Annan's team in Damascus today�Mouallem bound for Russia soon

Syria: Will cooperation protocol decide the destiny of April 10 agreement

3- Al-Akhbar

Israel threatens: Nasrallah target of assassination project

4- Daily Star

Geagea assassination attempt jolts country

U.N. cease-fire mission fails to curb Syria attacks

Jumblatt threatens Cabinet pullout over electoral law

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Politics - 4/4/2012 - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday

Wed 4/04/2012 07:59

1- An-Nahar

Cabinet's 50th session besieged by five sit ins

Refugees were deprived of assistance because they are "criminals"

Fayez Karam from jail to Rabyeh

Displacement and "church confiscation" in Mansouryeh

Damascus announces beginning of withdrawal from cities and Security Council set for new measures

2- Assafir

Tens of thousands threatened to become homeless...�and the parliament is under test

New rent law: Old tenants to the streets

Tales about Syrian opposition gunmen...killing more than revenge

Der Spiegel and Bab Amro "executioner" : we have executed and buried more than 300 people

3- Future

Interior Minister does not rule out returning to the 1960s election law if "there was a consensus on it"

Fayez Karam from prison...to Rabyeh

Washington does not see evidence of Assad's commitment to his pledges

Doha: We no longer trust Damascus promises

Erdogan: Security Council silence supports oppressor

4- Al-Akhbar

Aoun adopts proportionality as Lebanon one electoral district

5- Daily Star

Little hope for Syria cease-fire

U.S. threatens return to Security Council if Assad fails to adhere to April 10 deadline

Syrian refugees in Turkey refuse to give up on returning home

Karam released from prison after serving 20 months for Israel ties

Mikati pledges to tackle contentious question of unfilled public posts

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Politics - 3/4/2012 - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday

Tue 3/04/2012 07:51

1- An-Nahar

Government mobilizes to take "decisive" stand on Mansouryeh electricity connection

Signs of protests over activating election file

Damascus promises Annan to withdraw before April 10

The forefront of the monitors to start arriving within hours

Baghdad accuses Kurdistan of hoarding oil and demands Doha to handover Hashemi

2- Assafir

Mansour: Brazil ready to drill for oil in the economic zone

Why Israel is seeking to reach a "maritime settlement" with Lebanon?

Cairo and NATO refuse to arm opposition...and Moscow criticizes Istanbul conference

Annan declares end of fighting in April 10...and Damascus demands Saudi, Qatari and Turkish commitment

3- Future

Head of the international tribunal notifies Beirut: trial to begin end of this year

Electricity generating boats rattles the government

Washington concerned by Assad's escalation and Riyadh stresses priority to end fighting

Annan: Damascus deadline on April 10

4- Al-Akhbar

Positive meeting for the boat committee and the accomplishment of draft for the oil authority

5- Daily Star

Syria agrees to deadline, West skeptical

Annan says Damascus vowed military pullout by April 10, but clashes persist, killing 35

STL chief tells officials: Help hand over Hezbollah suspects

Ministers set rules for power generating ships

Egypt's Coptic Church withdraw from constitution panel

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Politics - 2/4/2012 - Lebanese Newspapers headlines for Monday

Mon 2/04/2012 07:42

1- An-Nahar

Bassil contests 10 Mikati mistakes: Launching a new electricity tender will not change results

Istanbul conference asks Annan for a timetable

Gulf Arab Fund to finance the "Free Syrian Army"

Egypt's Muslim Brothers accused of dominating authority and the group denies division after Al Shater's nomination

2- Assafir

Safadi with Mikati for the rest of life

Activating electoral project: proportionality is a decoy

Pressures on Annan to put a time table to execute his plan...and Gulf state to finance dissertation in Syrian army

Istanbul conference to run civil war management in Syria

3- Future

Electricity files heading for a settlement ...and Siniora denounces "electricity generating boats commissions"

Hezbollah resumes its threats: We know when our patience comes to an end

Asked Anna for a deadline and recognizes the Syrian National Council...and "secret decisions" in case the international envoy fails

Istanbul conference : Count down for the fall of Assad begins

4- Al-Akhbar

Electricity boat committee places mechanism for negotiations

5- Daily Star

Friends boost Syria opposition

International gathering endorses Annan plan but remain pessimistic about its implementation

Clashes in Syria kill at least 40 people: human rights monitors

Cabinet tilting toward proportional vote law

Clinton to Iran: Prove that nuclear arms not sought

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Sun 1/04/2012 11:02

1- MOUSTAQBAL: France urges Lebanon to respect international resolutions concerning refugees

Geagea rejects notion of dictatorships guarding Arab Christians

2- AL HAYAT: Jumblatt retaliates to Nasrallah: Injustice in Palestine and more of it in Syria

Geagea criticizes linking fate of Christians to Syrian regime

3- ANNAHAR: Arab festival for LF

Geagea for a year of reform

Rahi distinguishes between "regime that doesn't respect democracy and the Syrian state"

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(Update) Newspaper Headlines on Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Sat 31/03/2012 12:27

1- AN-NAHAR: Electoral Law Out of the Drawer
Hassan Nasrullah: Politically Speaking, Mikati Government is Here to Stay!

2- AS-SAFEER: General Electric: Company Did Not Tender Power-Generating Plants
Nasrullah: Government Here to Stay--
Palestine Is the responsibility of the Umma (Community of Believers)

3- AL-MOUSTAQBAL: High-Ranking Iranian Official Lashes Out at Bahrain from Rabyeh and Preaches "Doomed Anti-Syrian Conspiracy>"
Aounist Scandals' Serial Unfolding in Successive Chapters

4- AD-DIYAR: Nasrullah: Government Put; Vested Interest for Country and Stability
Rattled Ships and Plants' Compromise
Palestinian Sources: Tawfic Taha still in Einel-Hilweh Camp

5- AL-LIWA': "Obscure Force" Controlling Decision-Making and Stability
Nasrullah: Personal Machinations Ought Not Bloc Government Action

6- ASH-SHARQ: Yawm al-Ard (Land Day) Continues Till Rights Are Restored
Nineteen Forty Eight Palestinians: Struggling Till All Rights Are Recovered

7- AL-JOUMHOURIYYA: Tendency to Hold Syrian Debate in Moscow
Government Bound for a Further "Cold War" Round

8- AL-ANWAR: March in South Towards Approaches to Palestine

9- AL-HAYAT: Nasrullah: Lebanese Bidding Craves Reassessment and Mikati Government Is Here to Stay Politically-speaking
Military Intervention and Regime-Toppling Are Over. Resolution Lies in Reform and Dialogue between the Authorities and Opposition

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Lebanese Newspaper Headlines on Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Sat 31/03/2012 11:48

1- AN-NAHAR: Electoral Law Out of the Drawer
Hassan Nasrullah: Politically Speaking, Mikati Government is Here to Stay!

2- AS-SAFEER: General Electric: Company Did Not Tender Power-Generating Plants
Nasrullah: Government Here to Stay--
Palestine Is the responsibility of the Umma (Community of Believers)

3- AL-MOUSTAQBAL: High-Ranking Iranian Official Lashes Out at Bahrain from Rabyeh and Preaches "Doomed Anti-Syrian Conspiracy>"
Aounist Scandals' Serial Unfolding in Successive Chapters

4- AD-DIYAR: Nasrullah: Government Put; Vested Interest for Country and Stability
Rattled Ships and Plants' Compromise
Palestinian Sources: Tawfic Taha still in Einel-Hilweh Camp

5- AL-LIWA': "Obscure Force" Controlling Decision-Making and Stability
Nasrullah: Personal Machinations Ought Not Bloc Government Action

6- ASH-SHARQ: Yawm al-Ard (Land Day) Continues Till Rights Are Restored
Nineteen Forty Eight Palestinians: Struggling Till All Rights Are Recovered


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Politics - 30/3/2012 - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday

Fri 30/03/2012 07:49

1- An-Nahar

Legal complications face the electricity settlement

Bagdad summit caves in to the internationalization of the Syrian crisis and calls on opposition to close ranks and enter dialogue

"BRICS" group sees dialogue only solution to stop violence in Syria and settlement to Iran's crisis

2- Assafir

Berri criticizes "turtle walking" ...and Mikati trusts Bassil

Oil Petroleum Committee members about to be appointed

Lebanon distances itself from the Syrian crisis and leaders support its army, people and resistance...and by oil

Baghdad summit adopts Annan's plan....and does not clear Arab bewilderment over Syria

3- Future

"Distancing" from the Syrian cause moves from Baghdad to Beirut

Fuel crisis begins before the strike

Washington consider his statement "disappointing" and Paris refuses "procrastination"

Assad booby traps his position on Anna's plan with "remarks"

4- Al-Akhbar

Mikati accuses: $26 million commission from electricity generating boat deal

5- Daily Star

Arab summit falls short of calling on Assad to step down

Sleiman affirms support for Annan's Syria plan

Mikati to seek other power-ship tenders if Turkish, U.S. prices too high

Fresh violence in Syria leaves up to 51 dead, rebels from joint command

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Politics - 29/3/2012 - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday

Thu 29/03/2012 08:34

1- An-Nahar

Cabinet's 8-hour session generates settlement

Barges and factories correlate, Jumblatt intercepts
2- Assafir

Jumblatt: I wish to conclude my life boycotting Syrian regime

An electricity settlement lights up governmental darkness?

Mikati: No winner no loser

Bassil: Electricity barges in August if ...
3- Future

March 14 refuse Lebanese sovereignty violation from any party

Cabinet gives Bassil an "electrocuted slap"

4- Al-Akhbar
Barges settlement: Mikati pursues 7.1 cents

5- Daily Star

Arab summit to seek Syria consensus

Fatah groups unify in Ain-El-Hilweh

Cabinet agrees to lease electricity-generating ships, build power plants


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Politics - 28/3/2012 - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday

Wed 28/03/2012 08:03

1- An-Nahar

Sleiman: Mikati is right and his step is good

An evening meeting comes up with a settlement: Boats first then power plants

Berri: in one or two weeks the government will hear the proper answer

"Future": Principles have not been respected and Mikati's report exposed it

Damascus responds positively to Annan's plan

West cautiously welcomes and awaits actions from Assad

2- Assafir

Mikati: electricity will not detonate the ministerial Cabinet

Government sails with boats...and anchors at power plants

Annan considers Damascus approval to his plan "positive development"...and Washington and Paris want "deeds and not words"

Assad in Bab Amro: We gave them a chance to lay down arms but they didn't

3- Future

"Future" bloc blames pro Aoun ministers at the Energy Ministry for the deterioration of the electricity sector

Assad aggressions repeated...and Aoun calls for deriving lessons

Washington applies pressure on the Syrian opposition to unite and Assad visits Ban Amro

Annan confirms Damascus approval to his plan and calls for immediate execution

4- Al-Akhbar

Government begins to shake today

5- Daily Star

Syria accepts U.N. peace plan: Annan

Conflicting reports emerge over Syrian incursion into Lebanon

Mikati, Bassil firm on rival power plants

Iraq seeks Arab debt write-off ahead of summit

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Politics - 27/3/2012 Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday

Tue 27/03/2012 07:58

1- An-Nahar

Fever of strikes precedes electricity generating boats crisis

Cabinet awaits response of Change and Reform bloc

Contacts on the eve of the session to contain the explosion and prime minister meet Bassil

An-Nahar publishes breakdown of government accounts from 2006 and 2010

Annan receives official Syrian response to his plan

Ankara close to declaring a buffer zone in Syria

2- Assafir

Tehran expresses readiness to provide 1,200 MW of electricity with easy credit facilities, maintenance and Siemens guarantee

Iranian offer: 24 hours electricity for $900 million in two years

Syrian Muslim Brothers offers its vision for a civil state in Syria:
A state which denounces terrorism and plays a regional stability role

3- Future

Electricity wrangling between Mikati and Bassil continues before Wednesday's session

Collective union and syndicates strikes besieges the government

10,000 dead in one year...Clinton visits Riyadh and Ankara discusses ending blood shedding

Annan to Assad: you can't resists wind of change

4- Al-Akhbar

Attachment of government accounts without any settlements to tomorrow's Cabinet session

5- Daily Star

Syria grounds military-age men

PM seeks end to energy deadlock

Maliki faces Syria tightrope at upcoming Baghdad summit

Obama vows to cut nuclear arsenal, warns North Korea, Iran

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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 26/3/2012

Mon 26/03/2012 09:51

1- Future
Agreement with Obama to support opposition....and Russia considers Annan's plan chance to "avoid civil war"

Erdogan: Assad is on his feet thanks to Iran's support

2- Al-Sharq al Awsat

Syria's Muslim brothers: we don't oppose Christian or a woman to be a president of the country...and Russia: Annan is "last chance"

Opposition holds decisive meeting today

Human Rights Watch accuses Assad's forces of using civilians as human shields

Obama and Erdogan urges transfer to a "legitimate government" ...and agree on sending assistance to Syrian opposition

3- Al Hayat

Syrian refugees in Bekaa : Human buffer zones and tales of afflicted convoys

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Sun 25/03/2012 11:04

NNA - 25/03/2012
1- MOUSTAQBAL: Aounist insinuation of resignation from cabinet 'if projects were to be thwarted'

Electricity ships threaten to sink government

2- ANNAHAR: Mikati details his offer to build power plant amid looming crisis

Jumblatt warns spiritual leaders against slack Syria statement
3- AL DIYAR: Mikati rejects ships

Bassil: Our stance will be resonant

Khalil: Incapacitated cabinet

Majority: Search for an alternative to the government postponed despite its paralysis, Mikati not to resign

Sleiman-Qortbawi meeting: Dispute continues over presidency of the judiciary

Education strike on Tuesday

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Sat 24/03/2012 11:24

1- AL DIYAR: Spoilt goods crisis continues as army confiscates forty tons of expired milk

Sleiman: the case must not stop at apprehending the front-man only

Aounists: Mikati is taking us from one labyrinth to another...teachers not included in salary hike

2- MOUSTAQBAL: Mikati "not involved" in squabble..Berri holds "everyone responsible for shortcomings" of the cabinet

Manssour delves into "distancing the country" for the sake of Assad's regime

3- ANNAHAR: Cabinet back on electric line

4- THE DAILY STAR: EU 'strikes at heart' of Assad clan

Mikati suggests alternative to ships

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Politics - 23/3/2012 - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 23/3/2012

Fri 23/03/2012 07:51

1- An-Nahar

Political and union movements to penetrate wall of appointments

Electricity crisis between the projects of power plants and power generating boats

Moscow awaits Annan and Clinton to Istanbul

Cameras in Bahrain's police stations with the exception of anti riots squads

2- Assafir

Pending files exhausts relations among the authorities' parties

Berri: government is eroding our credit...and I won't protect anyone

Mikati: I have solution for electricity crisis

Ankara and the Syrian National Council bypass Annan's mission and the Kurdish Labor Party warns Turkey against entering Syria

3- Future

Paris denounces any violation of "Lebanon's safety"...and Mansour is happy that "Walid al Moualem is thanking us"

The north again under the brunt of Assad's attacks

Turkey: Survival of Syrian regime "is near impossible"

Galioun: Security Council statement does not respond to our needs

European sanctions on Assad's wife


Islamists of Ain al Heloueh: Assir has joined Geagea

4- Daily Star

Armistice pleas fall on deaf ears in Syria

Charbel: Women in the ISF are not allowed to wear the hijab

Fuel prices continue to rise, LL40,000 per 20 liters expected

French commandos kill gunman in battle

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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 22/3/2012

Thu 22/03/2012 09:02

1- An-Nahar

Endorsing bundle of projects, electricity project intricate knot

Syrian bombardment on Lebanese Northern borders, Kaa region
2- Assafir

Cabinet endorses Petroleum body creation... Formation awaits "public service"

Parliament makes clarion call on "electoral legislation"
3- Future

Geagea describes Aoun movement as "most corrupted ever in Lebanon's history"
Bassil declares upcoming fuel crisis

Calm legislative session� "Ain-El-Helwe" survives a disaster
4- Al-Akhbar

Government escapes: Lebanese women passing citizenship to children postponed
5- Daily Star

World unites on Annan Syria plan

French police lay siege to shooter's residence

Parliament passes sentence reduction law

Cabinet back petroleum oversight board

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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlined for Tuesday 20/3/2012

Tue 20/03/2012 09:55

1- An-Nahar

Tug of war on Cabinet dossiers

Mikati has reservations over ships issue, Bassil "does not understand him"
2- Assafir

