News from Beirut October 19  1996

Jounblat received a delegation of the Lebanese Democratic Movement

After meeting yesterday with a delegation of the Lebanese Democratic Movement, headed by Mr. Jack Tamer, the Minister of Dislodged  Mr. Walid Jounblat warned of the economic dangerous situation in the country as well as starvation. He did put the blame on the government performance as the reason.

Jounblat also received the newly-elected deputy, Mr. Khaled Saab, besides the ambassador of Malta Knights Organization in Lebanon, prince Edward Delebkovic and his wife.

Harb made his suggestions about the new government

Deputy Boutros Harb proposed that the  President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi and the would-be Prime Minister, charge the Minister of Education of both the Ministry of  Technical Education and the Ministry of High Education, while maintaining the Ministry of Culture as an independent one with a Minister. He also suggested the Secretary of State would carry on the responsibilities of  the Ministry of Emigration.

Furthermore, Harb recommended both presidents to create a Ministry of  Planning instead of the Council of Development and Reconstruction.

Eddeh: I don't want a portfolio

During a radio- broadcasted interview, Minister Michel Eddeh declared the situation in the region as too dangerous, since the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyaho is so sure Washington would not intervene. Eddeh estimated Israel was a bit afraid of the Arab wise strategy, for they didn't want but a just and comprehensive peace.

As for the tour of the French president Mr.Jack Chirac in the region, the Minister of Culture said it would have a counter impact on Israel. He also wished Al-Hariri's visit to Washington and his meeting with president Clinton would have concrete results, especially that the American administration was annoyed by the new attitude of the Israeli government.

Minister Eddeh declared he is not a candidate for the next government and considered that the elections were a democratic practice.

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