News from Beirut October 16  1996

The last cabinet session

Yesterday's cabinet session was headed by the President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, and attended by the Prime Ministry, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, besides all ministers, but Mr. Walid Jounblat and Nadim Salem. Before this session, a closed meeting , which lasted 45 minutes, was held between the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister.

After examining the agenda articles, the council took the following decisions :

-To accept a draft decree which modifies some articles of customs act concerning the clearance agents.

-To accept a draft decree, in order to grant Al-Ghazzyyeh village a treasury loan of 500 millions L.P. 8 to carry out drainage works and build supporting walls as well as rain drainage systems.

-To accept the request, made by the Treasury Department, to take measures organizing the Public Institutions deposits in the Treasury as well as the Bank of Lebanon.

-To specify the price of selling one klg of wheat seeding.

The cabinet also discussed the issue of religious media, and decided to put a radio frequency at the disposal of the Catholic Patriarch and Bishop Council, and a second one at the service of Dar Al-Fatwa and the High Islamic Shiite Council. Supervised by the religious references, another television channel, within the national television, will broadcast christian and Islamic programs.

The Council of Ministers left the non-authorized audio-visual media issue unsettled to the newly expected government.

During the session, the resignation of Minister Qabalan Issa El-Khoury was admitted, being the oldest member of the parliament, he would preside over the parliament session, in which a new head of parliament and members of the parliament office would be elected.

Al-Hariri checked the Airport expanding works.

At 3:15 P.M. yesterday, the Prime Minister, Mr Rafiq Al-Hariri, checked the works of expanding Beirut International Airport, especially in the main and western reception rooms, besides arrival and receivers rooms.

He also visited Salameh Civil Aviation Center and the new airport station afterwards, he checked the works of building a western runway, in Al-Ouzai.

Al-Hariri expressed his satisfaction about the progress, and urged the next government to play a more active part on the social level, especially in public and technical education, as well as the Lebanese University.

Al-Hrawi granted Al-Hariri and Berreh the order of merit

The President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, gave yesterday after the Cabinet session, a farewell ceremony, attended also by the President of  the Parliament, Mr. Nabih Berreh. During this ceremony, President Al-Hrawi granted president Al-Hariri and President Berreh the highest grade of the order of  merit.

Then, Al-Hariri delivered a speech, in which he thanked the two Presidents for their deeds during the last 4 years. He paid tribute to the previous parliament, for stipulating and updating laws, and the Cabinet, for carrying out all kinds of works throughout the country, and thus starting efficiently the reconstruction and development process.

Al-Hrawi addressed the Lebanese people to assure them that they (the Presidents) were working to pass on next generations a state, and to make Israel withdraw from the south and West Bekaa.

He gave credit to the Lebanese Justice, which he described as having an independent role, and praised the Lebanese army and police forces.

Al-Hrawi said it was essential to rebuild public institutions, through administrative reform, especially the decentralization process and that public interest must prevail over everything.

He then granted president Al-Hariri and President Berreh Order of Merit Afterwards, Berreh declared it was an honour to cooperate with the president, for he has restored the national unity as well as peace, and soon the South and West Bekaa would be restored.

As for the Prime Minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, he thanked the President of the Republic, and stated that, during the last 4 years, the country had several times been in trouble. But without the President cooperation, it would have been difficult for the government to face solely these problems.

Since the cabinet period was over, President Al-Hariri wished for the President of the Republic to form a government, which would deal with social issues.

Leaving Baabda Palace, President Berreh declared he and his parliamentary block were nominating President Al-Hariri as the new Prime Minister.

Fairuz will have a concert in Saint-George Church.

The Lebanese Cooperative Association of  Development announced a concert, given by Mrs Fairuz on October 23 1996. The concert would be held in Saint-George Church, at Martyr Square in Beirut, under the patronage of the President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi.

During a press conference which he held  yesterday at noon, at the Club Tower-Bourj El-Ghazal, the president of the Association, Sheikh Fouad Khazen, brought up the association economic as well as social purposes and activities.

The Association was founded in 1993, through the initiative of many people, who wanted to reanimate social life in Lebanon. Till now, it granted 150 loans to dislodged who returned to their villages.

The purpose of the Association was to give loans to those who would like to achieve productive projects.

Alwayzeh: Engineering and Civil Engineering academies authorized

Under the patronage of H.E. Michel Eddeh, Minister of Culture and High Education, the Notre-Dame de Lwayzeh University (N.D.U.), at Zouk Mosbeh, gave yesterday a celebration with the beginning of 1996-1997 year and the legal authorization of Engineering and Civil Engineering Academies.

The ceremony was attended by the representative of the maronite patriarch, bishop Boulos Mattar, the representative of the army commander, brigadier Joseph Assaf, the general director of the ministry, the general director of the Ministry of Education, Dr George Younes, the head of the public security headquarters in Jounieh, lieutenant colonel Bakr Abi Aql, the ex-minister Isam Khoury, bishop Guy Najeim, Mrs. Strida Geagea, besides a representative of the Lebanese American University, and many persons.

The ceremony started by the national anthem, then speeches were delivered by Soheil Mattar, director of public relations department at the N.D.U., Dr Farez Helou, dean of the engineering academy, father Francois Eid, head of the University and Minister Michel Eddeh.


Lebanon Football Championship : Annejmeh v/s Chabab Assahel

Annjemeh players were victorious yesterday against Chabab Assahel team (1-0), during the match they played on Saida Local stadium.

The unique goal was scored in the 25th minutes, through a corner kick by Raed Abou Annasr, to Ali Kazem's head and directly into the goal.

Both teams have had a great performance,Annejmeh attacking and Chabab Assahel Defending.

After the first goal, Chabab Assahel players made several counterattacks, but in vain.

The match was led by the international referee, Talb Ramadan, assisted by the international referees Agop Agrapyan and Robin Tarazyan.

Today, Al-Ansar will play versus Al-Aka-Aley, at 2:15 P.M, on Bourj Hammoud Local stadium.

Lebanese Football Federation

The high committee of the Lebanese Football Federation held its weekly meeting in the federation office in Beirut. After discussing the agenda topics, it took several decisions, among which:

1-To run two international matches between the national team and Al-Jazaer team on Sunday January 16th 1997, and Greece team on Sunday March 23rd 1997.

2-To ascertain the results of the first week matches, in the general series for 1996-1997, which are:

Al-Ansar over Arryada Waladab (3-1) , Annejmeh over Al-Hekmeh (4-3), Al-Homentmen over Racing (3-0), Al-Bourj v/s Al-Akha'Al-Ahli-Saida (1-1) and Assalam-Zgharta v/s Attadamoun-Tyre (2-2) .

3-To ascertain the results of the fourth week matches, for the second grade in the general series, which are:

-1st. group:

Attadamoun-Beirut over Al-Ahli-Annabatyyeh (3-1)

Al-Mabarrah v/s Achabab-Tripoli (0-0)

-2nd. group:

Al-Ahd over Al-Horryya-Majdel El-Anjar (1-0)

Harakat Achabab over Assalam-Tyre (5-1)

-3rd. group:

Chohlat Allytani over Al-Majd (3-0)

Al-Ittihad-Haret Annehmeh over Sports Friends League-Chekka (1-0)

-4th. group

Al-Fajr-Zefta over Al-Ijtimai (1-0)

Al-Ahli-Sarba over Al-Indifah (3-0)

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