Power ships not embarking� Finalization of spending dossier
3- Future

Future to Hezbollah: Knives' talk monopolized by militia persons

4- Al-Akhbar

Citizen is our law, Food safety now!
5- Daily Star

Clashes bring insurgency to Damascus

France on high alert as gunman kills 3 children

Temporary funding approved to keep HRC running


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlined for Monday 19/3/2012

Mon 19/03/2012 08:24
1- An-Nahar

Aleppo after Damascus in the circle of explosions

Annan's representatives discuss mechanism of executing his proposals

13,000 Syrian refugees and no assistance after March 23
Cohen in Beirut to further tighten noose on Damascus
Israel: Hezbollah is receiving modern weapons and may change policy of retaliation in Lebanon

2- Assafir

Ankara does not rule out military option...and Moscow insists on a cease fire and monitoring it

Syria: Annan's mission resumes today under the brunt of explosions

Zasypkin to Assafir : Situation in Syria will deteriorate if settlement efforts fail

Mikati: Situation will be solved calmly and not by escalation

Marine oil opens diplomatic war

Raad: We will not allow Israel to infringe our rights

3- Future

Baabda wants Beshara's holiday an occasion to close ranks
Positions on Syria deepens government rift

Assad's emails 4

Assma's obsession with shopping may lead her to prison

4- Al-Akhbar

Third electricity generating ships offer in the Cabinet today

5- Daily Star

Syria, rebels trade blame for bombings

Agriculture minister promises tougher food safety measures

Grieving Copts bid farewell to their protector, Pope Shenouda

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Sun 18/03/2012 11:11

1- MOUSTAQBAL: Siniora: They stripped him, insulted and cussed him

Hankeer case: return to police state

2- HAYAT: Berri, Mikati discuss appointments file and governing body of the oil sector

Harb calls on Bkirky to stay away from controversy

3- ANNAHAR: Mikati: No side will benefit from government collapse

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Sat 17/03/2012 11:00

1- SHARQ AWSAT: Rallies take over Syria

Turkish sources: 60 thousand diplomatic dissidents: Syrian reply is disappointing

Annan: Some of you smile, but soon Security Council will speak with a unified voice

2- The Daily Star: Annan warns Syria chaos could engulf entire region

Liwa: Poisoning of Randa Berri opens nutrition file

Jumblatt sides completely with Syrian revolution

Mikati: No leniency with people behind spoilt meat and food

Adwan to Liwa: Lebanese Forces will not remain silent towards Rahi's stances outside Bkirky's constants

3- ANNAHAR: Suleiman denies attempt to extend his tenure or block Qahwaji's possible candidacy

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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 16/3/2012

Fri 16/03/2012 07:56

1- An-Nahar

Washington fears Syrian repercussions on Lebanon and Nasrallah calls for "synchronized drop" of arms

Annan asks for Security Council's support on Syria

Israel and Palestinians commit to calm despite an air raid and rocket firing
2- Assafir

March 14 thwarts "transportation allowance"...and Berri threatens to hold government accountable

Nasrallah favors mutual dropping of arms in Syria...and calls for a political solution

Zahar in Tehran: We will continue our resistance strategy
3- Future

Nasrallah belittles the extended hand...and his MPs act like bullies in the parliament

Hariri" Congratulates "March 14" for its youths

Assad stages a display of force

Annan continues his contacts and France refuses to arm opposition

Turkey expects a steady stream of refugees and mulls a buffer zone in Syria
4- Al-Akhbar

Nasrallah calls for abandonment of arms in Syria
5- Daily Star

Rallies for Assad, "massacre" in Idlib

Lack of quorum stops vote on sentencing law

Ethiopian consulate sues Lebanese man in abuse case

Karazi asks NATO to leave Afghan villages

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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers headlines for Thursday 15/3/2012

Thu 15/03/2012 09:06

1- An-Nahar

The seventh March 14: "Peace uprising" by the state's conditions

Government announces emergency measures for food safety

Sleiman encourages contacts with Lebanese Army

2- Assafir

Cabinet quarrel involving Sleiman, Change and Reform Ministers

March 14 youngsters regain their spring
A manifesto urging internal peace uprising

3- Al-Akhbar

Sleiman: Lebanese Army wants communications data

4- Daily Star

Sleiman: Wagers on Syria stall dialogue

Syrian forces gain ground on uprising anniversary

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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 14/3/2012

Wed 14/03/2012 07:52

1- An-Nahar
Grand Serail meeting today to contain the impact of distributors of decayed food stuff
Maronite division intensifies over the Maronite Patriarch and Grand Mufti accused of "impersonation"
Annan receives Assad's response and seeks "clarifications"
Washington "mocks" Syrian election schedule
2- Assafir

Rahi to Geagea: anyone who takes the first word of a speech is ignorant
Ain al Heloueh lifts immunity on the "fundamentalist network"
Annan receives Assad's response to his proposals and Moscow demands international monitors
Syria: Elections in May 7...preceded by party and security tests
3- Future
"Future" holds Syrian regime responsibility for massacres...and Aoun defends the regime
March 14 rejuvenates itself today
Annan studies Assad's response to his proposals and the Syrian Central Bank intervenes to stop deterioration of local currency
Assad's audacity: May 7 glorifying Election Day
4- Al-Akhbar
New ships generating electricity saves $300 million on the treasury
5- Daily Star
Syrian army tightens grip on Idlib
Political complications delay Cabinet talks on draft law for extra-budgetary spending
Bellemare implies Hezbollah implicated in Hariri killing
U.S cautions citizens against travel to Baalbek

NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 13/3/2012

Tue 13/03/2012 07:46

NNA - 13/3/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: New wave of displacement to north

Geagea renews his campaign against Rai

Annan's mission sinks in Homs blood

"More common ground" positions between West and Russia

2- ASSAFIR: Power and opposition accuse each other of Homs massacre... Annan briefs Ankara of obstacles of his mission

Controversy continues at Security Council: All sides want to cease violence...on their own way

Geagea: Patriarch Rai changes our history and supports Syrian regime

3- AL-Mustaqbal: Geagea criticizes Rai's words which support pro-Syrian regime and calls to adopt the Vatican position

Hariri: Homs massacre final signs of Assad's regime

Dozens of children and women victim of rape and slaughter in Homs

4- AL-AKHBAR: Two alluring offers behind delay of power ships

5- DAILY STAR: Lebanese Army discovers subversive cell intent on attacking military sites

Massacre in Homs as world watches

Truce in Gaza after death toll hits 24


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 12/3/2012

Mon 12/03/2012 07:51

NNA - 12/3/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Food security advances and broad meeting at Grand Serail

Financial file is not included in both parliament sessions...

Annan to Assad: You can't change direction of wind and realistic response to change and adopt reforms...

2- ASSAFIR: Rai: We find ourselves in Arabism only

"Both generals" disagreement postpones again appointments

"Finance Ministry" requests treasury advance for 2012 spending!

Russian- Arab understanding on five points undergoes test today at Security Council

Annan leaves Damascus: First exploration tour...collides with difficulty on cease -fire

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Turkish criticism to Mikati's position on Syrian crisis...and Siniora refuses talks over "spending compromise"

March 14 at "Biel": People want

Raids continue on Gaza Strip, Netanyahu threatens of more

4- AL-AKHBAR: Power ships warns of cabinet crisis

5- DAILY STAR: Annan leaves Syria with no deal

Rivals uncompromising on cabinet overspending

Israeli airstrikes kill 3 more Palestinians, including 12 years old


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Sun 11/03/2012 11:08

1- SHARQ AWSAT: Iranian ambassador in Beirut: If attacked, we shall retaliate with 11 thousand missiles on American and Israeli targets
2- HAYAT: Second meeting between Assad and Annan...Syrian stance supports Arab solution...tens of military dead in Idlib

Assad links success of political solution to eradication of terrorist groups

3- ANNAHAR: "Historic Rally:" Batons deface security conduct on eve of March 14

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Newspapers Headlines/March 10, 2012

Sat 10/03/2012 12:49


1- AL-ANWAR: Cabinet Keeps Aloof of Multi-billion pounds' Case by Deferring Matter to Miqati!

2- AL-ANWAR: Makati: Formula for Closure of Financial Dossier-Army Warns Critics Targeting and Geagea Critical of Rahi

3- AL-MOUSTAQBAL: Syrian ministers Demanding Retributions for Lebanese Medias--No Agreement over security Allocations--No Data for Army and Security Forces

4- AL-LIWA: Dealing with extra-spending Referred to newly-appointed Head of Judicial Council.
Unprecedented Army Communiqu�; Holding onto "Ingathering Role" while striking out at all Infiltration Attempts

5- AL-AKHBAR: Appointments per piece Underway!

6- AL-JOUMHOURIYYA: Cabinet Reaching Out for Siniora Produces Quasi-Reconciliation over Multi-Billion Worth Crisis

7- AL-HAYAT: Demonstrations in Support of Kurdish Intifada sweep Syria against backdrop of Senior Officers Deserting Army and Joining Rebels.
Lavrov presenting Arab ministers with new flexible position.
ASH-SHARQ AL-AWSAT: Lebanese Army Speaks of Attempts at Infiltrating the Military confessionally Noting Challenges Entailing Serious Consequences!


NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 9/3/2012

Fri 9/03/2012 07:56

NNA - 9/3/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: "Bloc" amends Safadi's project and Siniora waits

Jumblatt: Juppe alone did not believe Assad

Annan urges Assad and opposition to seek political solution

Reinforcement to Idleb and oil official defects

2- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Defense Higher Council relieved to security and measures taken on borders

Spending compromise threatens cabinet again

62 martyrs most of them in Homs and additional reinforcement to Idleb

3- ASSAFIR: Russia and Iran talk about mercenaries to impede solution and thousands of foreign fighters in Syria
Annan: We seek political settlement and militarization medicine worse than disease.

Rai responds to Connelly: We do not need anyone to take our decision...Syria asks Lebanon to handover fleeing militants ...Safadi's compromise fails

4- AL-AKHBAR : Project of billions withdrawn today and Kahwaji responds to Connelly

5- DAILYSTAR: Kahwaji vows to halt flow of gunmen to Syria

Objections from Aoun's bloc snarl cabinet spending talks

Syria sees high level defection


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 8/3/2012

NNA - 8/3/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Defensive "decisions" to face embargo of pressures
Hariri: Lebanon does not take pride in justifying Assad crimes

Thu 8/03/2012 09:14

2- ASSAFIR: "Future" document reaches out: No to sectarian conflict
Safadi settlement threatens "governmental truce"
3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Future movement submits its document..Biased to the Arab Spring against oppressive regimes
Hariri: Syrian people will live forever
4- AL-AKHBAR: Mansour to Connelly: We do not want a second "Ashraf Camp" on Lebanon
5- DAILY STAR: Hariri calls for a modern democracy


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 7/3/2012

Wed 7/03/2012 07:43

NNA - 7/3/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Syrian and American ambassadors "exert pressure" on cabinet

Between ships and generating electricity from Iran: No power

"Promising" meeting for a U.S. project to Syria

Tow basic complexes before negotiations with Russians

2- ASSAFIR: New name for higher judicial presidency drives appointments

Berri "reassures": Jumblatt with us

Obama rules out military intervention and expects collapse of regime...And Moscow won't change its position...and Erdogan demands humanitarian corridors

Assad attaches to reform and combats terrorism...Annan heads to Damascus on Thursday

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Future bloc refuses again from "Middle House" to curtail solutions and maliciousness in spending issue

"Future and Arab Spring" document today (Wednesday)

Obama confirms that dictator will fall and Erdogan criticizes those who follow Assad's massacres

Syrian Pound deteriorates and London talks about economy collapse

4- AL-AKHBAR: Mikati postpones rental of generating power ships and Frenjieh fears of 100 of "Fatah al Islam"

5- DAILY STAR: Obama: Assad will fall, no airstrikes

Future, Aoun in war of words over extra-budgetary spending

Tehran to allow nuclear inspectors into Parchin


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 6/3/2012

NNA - 6/3/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Open quorum crisis and new project for billions
Refugees' entry to Lebanon subjects cabinet to international pressure
Mikati freezes power generating ships due to their high cost and useless production

Military source reveals release of 28 Syrian detainees and transfer of 7 to judiciary

2- ASSAFIR: Safadi: We have set a draft law for comprehensive compromise

More violations at the Finance Ministry: 5 new billions of additional spending

Moscow sees no need for new initiatives...Paris , Washington hope that Russian position changes

Annan to Damascus Saturday ... To work on peaceful political solution

3- AL-AKHBAR: "National Struggle Front" regains majority to March 14

4- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Qatari-Saudi summit discusses Syrian situation and McCain calls for airstrikes

London: Assad's attachment to power warns of civil war

Jumblatt turns majority to minority as parliament fails to achieve a quorum, prompting postponement of session

5- DAILY STAR: No new House meeting unless compromise found

U.S. senator urges Syria airstrikes

AL-Qaeda militants celebrate after killing 110 Yemeni soldiers


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 5/3/2012

Mon 5/03/2012 08:11

NNA - 5/3/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Monday's session scrapped and three thousand newly refugees enter Lebanon

Sleiman: Baabda's meeting to approach point of views

2- ASSAFIR: "Maronite Summit" at Baabda Palace ...and Sleiman with raising retirement age of army commander

Boycott at Nejmeh Square ... and Martyrs Square demonstration passes

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Hundreds of Syrian refuges enter Lebanon across borders

No quorum to legislate Monday

4- AD-DIYAR: Christian appointment compromises at Baabda Palace

Rai: It is true Syrian Baath party is dictator but such party exists a lot in Arab world

5- AL-ANWAR: Session of billions might face disruption...Sleiman and Aoun's meeting under the auspices of Rai

6- AL-AKHBAR: Parliamentary session postponed and Siniora does not rely on Berri's pledges

7- DAILY STAR: Boycott likely to scuttle key parliament session

Rival rallies expose deep division

Homs siege drives 2000 Syrians to Lebanon


NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Sun 4/03/2012 11:11

1- SHARQ AWSAT: Wounded of Baba Amr talk of painful road to Lebanon

108 injured rushed to Tripoli last month

2- MOUSTAQBAL: Aridi: We will not partake in divisive session...monitoring spending is our request

Future Bloc: Martyrs Square sit-in does not serve Syrian uprising

3- ANNAHAR: Security barrier between Salafists and Baathists, Future Bloc opposes rally


NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Sat 3/03/2012 10:58


1- THE DAILY STAR: Scorched earth tactics ravage Homs

2- SHARQ AWSAT: Baba Amr center for Free Army...residents pay price

The dead buried under guise of night in absence of their families

3- HAYAT: Ministers loyal to Jumblatt mobilize towards PM, Speaker in search for solution...or postponement

Opposition appeals to Berri for intervening to settle expenses or it plans to boycott session

4- SHARQ: Sleiman: Any attack on our oil to ignite war

5- ANNAHAR: "Criminal group" included in revised indictment

Jumblatt intervenes before parliamentarian collapse


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 2/3/2012

Fri 2/03/2012 07:54

1- An-Nahar
Fall of Bab Amro neighborhood unifies the Security Council
Washington: Collapse of Syrian regime is inevitable
Most Lebanese areas isolated under zero degree
Impending storm gathers over the Parliament
Iranians elect today the Shura Council amid tense competition within the conservative camp
2- Assafir
Sleiman: I am in touch with Assad and he is receptive to all constructive ideas

Telecommunications again: two spies...and no restrains

Administrative appointments await understanding...and billions sessions heading for a showdown

Bab Amro armed elements admit their "tactical" withdrawal and the Red Cross enters neighborhood today

Security Council demands Syria to allow aids to afflicted areas
Doha is prepared for all options for assistance
Saudi arming offers and the announcement of a 'military council" triggers differences within opposition
3- Future
Understanding on reforms in Dar al Fatwa among former prime ministers�and Geagea warns of strife over the issue of spending
Gasoil scandal chases Bassil despite his "heroism"

Baba Amro under threat of "collective purge"
4- Al-Akhbar
Efforts to contain Al Assir's march in anticipation of "Sunday strife"
5- Daily Star
Rebels defiant after Homs defeat
Lebanon braces for snow at altitude of 300 meters
Accused Americans leave Egypt after travel ban lifted
Iranian leaders hope for high turnout in polls

NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 1/3/2012

Thu 1/03/2012 07:57


Majority closes ranks on Monday's session and opposition submits last chance proposal

Syrian army onslaught pushes Homs to "catastrophe"
National Council sets up military office for resistance

Lebanon looses but qualifies
Syria conditions a clarification from Annan
"Humanitarian" cover for U.S. draft proposal...and Moscow does not adopt it

Lebanon to the final for the first time in its history

Arab and Western intelligence seek a "coup" on Assad
Ki-moon warns of fallout of Syrian crisis on Lebanon and stresses that Hezbollah's arms is constant threat to stability
Refuses to any cover up for gasoil scandal and calls on defense committee to question Ghosn
March 14: enrollment of new members in the Cabinet is subject to external criteria
Israel ask Washington not push hard for Assad's fall
Lebanon among the giants of Asia
Information branch networks await Telecommunication Minister
Daily Star
Elite Syrian troops advance on Baba Amr

Mikati calls for Lebanese unity as fresh rows engulf Cabinet

Lebanon makes history despite defeat in Gulf

United Nations appoints Norman Farrell as STL prosecutor

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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 29/2/2012


Wed 29/02/2012 08:10

NNA - 29/2/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Jumblatt wants financial file closed without voting

Mufti postpones elections and March 14 in "Biel"

Wounded British journalist from Baba Amro to Lebanon

Clinton: Assad can be considered war criminal, but...

