News from Beirut October 12  1996

Al-Hrawi accepted 5 ambassadors

The President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi collected yesterday the credentials of the 5 ambassadors:

Ventzyslav Danaylov, Katev (Bulgaria born in 1947), Dalandra Aman (Indonesia born in 1934), Denis Banel Belguin born in 1934), Mohammad Najib(Tunisie born in 1954), Abbatakan Onbouturk (Turkey, born in 1933). Were also present during the ceremony, the Foreign Minister, Mr. Fares Bweiz and ambassadors Maroun Homeyry and Ramez Dimachqyyah.

On the other hand, the chief of Protocol of the Presidency, Mr. Maroun Homeyry visited yesterday afternoon Beirut Maronite metropolitan, Khalil Abi Nader, who had been ill recently.

Al-Hrawi also received a message from the former President of the Republic Mr. Charles Helou, in which the latter asked the actual president to have a brave attitude about the media issue, thus safeguarding freedom of expression and religion.

Hobeika in Bkerkeh

The Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir was visited yesterday at 5:00 P.M. by a delegation of the National Opposition, including Mr. Dory Chamoun, Robert Khoury and Elias Abou Assi, representing the liberal party, Youssef Saadallah El-Khoury, from Aoun Movement, Attorney Ibrahim Istefan representing the National Block, and Pierre Amin Ajjmayyel and Attorney Chaker Aoun, from the phalanges opposition After the meeting. Mr.chamoun declared it was about the media issue.

Sfeir was then joined by Minister Elie Hobeika, who said the meeting was held to discuss projects of development in the region, especially the dam of Chabrouh. In fact, the Maronite Patriarch was well interested in this project. Hobeika hadn't visited Bkerkeh since 4 years.

Bkerkeh was also visited by Mr. Nassib Lahoud, who discussed with Sfeir the media issue. Lahoud insisting that the media file should be redeemed and reviewed by National Council of Information.

Sfeir also received the general secretary of Middle East churches, Mr. Ryad Jarjoura, with a delegation of the American churches, headed by priest Rodain Beige. Jarjoura announced the delegation came into Lebanon to examine its present situation, and in order to organize the assistance  the council of American Churches would provide.

Afterwards, Sfeir met with Attorney Naji Al-Bustany, who said he discussed with the Patriarch the media issue, as well as the dislodged return to their villages in Mount Lebanon.

Bkerkeh was visited also by the follow-up Committee on Information, which included Simon Al-Khazen, Sayed Franjyeh, Ghaleb Qandil, Pierre Azar, Joseph Haddad, Elie Nakouzi, Hajj Ali Addaher, and Tanios Doeibis.

Shams Eddine

The Head of the High Islamic Chiite Council, Imam Mohammad Mahdi Shams Eddine delivered Friday Sermon, in which he refused to see any political or confessional movement would control the Lebanese media. He talked about the economic problems  the Lebanese people face everyday.

Shams Eddine supported media freedom and asked for a national broadcasting media.

A Palestinian wants to sell his son

After the UNRWA's health and social assistance was reduced, Palestinians claims were raised, and this time by means of press and media.

Yesterday, Nabil Arrifai (a Palestinian from the North Bouri in Tyre) held a press conference, in which he reviewed the serious case of his ill father, the latter has had an unsuccessful surgery, and is now hospitalized in Labib Medical Center in Saida. But the UNRWA refused to pay the center's bill, which amounted till now to 40 million L.P.

Arrifai said the only still possible way for him was to sell his 8-years-old son Haytham, and asked the Lebanese Heath Minister and all Humanitary Organizations to help him in this case.

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