News from Beirut October 14  1996

Al-Hariri received Fares

The President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, discussed yesterday with the prime Minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, the recent events, the Cabinet last session tomorrow, as well as Al-Hariri's visit to Washington, and the French President Jack Chirak visit to Lebanon.

Al-Hariri had met Saturday with president Berreh, after the Israel bombardment of Safad Al-Batikh, which injured many people. The prime Minister declared after the meeting he was in good terms with the head of  parliament.

The head of Cabinet received the newly elected deputy Isam Fares who announced that they discussed global issues, as well as the P.M. visit to Washington. Fares suggested Mr. Al-Hariri would get in contact with Task force for Lebanon group, presided there by Nijad Fares.

President Al-Hariri held a meeting with Ministers Michel El-Murr, Marwan Hemadeh, Elie Hobeika, Agop Demergyan and Pierre Faraoun, and received newly-elected deputies Ghazy Zoeiter and Ismail Sokaryya, as well as deputy Habib Kayrouz.

Abou Jaoudeh in Baabda.

The general vice Patriarch bishop Roland Abou Jaoudeh along with archbishop Mtanios El-Khoury and Boulos Assayyah, visited yesterday the President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi in Baabda.

Abou Jaoudeh declared this visit was on behalf of the Patriarch to thank the President for sending Minister Michel Eddeh as a representative during the ordination ceremony. The President wished success and good luck to the newly-ordained archbishop of Saida, Mtanios El-Khoury, and of Mayfa and the Holy sites, Boulos Assayah.

Abou Jaoudeh also said that, concerning the freedom of Information, religious mass media were not enough, although the competent authorities were satisfied. Private Radio stations and T.V. broadcasting corporations must keep on working.

Al-Hrawi also received the newly-elected deputy Michel Faraoun.

Sfeir : No Freedom, no sovereignty and no peace

The Maronite Patriarch celebrated yesterday the holy mass in Bkerkeh, in the presence of deputy Pierre Dakkach, Malta's ambassador in Lebanon and his wife, besides a French delegation.

The sermon was about kingdom of God, which is to be back eventually.As for God Will, it was and still to help save everyone, thus through a quiet, peaceful and free life. Sfeir also confirmed that if religious freedom was essential, it will not exclude other kinds of freedom. All civil rights must be protected.

After the Holy mass, Sfeir was joined by the Foreign Minister, Fares Bweiz, who declared that, returning from the regular session of the United Nations, he had to inform the Patriarch of the latest regional as well as international facts.

Bweiz estimated that a new era was beginning, since the peace process was facing problems. This would also be reflected in the next Lebanese government. He also said that the media lawmust be put into effect.

Sfeir received a French delegation, which reaffirmed the deep bonds between Lebanon and France. War had stopped, but its economic and political impacts are still everywhere. Opposition must be able to freely express its opinion.

Then a delegation of gun dealers visited Bkerkeh, and complained about the loss they're having, since hunting was ceased. Sfeir told them he discussed the matter with President Al-Hariri, during the latter's visit to Bkerkeh, and promised to do his best to help them.

Deputy Pierre Dakkach also visited the Maronite Patriarch . Dakkach said it was his honour to declare his properties, since president Berreh has brought up "where from? " law.

Mosqawi: A Critical Stage.

Minister Omar Mosqawi held his weekly press conference, yesterday in Tripoli. He insisted that Israel should withdraw from Lebanon, that is at once, and that the United States sent unneeded equipments to the Gulf , just to have a certain presence in the region.

About the next government, Mosqawi said there was a certain perspective, which the three presidents have, and since the present stage is critical, a national consensus is required.  Mosqawi proposed president Al-Hariri as the next Prime Minister, since he was the one able to follow up the actual path, we however have our own opinions to express.

He accepted that the state would be the only authority in audio-visual media, and gave the government the right to choose, while freedom of  expression was guaranteed in the constitution.

Al-Ferezli: Against a Parliamentary block in the Bekaa.

In a radio interview, the vice-president of the parliament, Mr. Elie Al-Ferezli, estimated that the Lebanese war proved nothing could substitute for the state. The 1992 parliament had several positive aspects, but couldn't hold the government liable.

Each parliament in Lebanon would include members of politically known families as well as people who recently played public roles.

Al-Ferezli declared the way the government was dealing with public issues should be completely rejected. For him, Al-Bekaa elections, held on a Mouhafaza level, failed to achieve their goal, for each one worked in his own interest, and for it was a new experience.

He thought the new cabinet would be mostly parliamentary, and said he would ask president Al-Hariri to form the new Cabinet, since there was not any other name proposed.

Rejecting any parliamentary block in Al-Bekaa, Al-Ferezli criticized the way the government was carrying out the media law, that is to share them between power men. And when asked he thought the file would be reviewed, he answered that the voice of  lebanon is the most important radio station in the Middle East-How come that it was not given a licensing, while a non-established radio station was given one?


Lebanon Football Series

31 goals were scored till now in the first stage of the Lebanese Football Championship.

Al-Ansar v/s Arryada wal-Adab (3-1)  at Jamal Abd Ennaser stadium, in Al-Khyara, Al-Bekaa.

Al-Homentmen v/s Assafa (5-3)  at Bourj Hammoud local stadium.  

Assalam v/s Attadamoun- Tyre (2-2) at Tripoli local stadium.

Al-Bourj v/s Al-Akha-AlAhly (1-1) at Assafa stadium at Wata El-Mossaitbeh.

Annejmeh v/s Al-Hekmeh (4-3) at  Tripoli local stadium.

Al-Homentmen v/s Racing (3-0) at  Assafa stadium, at Wata El-Mossaitbeh.

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