2- ASSAFIR: Sleiman warns Netanyahu...Berri holds "oil rights" to Cyprus

Gasoil report: Cabinet and companies share responsibility

Is there a telecommunications network for Internal Security Forces contrary to the law?

Results of strategic review mid-March... and any troops' reduction offset by an increase from other nations

Serra's to "Assafir": Lebanese army is our strategic partner and situation in south will remain stable

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Mufti Qabbani postpones elections of Islamic Supreme Council

"Future" is committed to specific standards for spending issue

4- AL-AKHBAR: Two stories on private cellular network for information branch

5- DAILY STAR: Lebanon dreams as it awaits the big game

Future demands same criteria on all extra budgetary spending

Qabbani yields to Mikati, postpones council elections

Syrian refugees unite to keep revolt alive


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 28/2/2012


Tue 28/02/2012 07:48

NNA - 28/2/2012

1- ASSAFIR: Berri: legalization of LL8.900 trillion ... First

"Billions of Siniora" at the threshold of "conditional settlement"

Bassil: We will begin oil land survey soon

2- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Opposition sources reminds that Jreisati described Aoun as "madman" according to Wikileaks documents

Cabinet resumes its sessions.. The solution of spending in custody of Berri

How "Baath" ruled Syria and Lebanon?

"Inheritance" in Syria was found by common security system in Lebanon

3- AL-AKHBAR: Some Higher Islamic Council members rebel against Mufti today

4- AN-NAHAR: Return of government "on tiptoe"

And a basket of spending in custody of the Speaker of the House

Score of dead overshadow results of referendum

Washington: Defections will lead to the fall of Assad

5- DAILY STAR: Mikati: No bickering over appointments

Dispute over election divides Higher Islamic Council

Massacre in Homs as rescue bid fails


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 27/2/2012

Mon 27/02/2012 07:55

NNA - 27/2/2012

1- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Positive signs continue between Rai and Sleiman...Siniora on his position concerning expenditure treatment

Lebanese Defense Minister...Security of Beirut is security of Tehran!

How "Baath" rules Syria and Lebanon?

Assad's regime undermines minorities as it persecutes majority

2- AL-AKHBAR: Ministers of Council: return of spirit

3- ASSAFIR: Canadian Norman Farrell, new prosecutor for International Tribunal

"Settlement of billions": Final opportunity under test

4- AN-NAHAR: Expenditure outside budget reached $ 22 billion

Work of Ministerial and Parliamentary Committee trespasses solution�

Referendum on constitution is violated by opposition's boycott and violence

Clinton: Do we support al Qaeda and Hamas in Syria?

5- DAILY STAR: Divisive issues cast pall over cabinet session

New head of UNIFIL's Maritime task force assumes mantle

West, opposition dismiss Syria vote

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Sun 26/02/2012 11:19

1- ANNAHAR: Mikati follows up new cabinet launching with appointments plan

House meeting tomorrow decides direction of spending files

2- MOUSTAQBAL: Sleiman meets Siniora, leaves to Romania tomorrow: We must benefit from what is happening around us

3- HAYAT: Sleiman: Rationing mentality hinders progress of Lebanese state


NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Sat 25/02/2012 11:26

1- ANNAHAR: "Stability" is government's password

Ban suggests three successors to Bellemare
2- AL SAFEER: Berri, Aoun: new ministerial and legislative phase

Nasrallah: No to strife...yes to productive cabinet
3- SHARQ: Cabinet convenes Monday following Jreissaty's appointment
4- MOUSTAQBAL: Speech attributed to Nahhass links his ousting from cabinet to getting Bassil out of diesel scandal

Once more Aounist Minister from outside the movement

NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 24/2/2012

Fri 24/02/2012 07:59

1- An-Nahar
Billions of financial spending besieges political settlement draft
Berri: I refused to register a crack in parliament
"Friends of Syria" give Assad 72 hour ultimatum
Clinton: Opposition will find means to attack
2- Assafir
Parliamentary session lost between "majority" laxity and withdrawal of "Future"
Cabinet catches it breath Monday...and Nahhas' substitute today
"Friends of Syria" conference today...and Tehran confirms backing of Damascus
Clinton opens door arming opposition to launch attack and Moscow and Beijing insists on dialogue and rejection of intervention
3- Future
March 14 MPs thwart an attempt to legalize political vengeance
Fattouch signs...and Aoun falls
Clinton talks about a turning point and opposition forces qualified to attack and defend
90 countries in Tunisia today: Leave Assad
4- Daily Star
Tunis meet seeks relief for Syrians
World leaders gather for talks on pressuring Assad regime to allow humanitarian aid

Obama apologizes for Quran burning

Berri works to mend fences, reconcile rival camps

NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 23/2/2012

Thu 23/02/2012 08:17

1- An-Nahar
Comprehensive package deal in parliament today
Nahhas' resignation officially accepted last night after submitting it to Mikati
Jumblatt runs contrary to the general atmosphere and shows solidarity with Homs in Beirut central district
Homs shouts: "Why the world abandoned us?"
Abduallah: Useless to talk to Assad
2- Assafir
In the aftermath of resignation: Mikati calls for a new chapter...and Bassil pins hope on productivity
Majority tests its "political quorum" ...and Aoun in sacrificing Nahhas
An American journalist and French photographer killed
Damascus didn't know about their presence in Homs
3- Future
Ki-moon extends STL for three years...and Jumblatt calls on Assad to leave
Nahhas' resignation accepted...and the deal has been finalized
Western condemnation of Assad's regime brutality after the purge operations claim the lives of foreign journalists
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to Medvedev: useless to talk after veto
4- Al-Akhbar
Berri-Mikati agreements to be tested today
5- Daily Star
Death rains down on Homs
West enraged after two foreign journalists take refuge in city die in rocket fire
Sleiman, Mikati accept Nahhas resignation, decree's fate uncertain
Jumblatt shows support at anti-Assad vigil in Beirut
Khamenei defiant as Iran nuclear talks collapse
U.N. extends STL mandate doe 3 years

NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 22/2/2012

Wed 22/02/2012 08:15

NNA - 22/2/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Nahhas resignation rescues ministerial structure for time being

Parliament gives cabinet opportunity to set new project

Berri to "An-nahhar": we will see what will happen after Nahhas resignation and its acceptance

Opposition MPs will not vote for Kanaan's draft "because it violates agreement with employers"

2- ASSAFIR: "Assafir" publishes complete story of labor minister's journey from decree to..."inevitable destiny"

Resignation of Charbel Nahhas: Regime defeats "chance of reform"

Economy "weapons"...last alternative for military intervention in Syria?

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: "Future" criticizes "negative attitude" of Secretary General of "Hezbollah" over "Biel" festival

Aoun sacrifices Nahhas on altar of Nasrallah

Washington does not rule out any possibility

UN calls for humanitarian aid

Lebanon, Russia absent from "Syria's Friends"

Assad's massacre from Homs to Idleb

4- AL-AKHBAR: Thus "trouble maker" minister resigns

5- DAILY STAR: Aoun exploits Nahhas resignation

Homs blitz prompts yet more calls for cease-fire in Syria

Lebanon won't attend 'friends of Syria


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 21/2/2012

Tue 21/02/2012 07:47

NNA - 21/2/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Nahhas to sign and imminent call for cabinet session

Jumblatt launches vicious attacks on Assad

Gasoil file raises political heat

Bellemare: Historical days await Lebanese people

2- ASSAFIR: Jumblatt hosts Mikati: no for disassociation

Nahhas to sign...abides by "Shoura"

Moscow Requests Security Council to provide humanitarian aid

Assad: terrorist groups receive arms to foil any solution

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Finance prosecutor did not start his investigations on gasoil scandal yet!

Jumblatt calls for exit to Syrian regime in...Siberia

Syrian regime strengthens its forces in Homs and security measures in Damascus

4- AL-AKHBAR: Nahhas to sign today (Tuesday) and parliament legislates tomorrow

5- DAILY STAR: Homs braces for tank-led assault

Nahhas expected to sign decree

Bellemare thanks Lebanese for support before STL resignation


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines Monday 20/2/2012

Mon 20/02/2012 07:57

1- An-Nahar
Parliamentary road map awaits Nahhas' signature and Mikati refuses to bargain on administrative appointments

Berri optimistic and polarization over De Frej and Kanaan's proposals

Bassil pledges to pursue investigation into the red gasoil further then investigation

Syrian regime tighten its grip on Mazza neighborhood

Washington: intervention in Syria will be very difficult

Tens of thousands mach in support of Putin two weeks before Russian presidential elections
2- Assafir
Mikati insists on signing decree first and Nahhas weighs his options

Cabinet crisis nears an end

Questions precedes Tunisia conference and....and Washington can't determine identity of "Syrian opposition"

Assad : They are trying to partition Syria and deal a blow to its political position
3- Future
Nahhas signs decree tomorrow

Moscow calls on United Nations to send experts to evaluate humanitarian conditions in Syria

Cairo withdraws its ambassador and Assad's forces turn Damascus into military barracks

4- Al-Akhabar

Will the Cabinet crisis turn within the "Change and Reform" bloc?
5- Daily Star
Damascus on the edge after protests

Heavy security deployment stymies attempts to stage fresh demonstrations

Cabinet crisis solution expected this week, say ministers

New STL indictment next week: March 14 sources

Greeks stage fresh protests on eve of EU bailout meeting

NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Sun 19/02/2012 11:22

1- ANNAHAR: Nahass sings Wednesday, STL indictment within ten days

Displaced Syrians double in number with worry they may turn into refugees

Jumblatt to Annahar: Solution not in appointments but correcting performance

2- MOUSTAQBAL: Sleiman: Presidency is a rock that hurts anyone who tries to insult it

Power rotation in Syria an "opportunity" to practice democracy in Lebanon correctly

Defense strategy to decide when, how, why and where arms are used

3- SHARQ AWSAT: Anti-Assad rally to take place in Tripoli as army prepares for possible clash between Sunnis and Alawites

NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Sat 18/02/2012 11:27

1- MOUSTAQBAL: Hariri, Fadlallah study means to halt strife

March 14 to Nasrallah: We do not put conditions and do not accept conditions be put on us
2- ASAFEER: Jumblatt welcomes Nasrallah's invitation to dialogue...hopes "he stands by Syrian people"

Berri-Aoun: Political heart-to-heart paves way for Cabinet revival
3- ANNAHAR: Mediation begins after STL extension

Solution in combining two parliamentarian suggestions for transportation fees

PM holds on to minister's signature first

Geagea to Nasrallah: What you accuse us of is nothing compared to what you have done


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 17/2/2012

Fri 17/02/2012 08:10

NNA - 17/2/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Nasrallah slams March 14

Hoff surprises Beirut by supporting oil file

General Assembly supports Arab League plan to Syria

U.S. intelligence: "Al Qaeda" infiltrates opposition

2- ASSAFIR: Legal exit for transportation allowance before Wednesday's legislative session!

Nasrallah with Lebanese dialogue... And Syrian political solution

Biggest network in Muslim world, 100 MW to Lebanon

Iran will build in Syria a power plant

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Nasrallah renews accusing March 14 of collaboration...and talks with it in conditions!

"Future": Battles of illusion ends by extending to tribunal

Opposition demonstration in front of Iranian embassy in Damascus and arrest of activists in capital on the eve of "Friday popular resistance"

General Assembly votes overwhelmingly to hold Assad's regime accountable

4- AL-AKHBAR: Gas stations war between Sleiman and Aoun

5- DAILY STAR: Nasrallah opens to unconditional dialogue

U.N. General Assembly urges Assad to step down

Mikati: Suspension of cabinet sessions meant to protect institutions


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 16/2/2012

Thu 16/02/2012 07:56

NNA - 16/2/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Smooth extension of STL to "take note"

Jumblatt to new Taif and criticizes "Biel"

Referendum on Syrian Constitution makes Washington "laughs,"

West discusses "humanitarian corridors" an alternative for intervention

2- ASSAFIR: "Automatic" extension for tribunal...and Jumblatt mourns Taif

Gasoil scandal: where did billions go since 2004?

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: President of the Republic took note of the intention of Ban Ki-moon on the "extension of Court and its judges"

Cabinet in its predicament.. And "Hizbullah" with its arrogance

Washington: Assad's days are numbered and senior officials ready to deport their families

Cairo calls for immediate change in Syria

4- AL-AKHBAR: Sleiman folds page on tribunal extension: we took note

DAILY STAR: Assad dangles polls, keeps up assault

Mikati says government still operating, crisis talks under way

Beirut River mysteriously runs blood red


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 15/2/2012

Wed 15/02/2012 08:14

1- An-Nahar

March 14 assaultive in the 7th anniversary for assassination
Hariri pledges to prevent sectarian strife

Mikati assures new indictment before end of February
Opposition to call for vote of confidence on Nahhas
Arabs threaten to army Syrian opposition
Lavrov: "Friends of Syria" idea is a call for intervention

2- Assafir
Cabinet crisis intractable...and Aoun calls for a by-law for Cabinet
Hariri synchronizes watch on restoring authority...on Assad's fall
Arab diplomats: Arab League decides to equip Syrian opposition with arms
First anniversary for Bahrain Spring: street confrontations

3- Future
March 14 triangular: Arab Spring, complete state and prohibited strife
Homs bombardment continues and France founds humanitarian emergency fund
Azhar Sheikh: Oppression has gone too far

4- Al-Akhbar
Debate within Change and Reform bloc on transportation allowances

5- Daily Star
Time Hezbollah changes course- Hariri

Former premier vows to prevent Sunni-Shiite strife over 11- month unrest in Syria

Arab states ready to arm Syrian resistance

Iranian suspect arrested after Bangkok blasts go wrong

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Tue 14/02/2012 11:04

1- MOUSTAQBAL: Hariri: Problem in artillery, solution within the state

2- ANNAHAR: Festival brings Lebanese and Syrian oppositions together

Hariri: Dissociation is not a stance I take

Baabda, Serail refrain from replying to Aoun's latest attack

Mikati: I call upon certain people to respect people's brains and be a bit humble

Al Joumhoriyeh: March 14 Camp political festival today, Saudi opens up to Jumblatt

NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 13/2/2012

Mon 13/02/2012 08:30

NNA - 13/2/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Demands renewed to disarm Tripoli

Aoun: "diabolic" alliance between Sleiman and Mikati

Arabs return Syrian crisis to Security Council

Calling for formation of a "joint peace-keeping forces

2- ASSAFIR: Berri monitors...and Mikati resists... and Aoun attacks...

Battle of "biting fingers": Who screams first?

Lebanon and Algeria express reservation...Damascus rejects the "hysterical" decisions ...And Assad receives draft constitution

Arab ministers ask for foreign military intervention in Syria

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Siniora to Hariri's killers: Field calculation does not match reality

Tripoli heals its wounds...Cautiously

Arab League calls on Security Council to form joint force in Syria

4- AL-AKHBAR: Aoun: Nahhas dismissal means no more cabinet

5- DAILY STAR: Ban's STL letter behind Mikati's decision to suspend cabinet sessions

Arabs seek U.N. intervention in Syria

Cautious calm prevails in Tripoli after deadly weekend clashes


NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Sat 11/02/2012 11:06

1- SHARQ: Situation explodes between Bab Tabbeneh and Jabal Mohssen, citizens displaced

2- MOUSTAQBAL: Assad's thugs cause tension in Tripoli...people of Wadi Khaled welcome army

Hariri calls on Arabs to recognize National Syrian Council

3- ANNAHAR: Army races to put out Tripoli and border fires

Mikati asks France for support of Lebanon's policy of "seclusion"

4- HAYAT: Syrian warning preceded army deployment in Aakar

Security confrontation between Bab Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohssen


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 10/2/2012

Fri 10/02/2012 07:39

NNA - 10/2/2012 - AL-MUSTAQBAL: Rai reiterates call to "neutralize Lebanon from regional and international hubs"

North MPs warn of Syrian preparations to invade Wadi Khaled

AL-HAYAT: Mikati: No return to cabinet unless trespassing stops and it is impossible to exert pressure on banks to violate sanctions

SHARk el AWSAT: March 14 MPs talk about Syrian military preparations to enter Lebanese regions

Fatfat: Lebanese people will do what it requires to confront Assad's army when necessary


NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Thu 9/02/2012 11:13

1- ANWAR: Presidential sources: Aoun does not represent all Christians

2- SHARQ: Cabinet crisis at stand still...but till when?

3- AKHBAR: Sleiman: Army has political cover for its work

4- MOUSTAQBAL: 14 March sees correlation between faltering cabinet and wavering Syrian regime

Siniora to Qahwaji: Army must stop border transgressions

5- ANNAHR: [Mikati's] visit to Paris freezes solution to pending cabinet sessions

Siniora and Qahwaji hold candid talks about army


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 8/2/2012

Wed 8/02/2012 08:06

1- An-Nahar
Future movement adopts a position concerning army deployment in the north
Berri and Nasrallah water down situation as Aoun escalates
Lavrov's gift to Assad: new constitution without Baath
Egyptian military delegation cuts its visit to Washington
2- Assafir
Washington paves way for intervention under pretext of humanitarian assistance...and Erdogan calls for new international initiative
Assad and Lavrov: Damascus seeds up reforms...and Moscow provides external guarantees

Future attacks army...Berri denounces such attitude...and Aoun insists on his prerogatives

Nasrallah: government is staying...and what is wanted in Syria is head of the resistance
3- Future
Lavrov meets Assad amid massacres against Syrian people

100 martyrs Monday and UNICIF counts 400 children dead since beginning of uprising

Sleiman meets Siniora and calls on Nahhas to sign transportation decree
4- Al-Akhbar
Nasrallah: Head of resistance is wanted in Syria
5- Daily Star
Assad promises peace as Homs burns

Nasrallah: No government change

Pressing political issues top PM's Paris agenda

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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 7/2/2012

Tue 7/02/2012 07:56

NNA - 7/2/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Cabinet crisis delayed after Paris

Berri forms his convictions and Mikati "holds responsibility"

Washington sees Assad "loser" and closes its embassy

Growing divisions in elite units of Syrian army

2- AL-AKHBAR: Two Khalils wait "end of indulgence"

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Cabinet crisis standstill and Lebanese-Syrian Security Committee follows up discussing "pursuit of terrorists"!

Jumblatt criticizes "military parades" in north

Washington closes its embassy and bets on Assad a loser

Sarkozy and Merkel label events as a scandal

Genocide in Homs and tanks storm Zabadani

4- ASSAFIR: Berri waiting...and important speech for Nasrallah today

Cabinet crisis...in political freezer

Obama sees initiative solution... And el Arabi is ready to resume task of observers to avoid civil war

Russian initiative: political proposals stop Western hysteria and Arab bias

5- DAILY STAR: Homs slaughter claims 50 more lives

Hizbullah begins efforts to resolve cabinet crisis

Reeking dump makes home for 2 brothers


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 6/2/2012

Mon 6/02/2012 07:45

NNA - 6/2/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Berri and Mikati explore today chances of solution

Military reference: Raids continue and smugglers are monitored

Washington bypasses Russian-Chinese veto

Calls for international coalition that supports Syrian opposition

2- ASSAFIR: Sleiman: Exit by law...Aoun: I won't comply

Cabinet "coma" awaits Berri and "Hizbullah's" move

Lavrov and Fradkov to Damascus tomorrow to demand political concessions ... And military services

Moscow launches its alternative initiative.. To address Syrian crisis Russian experts have returned to Syria and Kremlin activates eavesdropping station on missile shield

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Demonstration against Moscow in Beirut condemning its position in Security Council

Northern warnings in engaging army in clashes with citizens

Syrian opposition considers Russian-Chinese veto license to proceed with killing

Washington calls for formation of international coalition against Assad

4- AL-AKHBAR: Both Khalils start mediation

5-  STAR: West seeks world coalition on Syria

Mikati: No cabinet sessions until they can become productive

MP: Lebanese troops search for 'terrorist' on Syria border


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Sun 5/02/2012 10:59
1- MOUSTAQBAL: Solemn funeral for Nassib Lahoud at St. George Church...Mikati decorates him with Order of the Cedar

Rahi: He realized the importance of unity in Lebanon, he was a pioneer in freedom, and epitome of integrity and bravery

2- HAYAT: Lebanese army fails to find Free Army members in Aakar

Mikati's stance, Sleiman's solidarity result of congestion and criticism for "leniency" with Aoun's ministers in vital issues

3- ANNAHAR: Hezbollah's intervention may resolve dispute between Miqati and FPM

NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Sat 4/02/2012 10:50

1- MOUSTAQBAL: Fabius visits presidents and Jumblatt: We are keen on Lebanon's unity, sovereignty, and border demarcation...respect of minority a condition for national cohesion

2- ANNAHAR: Long disruptions and no initiative for cabinet "in crisis"

Mikati rejects Bassil's conditions for "reciprocal treatment"

3- AKHBAR: Bellemare meets Siniora in secret: Indictment before March?


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 3/2/2102

Fri 3/02/2012 07:48

1- An-Nahar
Cabinet crisis persisting and all bridges of mediations are cut off
STL demands extension and Bellemare replacement soon
Security sources advise Sami Gemayel to avoid a dinner invitation and take precaution in future
Two celebrations in February 14 in Biel and March 14 in Martyrs Square and Saad Hariri to appear on screen
2- Assafir
These are the positions of Sleiman, Berri, Mikati, Aoun Hezbollah and Jumblatt from the open crisis
Cabinet awaits initiative to activate its role
Syria lives the most critical days...Is Assad's fall really inevitable?
Port Said's massacre besieges "military council"
3- Future
Sleiman insists on qualifications and not political affiliation in administrative appointments...and Mikati will not abstain or resign
Coup government prisoner of its conflict
Turkey ready to discuss hosting Assad's family
30 years...and Hama did not die
4- Al-Akhbar
Mikati: I am not in a hurry...and let Labor Minister sign "transportation decree"
5- Daily Star
Mikati: Rifts won't force me out
Esteemed politician Nassib Lahoud dies at 68
U.N. talks on Syria fail to reach agreement
Egyptians incensed after football stadium tragedy

NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 2/2/2012

Thu 2/02/2012 07:53

NNA - 2/2/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: heated argument between Mikati and "Change and Reform" bloc ministers

Tribunal launches countdown for trial in absentia

Mikati speaks about prime minister's prerogatives refusing attacking them

Bassil: We will restore balance to cabinet and we have right to reject or approve

2- ASSAFIR: Mikati shocks majority: "No cabinet sessions"...and Bassil refuses "blackmail"

Appointments mine explodes: Cabinet a victim of "no's"

International Tribunal begins proceedings in absentia

Egyptian medical source: More than 38 dead, 1000 injured in riots following football match in Egypt

3- AL-AKHBAR: ...Council of Ministers flies

4- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Appointments' explode cabinet session

Mikati suspends cabinet sessions until agreement takes place

Assad's army sets tanks off north...And March 14 marks "historical message" to "Syrian National Council"

5- DAILY STAR: Appointments row freezes cabinet

STL to proceed with trial of Hizbullah members in absentia

Egypt football clashes kill 73, injure over 1,000


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 1/2/2012

Wed 1/02/2012 08:02

NNA - 1/2/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Sleiman to Bassil: Is it possible to tour politicians and where are institutions?

Social Security demands 300 billion pounds and Labor Minister confines it to 100 billion

Syria: Beginning of internationalization

Jordanian King and Ban Ki-moon discuss Palestinian and Syrian files

2- ASSAFIR: Will Aoun suspend protest against Serail?

Cabinet: Debates did not disrupt "cellular" or "electricity"

Western speech ceremony with Russia and China delegates taking different stances...And postpones vote on draft resolution

Security Council: Hamad and el Arabi plead international intervention...and Syria reminds them of Arab nationalism

3- AL-AKHBAR: Aoun's ministers "happy": Cabinet session without obstacles

4- AL-MUSTAQBAL: "Future" bloc asks state to stop Aoun's escalation...Syrian Ambassador does not like the policy of "disassociation"

"Electricity session" aborts son in law scandals...and touches uncle

Cabinet approves renewal of both cellular companies for one year

Moscow: Assad is neither a friend nor an ally

Washington: Rule of terror will end

Paris: Our responsibility to end the shameful silence

Syria on Security Council table

5- DAILY STAR: Russia, West face off on Syria at U.N.

Cabinet session sees heated feuds

Islamists block Egypt protest march


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 31/1/2012

Tue 31/01/2012 07:39

NNA - 31/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Data, budget and electricity before Ministers of Council

And contacts to overcome Aoun's objection on appointments

Syrian military solution proceeds international solution

Moscow resists pressure of Security Council

2- ASSAFIR: Lebanese reassuring message from Sarkozy concerning 1701, "UNIFIL's" security... and tribunal

Mikati's visit to Paris: Attachment to French contingent...and army aid

Baath party postpones its conference two weeks...and victims' number mounts in Damascus suburbs and Homs

Moscow confronts on Tuesday biggest western diplomatic crowd since invasion of Iraq

3- AL-AKHBAR: Bassil warns of "electricity" explosion in 2012

4- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Jumblatt reminds that blood of martyrs returned exiled from Paris.. Sehnaoui refuses to provide "data"

Toufeili warns "Hezbollah" of alliance with Israel

Opposition refuses to negotiate before Assad steps down and Arab initiative at Security Council today (Tuesday)

White House: Syrian regime loses control and its collapse is inevitable

5- DAILY STAR: West to confront Russia over Syria

Sehnaoui to raise data issue in cabinet session

History curriculum sparks controversy


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 30/1/2012

NNA - 30/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Data controversy and security files warn of repercussions

Northern tension and Berri and Jumblatt limit their movements

"Urban war" in Damascus eastern suburbs

80 killed and mounting army defection

2- ASSAFIR: Berri and Jumblatt on circle of risk...and personalities move around by taxis

Hasan's assassination attempt hits..."telecommunications data"!

Security Council tests internationalization...and Damascus bets on security solution

Moscow puts back Syrian crisis to Arab square

Tehran warns pressure on Assad will lead to serious consequences

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Northern condemnation for return of assassination specter and Sehnaoui refuses to hand over "data"

Harb to Aoun: We won't remain silent about insulting martyrs

Siniora: Aoun's words insult to Lebanese and remind us of period of his mutiny against Constitution

State of war in Damascus and battles on their end

4- AL-AKHBAR: "Data" crisis and Iranian offer on cabinet table tomorrow (Tuesday)

5- DAILY STAR: Syria onslaught menaces capital

Mikati says Lebanon closer to launching electricity plan

Syria rebels in Lebanon lend support to comrades


NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Sun 29/01/2012 10:43

1- HAYAT: Intelligence on assassination plot of security personality reignites dispute over Lebanese telecommunications data

2- ANNAHAR: Iran offers to sell Lebanon electricity at competitive price

3- MOUSTAQBAL: Mufti Qabbani confirms "martyrs are pride of the country"

Interior Minister affirms delay in supply of telecommunications data

New Aounist smearing campaign accuses ministers of treason

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Sat 28/01/2012 11:17

1- MOUSTAQBAL: Hmadeh to Bassil: My honorable career cannot be tainted by the fabrications of a failure

Sleiman: It is vital for Lebanon to be surrounded by democratic regimes

2- ANNAHAR: Aoun attacks martyrs as phantom of assassinations returns

Bellemare: I gathered a strong, solid case which I am proud of

3- AKHBAR: Telecom data war declassifies assassination attempt

Security official: Information tell of assassination plot against Rifi or Hassan

4- DAILY STAR: Homs violence spirals out of control

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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 27/1/2012

Fri 27/01/2012 08:10

NNA - 27/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Syrian investigation holds fishermen responsibility!

Judiciary before gasoil night riddle: "God knows"

Army faces Damascus outskirts with security decisiveness

Moscow draws "red lines" to Security Council

2- ASSAFIR: Nahhas: Wages increase starting from February

Bellemare leaves without additional accusations

Reports for dozens of deaths and kidnapping of 11 Iranian visitors

Arab movement in New York to seek Syria's "support"
And Moscow is open and committed to its project in Security Council: our red lines still exist

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: 101 million liters distributed to mafias...and profit of half an hour exceeded $11.5 million

Auditing department head: Gasoil issue won't "be concealed"

Arab League decisions on Syria will be delivered formally tomorrow (Saturday) to Security Council

4- AL-AKHBAR: Interest rates mobilizes Mikati

5- DAILY STAR: 50 killed in Syria as Arabs go to U.N.

Municipalities mobilize over electricity crisis

U.S. outraged as Egypt stops Americans leaving


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 26/1/2012

Thu 26/01/2012 08:10

NNA - 26/1/2012


Nahhas raises ire of Mikati...And Bassil surprised by "gas oil" campaign

Cabinet on lines of high voltage

Assassination of a priest...and Mouallem reiterates commitments to cooperate with monitors

Moscow stresses dialogue and refuses to internationalize the Syrian file


Auditing bureau starts investigation in "red gas oil" scandal

Cabinet fights itself...and Hizbullah defends minister of darkening

Ghosn accuses Nahhas of violating constitution and insulting cabinet

Killing operations continue and Gulf observers withdraw from Syria

U.S. is optimistic concerning compromise with Moscow in Security Council


Cabinet postpones discussing electricity crisis to budget session!


Opposition escalates on electricity issue and judiciary moves in oil issue

Strained cabinet session and Nahhas accumulates controversies

Lavrov: We won't accept Libyan scenario in Syria

Lavrov urges to move quickly in Security Council and NATO monitors


Sparks fly at cabinet session

March 14 mocks Aoun's call for protest

Syrian Red Crescent head shot dead as violence escalates


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 25/1/2012

Wed 25/01/2012 07:51

NNA - 25/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Mikati: I am not afraid of future and no one can eliminates anyone

Berri raises gas oil issue in judiciary and opposition raises Bassil's "violations"

Damascus sees security solution a "public demand"

European - Arab project before Security Council

2- ASSAFIR: Mikati awaits ships...And Aoun calls on people to demonstrate

Gas oil scandal consumes 15 million dollars!

He praises ties with Moscow and warns Gulf States from recognizing National Council

Mouallem: We are committed to reform...security solution is now a public demand

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Red gas oil night erupts conflict between allies...and Aoun calls on people to demonstrate against his cabinet!

"Future" bloc: Iran is using Hizbullah to blackmail Lebanese and Arabs

"GCC" withdraw its monitors and draft resolution to Security Council on basis of Arab League's plan

Syrian regime closes door before Arab solutions and kills dozens

4- AL-AKHBAR: Jumblatt's military calls to Syrian's Druze "out of context"

DAILY STAR: Syria: League can go to moon

Future bloc calls for troops on Syrian border

STL prosecutor arrives for final visit

Aoun urges protests as cabinet deliberates electricity law


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 24/1/2012

Tue 24/01/2012 08:05

1- An-Nahar
Equating Beirut with other areas could "electrocute" situation
Energy minister calls on those paying bills to take to the streets
Mikati in Paris in February 10
Jumblatt: Lebanon's envoy at the U.N. should keep quite
Syria sees Arab initiative as flagrant violation for its national sovereignty

Russian official says Moscow can't do more to Assad

2- Assafir

Mikati refuses to let budget deficit rise
Government succumbs to "general darkness"
Europeans broaden sanctions on Damascus:
Wager on Arabs to transfer Syrian file to Security Council
Saad Katanti head of Egypt's parliament
Historic session for the parliament: legislative seats with Islamists

3- Future

Paris denounces Syrian crime in Arida
and the red gasoil scandal at disposal of Accounting Council
Bassil justifies outage by instigating and spreading rationing to other regions
Russia: Syrian army disintegrating and there isn't much we can do to help regime

4- Al-Akhbar

Finance Committee: Future bloc urges Berri to mediate

5- Daily Star

Syria denounces League plan
Arab monitors defend mission as EU expands sanctions list on regime
Sleiman: Arida probe underway
Brotherhood-Egypt parliament holds first session
Iran says EU o�l embargo psychological warfare


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 23/1/2012

Mon 23/01/2012 07:54

NNA - 23/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: First report for expatriates vote

Berri and 'Hizbullah' besiege Bassil on electricity level

Bellemare in Beirut Thursday and Friday

Contacts to ease tension in Akkar

2- ASSAFIR: Arida boat incident is contained officially

Electricity threatens to "burn" cabinet

Assad is required to delegate his prerogatives to his deputy, unity cabinet and parliamentary and presidential elections

Arab League raises level of its interference from "monitoring" Syria to Yemeni "exit!

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Assad's naval forces try to extract confessions from fishermen by transferring weapons from "future" movement

Syrian attacks continue in north

And an angry funeral for teenager Maher Hamad

Hariri remains at hospital in Paris and receives a flow of reassuring phone calls

4- AL-AKHBAR: Burning tires covers Lebanon's area over electricity and security incidents

5- DAILY STAR: League urges Yemen scenario in Syria

Lebanese demand army on borders after teen killed

U.S. warship passes through Hormuz without incident


NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Sun 22/01/2012 12:02

1- MOUSTAQBAL: Fresh Syrian transgression of Lebanese National Sovereignty
In Arida kills one boy and injures two/ multiple charges against government partnership with Asad regime

2- ANNAHAR: Arida fishermen back home by night/ who gives them back their rights?

The crisis of services conflagrates and rumblings of budget begin

Mikati circles to An-Nahar: relations with Bkerki are good and contact maintained

Fractured Hariri foot/ requirements of recovery which would in no way affect date of his return

3- DIYAR: Sleiman stresses respective national sovereignty of each nation and demands quick release of captives

Syro-Lebanese northern border: four killed/ Syrian navy arrested fishermen's boat

4- AL HAYAT: Damascus speaks of "smugglers' boat" following boy's death, the injuring of a second and arrest of a third

Sleiman demands respect of sovereignty, Mikati deplores attack of Syrian speed boat on Lebanese fishermen

NNA 2012 All rights reserved


Sat 21/01/2012 11:02

1- THE DAILY STAR: U.S. mulls Syria embassy closure

2- AL HAYAT: Future Bloc retreat: political revision, determining orientation

3- ANNAHAR: Final night for fortified diesel under inspection

Labor Minister to resign or be forced to resign...that is the question

Cabinet to convene Monday, Tuesday to address 2012 state budget

4- MOUSTAQBAL: Nahass signs wage decree, denies workers transport allowance


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 20/1/2012

Fri 20/01/2012 08:31

NNA - 20/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Appointments after wages and Bkirki complains from its delay

Sleiman stresses mechanism and Berri interested in managing oil

Tribunal: Ban decision maker in extending its term

Jumblatt meets Qatari Emir: I care for Syria and not regime

2- ASSAFIR: Nahhas refuses to sign transportation decree

Fingerprints data: Cancellation of contract or project for a cabinet showdown?

Syria's Muslim brothers demand Ariel sanctions: 'NATO' confirms that it is not ready to intervene

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Sleiman is pleased with cooperation among all political forces to contain Syrian situation

Ashrafieh bids farewell of 6 victims of collapsed building

Paris demands to submit Arab monitors' report to U.N.

4- AL-AKHBAR: Assad bets on Syria's strength and monitors demand extension of their mission

5- DAILY STAR: Zabadani in opposition hands

Complaints pour in over building safety

EU nations agree to impose partial sanctions on Iran central Bank


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 19/1/2012

Thu 19/01/2012 08:03

NNA - 19/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Mikati and Aoun's compromise folds wages crisis

675,000 minimum wages "no victors no vanquished"

Hariri returns and March 14 prepares for February 14 rally

Ashrafieh bids farewell to its victims amid overwhelming sadness

"Angry" Nahhas studies his alternatives...and Mikati addresses him: Matters are not solved in stubbornness

"Consensual agreement": Compromises...before bread sometimes!

Economic measures against Iran is not related to nuclear issue

Lavrov: We will use veto in Security Council against sanctions or military interventions in Syria

2- AL-AKHBAR: Cabinet approves "consensual agreement" formula and Nahhas rules out resignation

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Nahhas assigned to determine mechanism for transportation and education allowances

Cabinet approves wage increases with 675,000 for minimum wage

Europeans expand their sanctions and Assad's army reinforces his troops to invade Zabadani

Syrian pound falls by 51%

Cameron: Evidences mount on Iran and "Hizbullah's" support to the "desperate tyrant."

4- DAILY STAR: New salary package finally passes

Jumblatt slams Assad, declaring he 'listens to nobody'

EU readies new sanctions on Syria, Russia opposes move

Iran says it's open to talks, West skeptical of seriousness


NNA 2012 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 18/1/2012

Wed 18/01/2012 07:54

NNA - 18/1/2012 - AN-NAHAR: Lebanon is stuck between Ashrafieh and Jal al-Dib Bridge!

Fourth round for wages today (Wednesday) will it be final one?

Sleiman is committed to tribunal and Ban Ki-moon to Siniora: Protocol won't be affected

Berri: Corner stone of Litani River likely to be laid this March

ASSAFIR: Tribunal seeks more fingerprints...and Charbel does not respond

Sleiman proposes constitution amendment: let appointments be in majority

Litani project starts its journey towards 100 southern towns

AL-MUSTAQBAL: Sleiman renews his intention to resume dialogue...And Connelly reiterates U.S. concern from repercussion of Syrian situation on Lebanon's stability

Wages rams unchanged...and Nahhas still stubborn

Assad's army fires missiles on Homs and West countries criticize Russian project to Security Council

"Free Syrian Army": Arabs failed and file should be transferred to Security Council

DAILY STAR: Obama: Syria violence unacceptable

Rescue operations called off, focus turns to helping survivors

Gross crew errors behind 2010 Ethiopian Airlines crash: report

Traffic reduced on Jal al Dib Bridge on worries of collapse


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 17/1/2012

Tue 17/01/2012 08:15

NNA - 17/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: 26 victims in Ashrafieh as a result of ineptitude

Compensations, investigations and inspection of 20,000 buildings

10 still missing

Mourn day on Wednesday and entire family dies under rubble

Ministers of Council spends 30 million pounds for each family and Relief Committee provides shelters

2- ASSAFIR: As a result of exposure, negligence, greediness and corruption

Ashrafieh disaster: Death mounts and state shrinks

Arab League studies Qatari proposition and Moscow distributes new draft to Security Council

U.N. committed to train Arab observers

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Cabinet approves compensations and temporary housing and postpones wages file

Ashrafieh catastrophe...draws attention to other doomed buildings

United Nations start within days training Arab observers and Iraq confirms proposal of sending Arab troops to Arab League meeting

Ban Ki-moon: U.N. should act seriously concerning Syria

4- AL-AKHBAR: Cabinet extends its inability and postpones tourism files

5- DAILY STAR: Deadly collapse raises hard questions

Survivor made last-minute escape from Ashrafieh building

Calls mount for U.N. action on Syria stalemate

UAE seeks end to Hormuz threat as Gulf tension rises


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 16/1/2012

Mon 16/01/2012 07:56

NNA - 16/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Fassouh tragedy mobilizes state looking for survivors

Opening file of "laxity" and surveying old buildings

Ban Ki-moon for Assad from Beirut: Stop violence and stop killing your people

Davutoglu accuses Damascus of buying time and seeks Muslim-Christian conference

2- ASSAFIR: Litani project launches after years of waiting ...and waste

Ban applies double standards...and Davutoglu "adamant"

One dead and 11 wounded...and fate of about 15 persons will be clarified today

Disastrous collapse of a building in Achrafieh on its residents: Questions about control... And performance of "military"

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Hariri sees nothing new in Nasrallah's speech and Geagea announces from Kurdistan that fate of Christians in their hand

Ban calls on Assad from Beirut to "stop killing his own people"

3 killed, 11 wounded as first count in disaster of collapsed building in Achrafieh

4- AL-AKHBAR: Ban Ki-moon remembers Ibn Khaldoun

5- DAILY STAR: Beirut building collapse traps residents

Ban: Era of one-man rule in Middle East is over

Camp David pact to be reviewed: Egypt's presidential frontrunner

Davutoglu voices confidence in Lebanon

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Sun 15/01/2012 10:51

1- ANNAHAR: Ban, Davutoglu: Syrian crisis a source of danger

Opposition adheres to tribunal, Nasrallah holds on to arms

UN Secretary General to Siniora: You are the person I spoke to the most in the world

Raad declares disparity between Hezbollah and Turkey but meetings continue between them

2- MOUSTAQBAL: Nasrallah "happy and reassured" because Ban Ki-moon is "worried" from power of Hezbollah

Ahmet Davutoglu: Lebanon first Arab Spring

3- HAYAT: Nasrallah calls for Arab-Iranian-Turkish meeting to solve Syrian crisis

Davutoglu gives impression of loss of hope in Syrian regime, continues meetings and checks on peacekeepers in South

Ban talks to Lebanese officials with clear and stern rhetoric concerning Hezbollah arms

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Sat 14/01/2012 10:54

1- MOUSTAQBAL: Lebanon told Ban Ki-moon of its adherence to UNIFIL, asked for aid in maritime demarcation

Ban comfortable about commitment to STL

2- SHARQ AWSAT: Ban Ki-moon begins official visit to Lebanon...asserts commitment to international resolutions

He expressed concern over Hezbollah's military force...asked government to care for Syrian refugees

3- DIYAR: Sleiman for applying 1701 in its entirety

Berri: What is happening in Syria is not an Arab spring

4- ANNAHAR: Ban views Lebanon's importance in Arab spring: Arms of Hezbollah worry me, protocol will be extended

Nasrallah retaliates today, Siniora suggests complete file

Commander of US Central Command supports Lebanese army as sole force in country


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 13/1/2012

Fri 13/01/2012 07:54

NNA - 13/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Wages deadline falls in the vortex of challenges

Electricity and gas oil crisis worsens after storm

Ban to An-nahar: Lebanon should protect itself

I expect steps to disarm militias

2- ASSAFIR: Nahhas raises 3 suggestions Monday to cabinet

Wages battle in full gear!

Difficult days in Syrian crisis...because of Iran

Signs of setbacks on sanctions campaign on Iran's oil

Khamenei and assassination of nuclear scientist: We will punish "CIA" and Mossad

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Lebanon will inform Ban Ki moon of its commitment to U.N. resolutions...and Europeans raise Syrian refugees protection issue

Labors interest remains prisoner of Labor Minister stubbornness

Larijani: Iran ready for serious negotiations with major powers

Ban seeks to spare Lebanon from Syrian repercussions

4- AL-AKHBAR: Wages file: Political solution in cabinet or parliament intervention?

5- DAILY STAR: League's Syria mission flounders

Nahhas to refer amended wage proposal for cabinet vote

Ban to test Lebanon's commitment to U.N.

U.N. to visit Tehran for nuclear talks Jan.28


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 12/1/2012

Thu 12/01/2012 07:50

NNA - 12/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Wage: Dialogue of deaf requires political intervention

Jumblatt-Nasrallah line opens and U.S. is concerned

Clinton: We won't let Assad escape from punishment

Connelly informed Mikati her country's concern of Syria's repercussion on Lebanon's stability

2- ASSAFIR: "Progressive Socialist Party" and Hizbullah's dinner: "Common" activation... and organizing differences

Alliance between "GLC" and "private sector"...against Nahhas!

Tehran loses its fourth nuclear scientist in a year...and our nuclear journey continues

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Beirut MPs decide to conduct dialogue with "March 8" concerning weapons withdrawal from Greater Beirut

Wholesale warnings of extending Assad's escalation to Lebanon

Assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist and Tehran accuses Israel

Monitoring Committee head announces failure of observers "so far"

4- AL-AKHBAR: Surreal scene in Price Index Committee against Labors

5- DAILY STAR: Assad vows to crush 'conspiracy'

Price Index committee fails to agree on wages

Latest assassination of Iranian scientist escalates 'covert war'

Heavy rain and snowstorms for rest of week


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 11/1/2012

Wed 11/01/2012 07:54

NNA - 11/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Treasury advance payment precedes cabinet pending issues

Nasrallah's speech...on eve of Ban Ki-moon's visit

Assad speaks of external Arab and foreign conspiracy

Washington: He lost his legitimacy and transformation should be accelerated

2- ASSAFIR: Hot files accompany Ban Ki-moon to Lebanon

Wages compromise awaits "solution"

Constitution in March and the parliamentary elections to June...

With Government that gathers loyalists and opposition

Assad recognizes national crisis and stresses security solution... and attacks Arab League

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: "Future" bloc calls on cabinet to tackle danger of Hizbullah's campaign against Ban Ki-moon

Syrian President's speech from Lebanese perspective: Isolated from reality

"Future" bloc: Failure of Ghosn to provide clear answers requires holding him accountable at parliament

4- AL-AKHBAR: Ministers of Council: Five hours for nothing

5- DAILY STAR: Assad speech draws West's outrage

Cabinet seeks unified stance on Ban visit

Sleiman, Mikati urge action on overdue issues


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 10/1/2012

Tue 10/01/2012 07:59

NNA - 10/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: One week deadline to exit wage crisis

Political intervention disrupts diplomatic transfers

Consultations among officials to unite position during Ban Ki-moon's visit

Defense Committee session: All sides stick to their position and file is open

2- ASSAFIR: Nahhas: No agreement without coordination committee

Transport allowance...postpones "wages"

Erdogan renews his warnings of civil war in Syria...Turkey threatens Assad in today's speech: A road map for reform

Khamenei: Iran will not retreat in face of sanctions

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Ghosn denies his words on "Al-Qaeda" before "Defense Committee"...And Jumblatt criticizes security and official figures who are receive orders

Wages: Rabyeh "Bazar" goes back and "Baabda Palace agreement" goes forward

Erdogan sees civil war threat and Davutoglu calls on opposition to continue their move peacefully

Paris: Ten decisive days in Syria

4- AL-AKHBAR: Bkirki on line of appointments to reconcile between Baabda and Rabyeh

5- DAILY STAR: Raises delayed as consensus sought

Sleiman calls for arms-free Beirut, election law that curbs sectarianism

Assad to address Syria on crisis, opposition slams Arab League

Iran nuclear plant heightens tension with U.S.


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 9/1/2012

Mon 9/01/2012 08:16

NNA - 9/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: "Political" compromise for wages on the eve of fourth round

"Al-Qaeda" debate to defense committee today (Monday)

First report for Syria's observers does not cover internationalization

Arabs bet on their continuity by implementing all commitments

2- ASSAFIR: Report reveals preliminary preparations to instigate Arab arenas

By communication techniques

How Syria will face scenarios of Iraq, Lebanon...and North Korea?

Clear attempts to destabilize stability... and number of our troops is not linked to attacks against us

Asarta to "Assafir": I leave my mission optimistic...And we evaluate work of "UNIFIL" to reach appropriate conclusions

3- AL-AKHBAR: Formations on railroad and first indication foreign ministry secretary general

4- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Questioning of defense minister on Monday concerning "Al-Qaeda" and parliamentary delegation visits Arsal and calls on army's deployment in it

Sudden understanding on wages: Return to "Palace agreement"

Head of Arab League monitoring committee: Syrian people made up their mind

5- DAILY STAR: Arab League sticks with monitors

Parties head towards final resolution on wages

Hizbullah says Ban Ki-moon not welcome in Lebanon


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Sun 8/01/2012 11:08


1- ANNAHAR: Fourth attempt at wage-hike tomorrow, will it be the last?

Hezbollah attacks Ban, and "Al Qaeda" lapse develops

2- MOUSTAQBAL: Legal Council: We refuse border trespasses�Measures must be taken to protect citizens

"Al Qaeda" and wages on cabinet's agenda Tuesday

3- DIYAR: Hezbollah does not welcome Ban Ki-moon, the "forger" Larsson, or the "messenger of evil" Feltman

Jumblatt separates Syrian path from survival of cabinet, Aounist questions concerning governmental alliances

Nahhas attempts to snatch Shura approval on wages before it is put before cabinet


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Sat 7/01/2012 10:46 NNA -

1- MOUSTAQBAL: Hariri confirms KSA continues to be safe country due to its wise command and good people

Rahi for realizing true Arab Spring not an imported one

2- HAYAT: Lebanese anxiety towards importing Syrian crisis, fear from reactions against internationalizing it

3- SHARQ AWSAT: Al Arabi calls for Mashaal's help in Syria

Prime Minister of Qatar: If killing continues then moderators are pointless

Explosion in heart of Damascus, rallies on internalization Friday

Al Assaad: We have nothing to do with Damascus explosion...we will move the battle to Regime's home

Opposition accuses Assad's regime of Damascus explosion...and warns against a wave of car bombs

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Fri 6/01/2012 11:25

1- Al HAYAT: Sleiman did not receive positive answer on dialogue due to certain factions betting on "Arab Spring"

Lebanon follows up information about Al Qaeda presence near border

2- ANNAHAR: Sleiman cuts off road for "basket appointments"

New wage hike project ignores Baabda agreement

3- MOUSTAQBAL: Sleiman clarifies Ghosn's statements

Sidon explosion settling accounts within Tawheed

Hariri: Al Qaeda film is an old one...from days of Abou Aadass

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Politics -  Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 5/1/2012

Thu 5/01/2012 07:58

NNA - 5/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Mikati stimulates his government to overcome divisions

Ban Ki Moon raises borders demarcation with Syria

Approving oil law decree paves the way to launch operations of tenders

Council of bishops concerned about security situation and Hariri demands Taef roof for dialogue

2- ASSAFIR: Washington stresses existence of "Al-Qaeda" supporters in Lebanon

"Oil decrees": Road map for one month to administer Lebanon's oil sector...and three month to draw tenders?

Damascus: Washington's criticism to Arab League is bad

El-Arabi refuses to withdraw observers: We are committed to agreement with Syrian cabinet

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Arsal asks state its protection...and Hariri ready for dialogue "but under Taef ceiling"

Cabinet escapes from "wages" and "Al-Qaeda" to "oil"

Security Council discusses Syrian situation on Tuesday, Arab ministers meet on Sunday and Feltman in Cairo

Ghalioun stresses that Assad loses control and financial inspector at Ministry of Defense defects

4- AL-AKHBAR: Cabinet sets oil file on exploration rail

5- DAILY STAR: Syrian activists claim state deception

Cabinet approves oil law, fails to address controversial issues

Turkey warns against sectarian cold war, says tensions 'suicide'


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 4/1/2012

Wed 4/01/2012 08:03

NNA - 4/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: Government takes its time to accommodate third wages rejection

Civil Service Council: Appointments according to qualified mechanisms

Army not against raising a wall in Kfarkilla within Israeli territory

Jumblatt calls on Syria's Druze to stop participating in repression operations in Syria

2- ASSAFIR: Should council of ministers start today (Wednesday) oil exploration journey?

Same wages story: Third blow to cabinet an attempt to float "Baabda agreement"...and "Free Patriotic Movement" refuses "sorcery"

Iran warns U.S. against returning its aircraft carriers to gulf...Washington threat reflects weakness...we don't seek confrontation

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: "Shura Council" refuses Nahhas "illegal" project...Jumblatt launches his most aggressive positions against Syrian regime

Cabinets in cabinet: return to differences!

Sarkozy: Assad's massacres evokes disgust and should step down

4- AL-AKHBAR: Labors right in danger: Shura Council refuses transport allowances

5- DAILY STAR: Employers-GLC wage plan back on

Syrian regime change only solution: Jumblatt

League to assess Syria monitors' report Saturday


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 3/1/2012

Tue 3/01/2012 07:42

NNA - 3/1/2012

1- AN-NAHAR: "Shoura Council" takes decision today (Tuesday) after meeting with Nahhas

Appointments movement and Berri promises of oil achievement

Arab League Secretary General demands to give Syria's observers chance

Army withdrew from cities but there are shootings and snipers

2- ASSAFIR: Al-Qaeda row : Complete elements of political confrontation

Government workshop: Testing intentions tomorrow!

Limited security achievements...and dispute deepens between inside and outside oppositions

Syria: Task of observers moving ... With difficulty

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: "Shoura Council" rejects wages decision today (Tyesday)...and "Lebanese Forces" delegation in Arsal

"Future": Franjieh seeks strife with army

Elaraby: Shooting and snipping continue in Syrian cities

Hariri: Arab observers should say whole truth

4- AL-AKHBAR: Bkirki and "Hizbullah" with "faithful civil state"

5- DAILY STAR: Elaraby demands cease-fire in Syria

Franjieh alleges cover-up of Al-Qaeda presence

Iran tests long-range missile near Hormuz


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Mon 2/01/2012 12:41


1- HAYAT: Confrontation between Mikati and his allies continue in the New Year because "Aoun ignores Taef and bets on support of Hezbollah"

2- SHARQ AWSAT: Security source to Sharq Awsat "No Qaeda in Lebanon�and its security is no longer loose"

Qansso accuses Salafists of providing breeding ground for Al Qaeda

Salafists retaliate, "Baath is more dangerous"

3- MOUSTAQBAL: Charbel points to pivotal information about UNIFIL attacks

Geagea: certain ministers insist on smearing Lebanon's reputation

Mon 2/01/2012 12:41


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Sat 31/12/2011 12:15


1- SHARQ AWSAT: Lebanon: Rallies in North and Bekaa in solidarity with Syrian people

Tents set in Tripoli for blood and money donations for Syrians

2- SHARQ: Syria: 32 killed, League denies Dabby's statements

3- DIYAR: 2011: Historic transformations, major bloody events/ Mubarak's incarceration, Bin Ali's escape, Gaddafi's death, Saleh lost, events in Syria

4- ANNAHR: Angry movements in North, Damascus complains of Lebanon's "Al Qaeda" to Ban

Berri criticizes Mikati of intermediary, wage hike faces fourth decision


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 30/12/2011

Fri 30/12/2011 07:56

NNA - 30/12/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Defense Council folds allegations page of Al-Qaeda

Opposition emphasizes its campaign on Syrian incursions

Mikati pledges to confront attempts to diminish his prerogatives

Wages, oil decrees and budget files for beginning of next year

2- ASSAFIR: Mikati emphasizes stability...and prerogatives of prime minister

"Al-Qaeda" file...to close rooms

Arab League defends Al-Dabi: Observers report will determine Syria's future

Observers deployed in flash points...and Damascus satisfied with their work

Makdisi to "Assafir": We don't interfere with them and we coordinate their movement

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Mikati warns his partners of intervening in prime minister's prerogatives...and Daher considers Ghosn Defense Minister of Syrian regime

Defense Council does not provide clear answer for Al-Qaeda issue

Galioun agrees with Arabi that observers mission is to investigate and not only to monitor

4- AL-AKHBAR: pressure exerted on Shoura council to topple wage increase and substitute it with fourth decision

5- DAILY STAR: Syria monitors face Friday test

Lebanon vows to prevent arms smuggling across Syria border

Turkey airstrikes kill 35 civilians mistaken for rebels


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 29/12/2011

Thu 29/12/2011 09:12

NNA - 29/12/2011 - AN-NAHAR: Borders security in the front

Postponement of wage increase

Washington responding to Iranian threats: No tolerance with closure of Strait of Hormuz

ASSAFIR: Oil decrees to January 4...and wages "pending"

State busy with Al-Qaeda

People are disheartened

Tehran asks West not to ban oil and Europe insists on it

Fifth fleet: We won't accept closure of Strait of Hormuz, Iran stresses that it is very easy and bad to all

AL-MUSTABAL: Cabinet ignores Syrian thugs crime in Akkar

After "domestication" regulatory authority, "Alfa", "MTC", "Sodetyl", "Equipment and Construction"

Youssef to "Future":Aoun's orchestrating plan to take full control of telecommunications sector

AL-AKHBAR: Cabinet welcomes New Year with 3 large files

DAILY STAR: Al-Qaeda claims stump cabinet

Washington warns Iran against closing Strait of Hormuz

Activists: Syria Arab League monitors toothless


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 28/12/2011

Wed 28/12/2011 08:19

NNA - 28/12/2011

- AN-NAHAR: Syrian intelligence sneaks into north and kills three

Private sector implements unilaterally agreement with labor Union

Homs demonstrations amid Arab observers and Arab League senses "good cooperation" from sides

Tehran threatens to close strait of Hermiz and Gulf States compensate oil supply...

2- ASSAFIR: Wednesday's cabinet session without "wages gift"?

Oil decrees ...on publication track

Regime withdraws tanks and opposition in massive demonstration...violence did not halt

Observers in Homs: First practical test for Arab solution

3- AL-AKHBAR: Wages increases to next year

4- AL-MUSTAQBAL: 70,000 demonstrated in Homs and Assad's gun fire kill tens of martyrs

Homs to Arab observers: We need international protection

Arsal citizens demand again army...Charbel denies Ghosn's words...and "Future" bloc will hold him responsible

Regimes thugs widen their crimes towards Aakkar

6- DAILY STAR: Monitor's arrival buoys Syria protesters

Charbel denies Ghosn's Al-Qaeda accusations

Iran vows to stop Gulf oil if sanctions widened


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Politics - Lebanese newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 27/12/2011


Tue 27/12/2011 07:30

1- An-Nahar

Last week of wage increase crisis for this year
Arsal calls on Mikati today to deploy army
Arab monitors deploy today in boiling Syrian areas and Arab League consider their mission as "last chance" for Damascus
Russian opposition for new demonstrations and Gorbachev calls on Putin to leave

2- Assafir

"Wage maze" awaits Shura council
Will government fulfill "oil decree" promise?
Moscow opposes supporting any side of civil war..and Tehran sees external pressure ineffective
Monitors deploy today: authority cooperating...and opposition demands internationalization

3- Future

Rai renews call to confine defense and security missions to the state only
Sleiman: Dialogue to resume�and weapons first item
Annihilation in Homs with arrival of monitors
Netanyahu: No dialogue with government that includes Hamas

4- Al-Akhbar

Arsal defies Defense Minister

5- Daily Star

Race against time to save Homs
At least 23 people were killed as Syrian tank forces battled opponents of Assad
Ghosn stands firm on charges of Al-Qaeda infiltration

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Mon 26/12/2011 11:58

1- SHARQ AWSAT: Lebanon, "Syrian Revolution" and renewed division

Cabinet justifies backing Assad's regime as best for Lebanon

Opposition deems it reluctance

2- MOUSTAQBAL: Rahi renews call for "limiting defense and security to the State alone"

Sleiman: Dialogue will reinitiate...arms first article

3- HAYAT: Orthodox gathering proposal faces marketing dilemma and exploitation concerns breed extremism and retreat


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Sun 25/12/2011 12:03

1- SHARQ AWSAT: After Syrian authorities announced receiving information from Lebanon about infiltration of Al Qaeda militants to Syria, Lebanese Minister of Interior says: No official intelligence about presence of Al Qaeda in Lebanon

2- AL MOUSTAQBAL: Bkirky swarms with felicitators as Rahi heads Christmas mass

3- AL HAYAT: Orthodox proposal for new electoral law: true representation or sectarian racist segregation?


NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sat 24/12/2011 12:23


1- SHARQ AWSAT: Hariri accuses Lebanese government of conspiring with Syrian regime in carrying out attack...and Hezbollah holds Washington accountable

2- HAYAT: 44 killed in Damascus bombs, tens killed in week of "death protocol"

3- ANNAHAR: Formal condemnation of explosions in Damascus and an ignoring of its accusations

4- MOUSTAQBAL: Cabinet covers up crimes of regime in Damascus

Hariri rejects Syrian accusations, describes them as fabricated

NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 23/12/2011

Fri 23/12/2011 08:00

NNA - 23/12/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Cabinet before collapse of third decree and no wage increases

Sleiman from south: Rocket launchers least care for resistance and steadfastness

Unidentified persons fire across border near Hermel against Syrian border guards

2- ASSAFIR: Jumblatt calls for reducing political overbidding...And Nahhas publishes decision Thursday

Wages increase to Shoura Council: Will it pass?

Russian project fails in New York and Assad praises role of tribes in maintaining stability

Observers in Syria...And Arab League holds a conference for opposition

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: "Private sector" refuse wage increases decision...And consider it a" characterized coup and a sin"

"Hizbullah" and Aoun "re-demarcate" Mikati's borders

Massacres continue despite arrival of observers and demonstrations today against the "death protocol"

Bloody Thursday in Baghdad...13 political explosions and fall of hundreds of victims

4- AL-AKHBAR: Million laws not applied in Lebanon

5- DAILY STAR: Private sector rallies against wage plan

U.S. urges calm after Iraq bombings kill 72

Arab League team in Syria to set stage for monitors


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 22/12/2011

Thu 22/12/2011 07:50

NNA - 22/12/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: "Alliance" returns blow to Mikati and floats Charbel

15 ministers in favor and 11 against increasing minimum wage to 868,000

Prime Minister to "AN-NAHAR": I accept democracy and political vote

Economic Committees resort to Shoura Council

2- ASSAFIR: Mikati: Political message has reached...but be aware of its economic repercussions

"Nahha's plan" for wages passes: "Rules of engagement" in cabinet Nasrallah-Aoun: Regaining "freshness" of alliance...and install country's productive and effective priority

Observers chief to Syria: Working transparently with all sides

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: "Two cabinets" in Council Ministers because of wages...And Aoun tests Hizbullah and succeeds

"Shooting" on Arsal continues to turn it into "Syrian messages" arena

Paris: Assad does not deserve to rule: Unprecedented massacre and kidnapping 5 Iranians in Homs

"Syrian national" calls for urgent sessions of Security Council and the Arab League

4- AL-AKHBAR: Cabinet corrects wages: Majority wins to Nahhas

5- DAILY STAR: Cabinet endorses Nahhas' wages plan

West demands action after reports of fresh Syria 'massacres'

Leading Egypt Islamists reject early end to army rule


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 21/12/2011

Wed 21/12/2011 08:07

1- An-Nahar

Cabinet mulls third option for wage increase
March 14: Raif accord umbrella for any election law
Syria precedes arrival of monitors tomorrow with military exercise
Fifty civilians and 100 deserted soldiers killed in a military escalation

2- Assafir

Hezbollah and Bkirki draw closer
Rai and Nasrallah agree on substance
Wages confuses Cabinet...and GLC to stage demonstration in Solidere
Cypriot delegation in Lebanon for "maritime talks"...and Lebanon gains extra territories

3- Future

Beirut's MPs to Aoun: Do you want new blood?
Future movement: No leniency on disarming weapons slogans
Assad's forces commit massacres in Idlib

4- Al-Akhbar

Syria's Christians between Bkirki and Haret Houryek

5- Daily Star
Cabinet heads for showdown over wage hike
Nahhas says government can no longer wait for agreement by public and private sector
Syria carnage precedes monitors
Gulf leaders endorse Saudi king's unity call


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 20/12/2011

Tue 20/12/2011 07:43

NNA - 20/12/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Cabinet, businessmen and Labor Union towards agreement

"Maronite effort" between Baabda and Rabyeh for appointments

Damascus signs protocol after "Russian advice"

Opposition and Paris doubt...

2- ASSAFIR: Cypriot's delegation in Beirut to determine maritime borders file

Government responds tomorrow to splitting wages

Vanguards of observers arrive within hours ... And opposition calls for deterrent troops and recognizes deaths of dozens of dissidents

Damascus meets Russian advice ... paving the way to national dialogue and reconciliation

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Harb asks to question government in its refusal to finance electricity project from Arab funds

Capital deputies: Movement to establish "an arms-free capital"

Sleiman's sources stress his communication with all parties for state's interest

4- AL-AKHBAR: Wage increases: Majority wants new decision

5- DAILY STAR: Syria signs deal on deadliest day

Defense minister blames Israel for rocket attacks

Beirut MPs hold government responsible for security incidents


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for 19/12/2011

Mon 19/12/2011 07:54

NNA - 19/12/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Ain al- Helwi continues south Litani messages

Berri: Christian concerns require complete solution

Optimism over Syria signing protocol within 24 hours

Iraq: Second independence

2- ASSAFIR: "Ain al Helwi" on brink of volcano

Sleiman-Aoun: Attempt to "demarcate borders"

First step towards containing crisis and opening dialogue between regime and opposition...under auspices of Arab League

Damascus signs protocol for observers in Cairo.. To expel specter of internationalization

3- AL-MUSTAQBAL: Gulf optimism on Damascus approval to observers

Spoiled by killing operations and wide suppression in Syria

U.S. forces leave Iraq after nine years of invasion

Jumblatt hopes to stop bloodshed in Syria and to exit its crisis before it explodes and we explode with it

4- AL-AKHBAR: Aoun-Sleiman meeting hold nothing new

5- DAILY STAR: Gulf officials: Syria set to sign deal

Tensions high in Ain al-Hilweh after shooting

New dawn in Iraq


NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sun 18/12/2011 10:54


1- AL HAYAT: Mashnouk: What Bkirky issued is not reassuring, Beirut Deputies plan to discuss Monday disarmament of Capital

Hoss shocked by Orthodox proposal, Metri considers it "federalism"

2- ANNAHAR: Beirut deputies: remove illegal arms

"Maronite Summit" interacts, wages issue to be discussed on Wednesday

3- MOUSTAQBAL: After repeated clashes in its neighborhoods and terrorizing people without repercussions Hariri and Beirut deputies say no to illegal arms

4- DIYAR: The 3 Presidents and Hezbollah with proportionality

Jumblatt, Moustaqbal reject "Orthodox law"

NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sat 17/12/2011 10:51

1- SHARQ AWSAT: Maronite pillars agree on electoral law that mandates each sect to elect its deputies

Aloush: It is a type of masked federalism...we regret misjudgment in dealing with Christians' fears

2- MOUSTAQBAL: More Syrians injured in North...Hezbollah plans to sue those who accused the party of UNIFIL attack

Maronite summit: Orthodox suggestion is a valid formula for dialogue

3- ANNAHAR: Maronites begin from Orthodox project

Sleiman to Sarkozy: Let's work on activating resolution 1701

Charbel Nahhas: We must go back to my suggestion

4- Daily Star: Arab League sees positive signs from Syria


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 16/12/2011

Fri 16/12/2011 07:51

NNA - 16/12/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Surprise supplements funding:
Protecting banks in court

Hariri: Returning soon and Syrian regime will collapse

Bkirki meeting: Common conclusions for election law

2- ASSAFIR: Mass demonstration for teacher and Labor Unions...and coordination meeting between "Amal", "Hizbullah" and "Free Patriotic Movement" ministers

"UNIFIL" revision: paving way to re-deploy...or withdraw?

Iceland recognizes State of Palestine

3- FUTURE: Teachers warn cabinet...and "Hizbullah" warns March14 of making accusations "without evaluating consequences"

Scandal of "electric service providers": $ 300 million to 780 million!

Russian draft resolution condemning the excessive force to Assad's regime

4- AL-AKHBAR: Teachers in street and Amal, Hizbullah and Free Patriotic movement to rectify course of cabinet

5- DAILY STAR: Teachers strike, demand revision of wage hike

Russia floats new U.N. draft on Syria

United States military officially declares end to war in Iraq


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 15/12/2011

Thu 15/12/2011 07:50

NNA - 15/12/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Musawi's verbal attack besieges Berri and cabinet

Opposition rejects "Hizbullah's" intimidation

Comprehensive strike for teachers and demonstration to Grand Serail

Washington: The most important thing is to Topple Assad quickly

And Arab League has plan to grant him asylum

2- ASSAFIR: Cabinet: Reducing gasoil...and objection on increasing VAT

Teacher and Labor Union demonstration today: "common ground" gathers majority and opposition!

Obama refuses to claim victory: Iraqi war ended only from U.S. side

3- FUTURE: Strike and demonstration against cabinet today...and Gemayel demands Musawi to apologize in public

"Hizbullah" uses "shoes" language at parliament

Cabinet removes VAT on gasoil

4- AL-AKHBAR: Parliamentary verbal duel and gasoil without VAT

5- DAILY STAR: Lebanese teachers fire warning shot

Heated parliament Q&A session underscores widening schism

Bellemare to bow out of STL in February


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 14/12/2011

Wed 14/12/2011 07:51

NNA - 14/12/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Today's (Wednesday) deputies are held accountable and tomorrow teachers strike

"Army, people and resistance Trinity" raises implications of resolution 1701

Cabinet postpones removing VAT on red gasoil and approves buying olive oil

2- ASSAFIR: U.S. recognition of resistance achievement: Name of "Beirut's station," accurate

"Majorities homes": Coordination under test

Iran frees trade with Syria ... Moscow insists on signing protocol

Baghdad: Syrian opposition accepts al-Maliki's mediation

3- FUTURE: Geagea holds Hizbullah responsible for attack against "UNIFIL"...and embarrassed Berri evokes "magic of trinity"

Hariri: Cabinet "coma" in security

Sleiman calls on parliament to approve dual nationality draft law

Sleiman: 2012 will be year of dialogue

4- AL-AKHBAR: Two Khalils and Bassil confirm political alliance

5- DAILY STAR: Future: South not for score settling

Attacks may force UNIFIL troop shake-up

Tunisia's Marzouki promises clean break with dictatorship


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 13/12/2010

Tue 13/12/2011 07:39

NNA - 13/12/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Internal Lebanese confrontation due to south

Maronite summit and Jumblatt escalate...

Cabinet approves draft law to grant expatriates dual citizenship

Michel Edde: Achievement to all eligible Lebanese

2- ASSAFIR: "UNIFIL" commander: weapons and armed elements south of Litani to destabilize situation

"Syrian refugees' camps: Administrative or political mistake?

Cabinet approves draft law to grant expatriates dual citizenship from father and grand father...and not mother

3- FUTURE: Jumblatt calls on "resistance to put Lebanese interest above everything

South again in circle of tampering with security

Cabinet approves draft law to grant expatriates dual citizenship

5- AL-AKHBAR: Hizbullah demands to re-discuss wage increase file

6- DAILY STAR: Security worries escalates in south

Opposition activists say Syria ballot irrelevant

Tunisia elects Marzouki as new president


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 12/12/2011

Mon 12/12/2011 07:54

NNA - 12/12/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: South reflection of Syrian crisis

Juppeh accuses Damascus of targeting UNIFIL troops in south Lebanon

French Minister: "Hizbullah's" security arms for Syria

Rai: Officials should collect weapons and confine it to legitimacy

2-ASSAFIR: "Wage increases" awaits amendment...or escalation

Foreign Ministers meet Saturday to discuss Damascus response to Protocol

Iraq provides ideas to "close gap" between Arab League and Syria

3-FUTURE: Juppe holds Syrian regime responsible for attack against UNIFIL...And Rai refuses to keep country's security "hostage under any slogan"

Hariri hails martyr Gebran: He triggered first spark

Mikati: negative attitude does not serve labors and disrupts stability

Gebran's Comrades, his family and his friends mark the sixth anniversary of his martyrdom: Michel Tueni: He exists in every free pen

4-AL-AKHBAR: Cabinet's partnership seek new relations

5-DAILY STAR: Defectors battle Syrian army

Mikati fails to reach deal to avert strikes

Paris blames Syria for attack on UNIFIL troops


NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sun 11/12/2011 10:57

1-SHARQ AWSAT: Hezbollah: CIA agents make embassy in Beirut their headquarters...and recruit Lebanese agents

Qassem: We have ample information and if they think they are invisible, they are wrong

2-HAYAT: PM comfortable towards resolute French stance in answer to UNIFIL attack

Hariri ready for trial in "False Witnesses" case, Mikati links opening the case with neutral judicial appointments

3-MOUSTAQBAL: Geagea for returning to the state or Lebanon is lost

Mikati justifies and GLC insists on strike

4-ANNAHAR: Mistake saves the French, Hariri accuses Damascus

Shabatiny retaliates to Hezbollah: We do not distinguish between accused

Mikati insists on wages formula and holds talk with coordinating body of unions

Hmadeh to Annahar: We warn of appointments that would move Syrian regime to Beirut


NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sat 10/12/2011 10:45

1-SHARQ AWSAT: Aounist unrest towards Hezbollah stances, a state of heterogeneity within cabinet

Asswad to Sharq Awsat: Our popular base asks what have our allies given to us...and we dispute with them on concept and role of the state

2-HAYAT: Juppe confirms his country's commitment to UNIFIL

Explosion targets the French in south Lebanon, Sleiman considers it pressure to withdraw UNIFIL

3-ANNAHAR: Paris answers to the challenge: We press on with our commitments

Statement by Security Council denounces "terrorist attack"

The three Presidents deplored the assault, Hezbollah considered it "suspicious targeting"

Cabinet supports border control between Lebanon and Syria and works within a "productive atmosphere"


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 9/12/2011

Fri 9/12/2011 08:03

NNA - 9/12/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Wages highlight crisis between Aoun and the "quintuple alliance"

Feltman in Bkirki and Beirut Central District: Syrian repercussions

Iraqi efforts with Damascus "to remove all obstacles"

Assad for Lebanese delegation: Syria will overcome the crisis

2- ASSAFIR: "Hizbullah's" trade union "rectifies" its government position: we refuse wage increases formula

Feltman to March 14: Let Islamists rule...and let Hariri return!

Arabi: Syria can sign observers' protocol at any time

Damascus and Arab League: Mutual messages rule out failure of dialogue

3- Future: Strike and demonstrations for education sector next Thursday.. Labor Union on the road

"Future" again: No legitimacy without legitimacy of weapons

Sleiman hopes that Arab developments go towards democracy and reform

Paris to Assad: You will not escape justice

4- AL-AKHBAR: Feltman is not impressed with Hariri and March 14 behavior

5- DAILY STAR: Pipeline blast adds to Syria chaos

In Armenia, Sleiman reiterates call for dialogue

Feltman: Only way to end Syria unrest is for Assad to step down


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 8/12/2011

Thu 8/12/2011 07:58

NNA - 8/12/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Wage increases turn against "Change and Reform" bloc

Baabda refrains from setting a date for Feltman

Vote in cabinet after ending "Change and Reform" boycott

Clinton's message encourages commitment to international obligations

2-ASSAFIR: Mikati is keen on his relation with Hizbullah...and Nasrallah confirms that resistance weapons outside dialogue

Troika "confiscates" wages gift...and Aoun postpones confrontation

Assad denies orders to kill demonstrators: I don't want to stay president the entire life

Ankara imposes new sanctions...and Syrian oppositions arming

3-FUTURE: Feltman praises STL funding...and Maronite bishops with peoples right to determine their fate

"Hizbullah" turns against "Aoun's demands"

Raise minimum wage to 600,000 pounds and increase education allowances

March 14: If Basil is unable to punish "Zahrani violator then let him resign

4-AL-AKHBAR: Cabinet approves "Mikati" wage increases

5-DAILY STAR: Cabinet approves, GLC rejects hike

U.S. will back Lebanese army: Feltman

Assad distances himself from security forces

Ganzouri names new Egypt cabinet with increased powers


NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Tue 6/12/2011 10:26

1-SHARQ AWSAT: Syria: political and military maneuvers in preparation for "any aggression"

Baiden: we discussed in Turkey ways to avoid a fire further than Syria

34 bodies discovered in Homs

2-ANWAR: Aoun's bloc alludes to boycott...and unions threaten of strike

3-MOUSTAQBAL: Bassil accused Hezbollah and Amal of causing Zahrani Plant calamity

Did the assignment of 780 million USD trigger dispute of "electrical square?"

4-ANNAHAR: Controversial wage boost on cabinet agenda amid threats of strikes

NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 5/12/2011

Mon 5/12/2011 07:53

NNA - 5/12/2010

1-AN-NAHAR: Syria surpasses Arab deadline and conducts maneuvers

Feltman: Iran and Hizbullah provide support to Assad

Scandal of Zahrani plant's separation (suspiciously) compromise

Cabinet engages in a test to regain its quorum...

2-ASSAFIR: Arab League amends some articles and abides by pre-coordination with Syrian authorities and awaits Syrian delegation today in Cairo

Damascus sends its final response: Halt of sanctions immediately after observers' protocol

3-FUTURE: "Zahrani square": Any mystery...any deal?

Jumblatt: If strife occurs in Lebanon and Syria then tribunal will become minor detail

"March 14" wins with 3 seats out of 4 in Dental Association Council Elections

4-AL-AKHBAR: Tension threatens cabinet Wednesday's session

MEA file in cabinet's custody and electricity message...political

5-DAILY STAR: Egypt urged to respect democracy

Jumblatt warns Syria unrest could spark sectarian strife in Lebanon

Damascus still negotiating Arab plan

Iran claims military shot down U.S. spy drone


NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sun 4/12/2011 10:13


1-HAYAT: Ambassador of China: Solution for Lebanon and regional problems through dialogue

He insisted on China does not interfere with domestic affairs and hoped for dialogue over tribunal

We object to foreign and Arab League intervention in Syria

2-SHARQ AWSAT: Empty hotels and bankrupt restaurants in Syria

Head of Damascus Chamber of Commerce: Did not expect Arab League to apply sanctions...it hurts

3-ANNAHAR: Breakthroughs in Middle East, electricity gets complicated

Legal council: Lebanese do not forsake their martyrs

4-MOUSTAQBAL: Mikati and Bassil exclude themselves from responsibility

An electric "square" spreads darkness over Lebanese

NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sat 3/12/2011 10:28

1-SHARQ AWSAT: Hariri retaliates to Nasrallah: A thousand speeches cannot revoke the Lebanese state recognition of STL

Mikati considers Lebanon triumphed after funding...Abou Faour describes PM's stance as "brave"

2-HAYAT: Variety of responses to Nasrallah, Israel blows espionage device in south

Geagea: Very weak speech, where is Aoun's criticism of relief commission

3-Safeer: Most of Lebanon soaks in darkness after Zahrani halt

MEA pilots' crisis escalates

Resistance thwarts Israeli intelligence attack in south

4-ANNAHAR: Cabinet stumbles, Hariri blames Nasrallah

Lebanon in grip of tension in north and electrification in south

Head of STL communicates with Lebanese

Qortbawi "will not speak" of false witnesses file

Feltman in Beirut next week to hold talks on Syrian consequences

5-DAILY STAR: Hariri strikes back at Nasrallah

NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 2/12/2011

Fri 2/12/2011 07:47

NNA - 2/12/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Nasrallah after funding: Two conditions for Mikati

March 14: Let him (Nasrallah) admits that he saved Assad

United Nations see Syria on brink of civil war

Moscow: We delivered Damascus coastal defense system

2- ASSAFIR: Bassil delivers Prime Minister "Change and Reform's" demands and above all appointing head of Judiciary Council

Nasrallah puts Mikati and cabinet before "false witnesses" test

International Tribunal: Lebanese judiciary can try investigation misleaders in Hariri's case

3- FUTURE: Presents papers which bears no signature and remained attached to cabinet which funded "an Israeli tribunal"

Nasrallah accuses 'Future" and Mikati of sectarianism

Siniora: Approving funding refutes allegations on tribunal

4- AL-AKHBAR: Nasrallah: False witnesses and Aoun's demands now

5- DAILY STAR: Nasrallah chooses stability despite ire

Syria entering state of civil war, warns top U.N. human rights official

EU ministers fail to agree on Iran oil embargo

Egypt commission delays elections results


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 1/12/2011

Thu 1/12/2011 07:42

NNA - 1/12/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: "Miraculous" exit triumphs of tribunal and rescues cabinet

Mikati passes funding with Hizbullah's approval

Tribunal and west countries welcome

Opposition asks "Hizbullah to follow up "recognition course"

Bassil: Cabinet's problem is not solved and exit adds violation to its signatories log

2- ASSAFIR: Berri and Mikati biggest winners...And Hizbullah absolves itself... Aoun awaits "his dues"... Jumblatt is relaxed...and March 14 is confused

"Relief" rescues funding and cabinet: Lebanon buys time by installment

3- FUTURE: "Future" welcomes: Recognizing STL legitimacy requires to hand over accused

"Hizbullah's" cabinet funds "Israeli tribunal"!

London closes its embassy in Tehran and expels Iranian diplomats

4- AL-AKHBAR: Funding paves the way to Aoun's demands battle

5- DAILY STAR: STL funding: curtains without applause

Hout warns pilots will be fired if strike persists

Turkey follows through on Syria sanctions threat


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 30/11/2011

Wed 30/11/2011 07:40

NNA - 30/11/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Cabinet postponed with swap between STL funding and Aoun's demands

First rockets from south to Israel since two years

Sleiman refuses violation of resolution 1701

And warnings from UN, Washington, Paris and London

Security Council discusses implementation of international resolution and Lebanon's payment of dues to STL

2-ASSAFIR: Aoun boycotts cabinet today...and does not refuse "ransom"

"Stability first": Passing funding and protecting cabinet

Berri optimistic...and Mikati cautious...and Jumblatt afraid of vacuum

3-FUTURE: Cabinet's division on funding continues and fate of today's session unknown

Cabinet "absolves itself" from south rockets

Sleiman: Launching rockets violation for stability and resolution 1701

Ankara is set for any scenario and Turkish sanctions on Syrian regime today

4-DAILY STAR: Hopes high for STL breakthrough

Rocket attack from south Lebanon draws Israeli artillery retaliation

MEA pilots to push on with strikes after talks fail

Turkey eyes alternate trade route as pressure mounts on Assad


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 29/11/2011

Tue 29/11/2011 07:51

NNA - 29/11/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Mikati meets Pope on the eve of determining his cabinet's fate

Crisis "without compass" and final attempt for exit basket

Damascus announces "end of calm policy from today": Arab League sanctions means declaration of economic war

Egyptians queue up for elections

2-ASSAFIR: Washington warns Lebanon of "serious sanctions"

Funding exit in "Berri's pocket"!

Moallem announces end of calm policy: Sanctions economic war on Syria

Egypt's revolution leads democratic transition to state

3-FUTURE: "Hizbullah" accuses Arab League of serving U.S. projects

Cabinet refuses implementation of Arab resolutions

Sleiman: Democracy protects Lebanon from turmoil around us

International investigation Committee: Assad's regime perpetrates crimes against humanity

4-AL-AKHBAR: Aoun: Funding a ransom to rescue Lebanon

5-DAILY STAR: Mikati, Hizbullah stick to their guns on STL funding

Moallem accuses Arabs of waging economic war

Benedict plans 2012 Lebanon visit: Mikati's office

Kuwait cabinet quits, but stays on in caretaker capacity


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 28/11/2011

Mon 28/11/2011 07:32


Tripoli rally: People want STL and spring
Another week of crisis: either tribunal funding or collapse
Berri to resume contacts to find exit and Change and Reform bloc to adopt a final position tomorrow
Arabs with the exception of Lebanon and Iraq punish Syria
Syrian officials prohibited from travelling and their assets frozen


Tripoli rally: below expectations
Efforts to iron out differences over STL and government
Syrian economy minister warn to Assafir from this unprecedented dangerous step...and Davutoglu hopes a solution "within the family"
Arab League: economic sanctions on Syria...for pressure and compromises


Hariri hails the position of the north with the Syrian people
Tripoli rally asserts Arab nationalism and dignity
Arab sanctions on Assad regime
Lebanon and Iraq refrain from applying sanctions and Hamad bin Jassem warns from foreign intervention


Berri "oils" his mediation machine to salvage government

5-Daily Star

Syria braces for Arab sanctions
March 14 rally blasts Hezbollah, Assad regime
STL funding vote may see delay to find solution
Egypt braces for landmark vote as leaders grapple over power

NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sun 27/11/2011 10:22

1- SHARQ AWSAT: Qansso: Sanctions against Damascus will not succeed...

Hezbollah: If it weren't for Syria, there would be no Lebanon

2- MOUSTAQBAL: Future bloc deputies: Mikati doesn't own the decision of resignation, fall of cabinet not end of world

3- HAYAT: stakes on Berri's effort to fund STL to avoid Mikati's resignation


NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sat 26/11/2011 10:21 NNA

1- SHARQ AWSAT: Mikati warns of resignation if cabinet refuses STL funding

Hezbollah source: No STL funding

2-SHARQ: Lebanon announces from Tripoli tomorrow: No independence with arms

3- ANNAHAR: March 8: Mikati's cabinet reaching its end

March 14 and Hariri regain initiative tomorrow from Tripoli

PM refuses to be target and assures pressing on with his resignation

Berri and Nasrallah make appearance today and Aoun calls whoever is worried about his money to leave cabinet


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 25/11/2011

Fri 25/11/2011 07:45 NNA

1- AN-NAHAR: Mikati: Funding or resignation

March 8 criticizes his policies

Arab League warns Damascus: Observers today or sanctions

Maneuvers of U.S aircraft carrier off Syria coast

2- ASSAFIR: France: Civil war in Syria reflects negatively on Lebanon

Mikati: My resignation will protect Lebanon in case cabinet refrains from funding

Arab Leagues pushes Syrian crisis towards "internationalization"

Britain expects sanctions on Iran on first of December

3- FUTURE: Mikati obliges his "clear conscience": I resign should funding fails

Sarkozy and Hariri discuss tribunal and regional developments

Kahwaji briefs Sleiman over steps to preserve stability

Abbas and Mishaal... new partnership "with one responsibility"

5- AL-AKHBAR: Mikati: Fund tribunal...or I resign

6- DAILY STAR: Mikati to quit if STL funding fails

Arab League gives ultimatum, seeks United Nations support

Uneasy calm as Egypt braces for Friday storm


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 24/11/2011

Thu 24/11/2011 07:25

NNA - 24/11/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Jumblatt's ministers: Resignation in case funding fails

Cabinet disobeys "Hizbullah" by "summoning" Connelly

2- ASSAFIR: STL chief in Beirut: Payment...or UN sanctions

U.S. spying: Lebanon asks for clarification...and Israel concerned

3- FUTURE: Obama and Sarkozy remind Lebanon of its duties towards justice...and funding hour came

Hariri calls for broad participation in Tripoli's rally: No independence without real state

4- AL-AKHBAR: STL president: Funding or sanctions

5- DAILY STAR: Funding flurry as STL chief visits


NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Tue 22/11/2011 10:02

1-ANNAHAR: Sleiman from Rashaya: Commitment to STL and dialogue

Mikati postpones funding proposal till November 30

Head of tribunal in Beirut tomorrow, Siniora advises PM to resign

2-DIYAR: Sleiman: Apply full sovereignty

Parents of prisoners attempt raiding Serail

Pietton: Lebanon should be neutral

3-MOUSTAQBAL: Sleiman wants to activate dialogue "to apply agreements"...and suspend work of finance committee until Kenaan apologizes to Siniora

Tripoli festival: autumn of arms...spring of independence

NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 21/11/2011

Mon 21/11/2011 07:04

NNA - 21/11/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Decisive consultations week for tribunal funding

March 8 for voting and Hariri "for quick" return

2- ASSAFIR: Discord over protocol of observers again to Arab ministers Thursday

Assad accuses Arab League of seeking to internationalize crisis: Military intervention will shake entire region

3- FUTURE: "Hizbullah" does not hide its "anger" from Arab position...and Makati fears of "escalating situation"

Hariri: Justice coming from all corners

4- DAILY STAR: Deadly clashes engulf Cairo


NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sun 20/11/2011 10:10

1-SHARQ AWSAT: Bloody end to Arab ultimatum

Damascus: Who do you mean by "shabiha"

Sources to Sharq Awsat: System demands "Arabization" of observers...and distancing Turkey

2-ANNAHAR: Mikati alludes to "decision time" for funding

Crowds in Moukhtara celebrate Jumblatt's birthday

3-MOUSTAQBAL: Mikati mediates to release culprits close to him who burnt his pictures in Tripoli

STL funding presented to cabinet Nov. 30

NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sat 19/11/2011 10:01

1-MOUSTAQBAL: Syrian ambassador plays "foreign pressure" card...and Hezbollah adds: some Lebanese are conspirators

Mounting fears of security tension using Syrian tools

2-DIYAR: Arab League studies amendments to initiative and the region in danger if American plan succeeds

Jumblatt: Proportionality aimed against me and I got the message...wage an issue of great dispute

3-ANNAHAR: Safadi asks for advance to fund STL

Jumblatt: I got the message of proportionality loud and clear

4-SHARQ AWSAT: Syria: Bloody week...regime demands amendments to observer's agreement

Opposition meets in Cairo under League's patronage to announce unified vision for the future

Western-Arab-Turkish consultation meeting in Paris paves way for international communication group

NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 18/11/2011

Fri 18/11/2011 09:43 


1- Al-Nahar:

Safadi, Aridi trade barbs over Public Works: Financial Crisis or state of objection?


"Salaries' War" to be settled before end of November.

"Socialist" outside government's flock


Hezbollah upset of Ban-Ki Moon 1701 report and call on military men distance themselves from wrong bets

Mikati wants..., does not want resignation as of funding issue.

4-Daily Star:

Syria Risks "full-scale civil war"

Hezbollah says Ban biased in 1701 report


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 17/11/2011

Thu 17/11/2011 07:08


No strings in Tyre explosions and archdiocese violation

Cabinet to pursue installation of Mansouryeh high voltage cables


Berri contains opposition attack...and Hariri accuses him of frightening people

Who erased "information data" from the third cellular network?


March 14 demands Mikati's resignation...and security broken from Ashrafyeh to Tyre

Berri confiscate parliament to protect cabinet


Electoral law and "guests" on cabinet table

5-Daily Star

Sleiman asks politicians to tone down rhetoric

Twin blasts at alcohol sales rock Tyre


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 16/11/2011

Wed 16/11/2011 07:27

NNA - 16/11/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Mikati to Saudi kingdom: Mansour did not obey my instructions

Does Lebanon avoid "Cairo's example" in Rabat?

2-ASSAFIR: "Gulf cooperation" frustrates summit's demand and impedes Moallem's participation in ministers meeting on Syria

"Aggravation" meeting in Rabat today: U.S. incitement and Turkish escalation

3-FUTURE: Aoun stresses end of Syrian crisis "since last week"...and "heated" parliament session today

Mikati disowns Mansours position in Cairo

4-AL-AKHBAR: Disagreements continue on Lebanon's position from Syria

5-DAILY STAR: Lebanon united

Cabinet braces itself for vote repercussions

Authorities arrest 5 brothers for series of murders


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 15/11/2011

Tue 15/11/2011 07:06

NNA - 15/11/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Cabinet moves to contain repercussions of its decision

And opposition before restrains on Wednesday's session

2-ASSAFIR: "Wages sin": Exit 250,000 L.L. increase instead of 300,000 L.L.!

Did Hariri ask for British contribution for Lebanon's share in 2010?

Opposition sets "Parliamentary ambush" for cabinet...and Berri ready to face it

3-FUTURE: U.N. concern over failure to control borders and Jumblatt's ministers will ask Mansour about his positions

March 14 demands expulsion of Syrian Ambassador from Beirut

4-AL-AKHBAR: No administrative appointments...till political decisiveness

5-DAILY STAR: Jordan deepens Assad's isolation

Cabinet in disarray over Lebanon's stance in Arab League vote on Syria


NNA 2011 All rights reserved

Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Monday 14/11/2011

Mon 14/11/2011 07:02


Opposition seeks no confidence vote on foreign minister
Jumblatt: We did not need a position similar to Saleh


Sleiman and Mikati against internationalization...and Berri appeals to Abdullah
Lebanon refuses to isolate Syria


March 8 is chocked and Hizbullah brands "Arab League" as Hebrew
Hariri: Lebanon government took the side of killer and dictator


Mikati: They did not give us a chance...but we are working

5-Daily Star

Hariri slams Sleiman, Mikati for defending vote stance

NNA 2011 All rights reserved


Sun 13/11/2011 10:08

1-HAYAT: Siniora to Nasrallah: Lebanon committed to funding STL

Legal Council rejects any tampering with the premiership and exposing Lebanon to a confrontation with international legitimacy

2-ANNAHAR: Hariri ashamed of cabinet's position

March 14 asks about fate of the two ambassadors in Beirut and Damascus

3-DIYAR: Arab League freezes Syria's membership

Damascus considers decision without value or meaning

Arab Foreign Ministers invite Syrian opposition to convene within three days to make decisions

Patriarch Rahi attacks Diyar and ignores French book

4-MOUSTAQBAL: Legal Council clings to tribunal and warns from vindictive administration...March 14 checks upon Syrian refugees

Lebanese cabinet isolates country from Arabs

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Politics - (UPDATED) Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 11/11/2011

Fri 11/11/2011 07:41

NNA - 11/11/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Lebanese-U.S. understanding to neutralize banking sector

Army denies existence of Syrians kidnapped in Lebanon

2-FUTURE: Bellemare confuses Lebanese authority and "Hizbullah" by hinting to conspiracy to keep 4 Hizbullah members accused of crime...free

Tribunal discusses to begin in absentia trials today

3-ASSAFIR: Nasrallah accompanies convening of "tribunal"...and Jumblatt advices him to accept to fund STL

"Smooth" western pressures increases on Lebanon

4-AL-AKHBAR: Cabinet agrees to lease electricity generated by ships

5-DAILY STAR: Mikati looking for way to fund STL


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 11/11/2011

Fri 11/11/2011 07:06

NNA - 11/11/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Lebanese-U.S. understanding to neutralize bank sector

Army denies existence of Syrians kidnapped in Lebanon

2-FUTURE: Bellemare confuses Lebanese authority and "Hizbullah" by hinting to conspiracy to keep 4 Hizbullah members accused of crime...free

Tribunal discusses to begin in absentia trials today

3-ASSAFIR: Nasrallah accompanies convening of "tribunal"...and Jumblatt advices him to accept to fund STL

"Smooth" western pressures increases on Lebanon

4-AL-AKHBAR: Cabinet agrees to lease electricity generated by ships

5-DAILY STAR: Mikati looking for way to fund STL


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 10/11/2011

Thu 10/11/2011 07:29

NNA - 10/11/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Opposition campaign intensifies concerning refugees file

Sleiman asks apparatuses to end kidnapping phenomena

2-ASSAFIR: Army responding to campaigns: Its aim is to limit us...and we won't be affected by it

"Syrian refugees"...human file or political bomb?

3-FUTURE: Jumblatt: Are we before reproducing a new era of bad security tutelage?

Concerns to "militarize" north region to serve Syrian regime

4-AL-AKHBAR: Jumblatt agrees with March 14 against "security tutelage"

5-DAILY STAR: West, Russia in standoff over Iran

Hariri: Opposition will not seek to topple government


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 9/11/2011

Wed 9/11/2011 06:57

NNA - 9/11/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Washington monitors banks and London resolutions

Security assurances and Tribunal awaits accused

2-ASSAFIR: Bellemare complains of lack in efforts to arrest accused

Wages and budget files...to confrontation

3-FUTURE: U.S. follows up Syrian money smuggling

Mikati won't resign if funding failed to be achieved

4-AL-AKHBAR: Mikati: Lebanese Prime Minister is welcomed everywhere

5-DAILY STAR: Mikati to put STL funding to vote


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Tue 8/11/2011 09:50

1-SHARQ AWSAT: Mikati and Cameron in London discuss Lebanese and Syrian economies

Western diplomat: Assad lost much of his influence on Lebanon

2-HAYAT: Mikati: STL funding one of the prerequisites of stability

3-MOUSTAQBAL: Mikati from Britain: We must fully cooperate with international resolutions

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Mon 7/11/2011 09:52

1-SHARQ AWSAT: Lebanese opposition ready for dialogue over Hezbollah artillery

Syrian crisis adds pressure on Lebanese scene

2-HAYAT: Legislating spending outside budget drops arguments of illegitimacy of Siniora's cabinet

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Sun 6/11/2011 10:08

1-SHARQ AWSAT: Lebanese army denies taking part in repressing Syrian protestors after citing of military vehicles in Shaghour-Damascus

Opposition bewildered�wishes upon army command to be "careful and aware of critical phase"

2-HAYAT: Sleiman hopes Lebanon remains impregnable in face of hurricanes

3-ANNAHAR: STL funding forwarded from budget of 2011 to 2012

Arrests at airport and army explains detentions

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Sat 5/11/2011 09:44

1-HAYAT: Green Party goes into parliamentary elections away from controversial issues

2-DAILY STAR: U.S. skeptical of Assad's amnesty

3-SHARQ AWSAT: Lebanese Opposition prepares to topple cabinet, does not exclude option of taking to the streets

4-BALAD: Holiday vacation postpones hot files

5-ANNAHAR: Will Berri back down from his initiative?

Funding between anticipation and alert

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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Friday 4/11/2011

Fri 4/11/2011 07:20

NNA - 4/11/2011

1- AN-NAHAR: Mikati: Nasrallah did not say no to tribunal funding

Berri: Dialogue without conditions and taboos

2-ASSAFIR: Moscow refuses tempering with international and regional balances with strategic dimension

Diplomatic report reveals Russian position from regional developments: Advices to Lebanon to control borders with Syria...and prevent weapons smuggling

3-FUTURE: Opposition sources ask Safadi "if he is briefed on finance ministry statements"

"Maronite Bishops" urge not to put Lebanon in confrontation with international community

4-AL-AKHBAR: Orange "USJ": Fall of another stronghold for Lebanese forces

5-DAILY STAR: Siniora: Dialogue restart conditional


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 3/11/2011

Thu 3/11/2011 07:22

NNA - 3/11/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Damascus accepts Arab plan "without expressing reservation"

End of violence, releasing detainees and withdrawing army

2-ASSAFIR: Disagreement on identity of Beirut violator...and competition between Fadlallah and Hmade on security squares position

Parliament treats with law situation of Lebanese escapees to Israel...and leaves to cabinet decrees

3-FUTURE: "March 14" calls Lebanese community in the outside to unite with Syrian community movements

4-AL-AKHBAR: Parliament approves return law of Lebanese who fled to ...Israel!

5-DAILY STAR: World wants action on Assad pledge

Law to let Lebanese who fled to Israel come home


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 2/11/2011

Wed 2/11/2011 07:10

NNA - 2/11/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Cabinet postpones elections law debate

And parliament reviews today hot papers

2-ASSAFIR: Opposition prepares to back down from its signature in general committee

Majority extracts consensus on budget "allocations" in "finance ministry"

3-FUTURE: Sleiman and Mikati congratulate Palestine for its membership in UNESCO

Cabinet discusses elections law and agrees to separate parliament from ministry

4-AL-AKHBAR: Burj Hammoud and foreigners: Indignation close to racism

5-DAILY STAR: Syrian response to Arabs lacks clarity

Mikati urges election law that ensures genuine representation


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Politics - Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 1/11/2011

Tue 1/11/2011 07:06

NNA - 1/11/2011

1-AN-NAHAR: Syria does not respond to Arab plan

Washington wants Assad to resign to start dialogue

Qatari Prince discusses with Moallem Syrian situation

2-ASSAFIR: "We refuse any military intervention" in Syria because it worsens situation

Chinese Ambassador to "Assafir": Beijing against sanctions alternative against Lebanon concerning tribunal

3-FUTURE: Zahra reveals exercises for Aoun's supporters...

And "Lady of the mountain" refuses to put Christians in face of Arab Spring

Security is not contained in Burj Hamoud and Kaa...and cabinet "busy" in elections law

4-AL-AKHBAR: Jumblatt is not any more afraid of Syria

5-DAILY STAR: Arabs reveal plan, Syria silent

Berri to meet Sleiman on reviving dialogue


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