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Email your presidential candidates . Member of parliament Boutros Harb said he would run in Lebanon's presidential elections planned for October. You can contact him using E-mail : or read about his Personal Biography and Political Life

Non-aligned summit adopts Lebanon's recommendation regarding 425 and the necessity of differentiating between resistance and terrorism

The Non-aligned countries' summit that is currently being held in Durban, South Africa, included in its final statement the draft communiqué handed by Lebanon regarding the implementation of UN Council Resolution 425 without conditions. The statement also referred to the necessity of considering Lebanese resistance to Israeli occupation as a legitimate right that lasts until the liberation of land in way that confirms to international resolutions. The Lebanese communiqué also calls for the admission that resistance against the occupier cannot be considered as a kind of terrorism. Foreign Minister Faris Boueiz is expected to deliver Lebanon's statement during a meeting of the summit tomorrow. He will stress the important role of the movement after the fall of the Soviet Union and reiterate the importance of Israel's unconditional withdrawal from South Lebanon and the Western Bekaa.

Israel continues shelling civilian areas and detaining fishermen

Israeli attacks on South Lebanon and the Western Bekaa today continued unabated. Israeli warplanes early this morning carried out mock air raids over the areas of Nabatieh and Iqlim Al-Touffah. Meanwhile, Israeli warships today inspected the coastal areas between Naqoura and Tyre; thus implementing a naval siege, which prevents Lebanese fishermen from earning a living. In another development, Israeli forces yesterday detained Lebanese civilian Mahdi Hussein Mahdi from his village in Naqoura with no apparent reason.

Former President Salam inspects new government house during a visit to Hariri

Former President Saeb Salam today visited Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri at the Grand Saray. He was accompanied by his son, Deputy Tammam Salam. The former president also inspected the new government house and congratulated the premier on the new move. Salam later said he held discussions with the premier on a number of local and regional developments. The former president told reporters his visit aims at congratulating the premier on all the efforts he paid at rebuilding the government house.

Hariri also held talks on administrative issues today with Minister of Administrative Reform Bshara Merhej. The premier later met the head of the syndicate of contractors, Sheikh Fouad Al-Khazen who discussed with him some syndicate demands. Hariri tonight holds a ministerial meeting aimed at discussing ways to encourage and develop the agriculture and industry sectors in Lebanon.

Qabbani evaluates his visit to Iran with Iranian charge d'affairs

Following his recent visit to Iran, Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani today received at Dar Al-Fatwa the Iranian charge d'affairs in Lebanon, Mohammed Irani. During the meeting, Qabbani and Irani evaluated the Mufti's recent visit to Iran where he held talks with top Iranian spiritual and political leaders. Discussions also centered on issues related to bilateral ties between Lebanon and Iran and ways to encourage cooperation on all levels between the two countries.

The Council of Maronite Archbishops adopt qualifications of the new president specified by Sfeir

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Nasrallah Boutrous Sfeir today headed a meeting of the Council of Maronite Archbishops. After the meeting, the Council issued a statement saying that as the country approaches the date of presidential elections, many statements are being issued in this regard.

The statement added this is very normal but said what is not normal is the act of pressuring many serious candidates not to run for presidency. The council found that most deputies are being reticent over their eventual voting and some are waiting for the decision of others. The statement added this provides strong evidence of the will to disrupt the democratic system in the country. The Archbishops also adopted in their statement all qualifications earlier provided by the Maronite Patriarch of the upcoming president.

Boutros Harb answers questions on his candidacy for presidential elections via Lebanon.Com

In a bid to enable the Lebanese public opinion, both in the country and the Diaspora, to closely follow his views and stances, and for him to be personally updated on their opinions, Deputy Sheikh Boutros Harb, who is currently running for presidential elections, has taken up a site on the internet via Harb also has an e-mail address on the net ( through which he can receive people's messages and questions on different issues. The move aims at advancing science and technology in the electoral process and expresses Harb's democratic character and his will to mingle with the people, listen to their views, and include them in the electoral battle. Via the Internet, Harb can also answer their different questions on a variety of topics. During the first 48 hours of inaugurating the site, he received 150 questions from people living in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Deputy Harb yesterday held talks with Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Nasrallah Boutrous Sfeir who invited him to lunch at the patriarchy's summer residence in Al-Deeman. Discussions centered on the subject of presidential elections, especially Harb's candidacy. Harb later told reporters the patriarchy did not intervene in his candidacy. Deputy Harb leaves Beirut tomorrow for a tour that includes different capitals in the world. He is expected to return sometime next week.

Economic Lebanese-Bahraini Conference opens in Beirut

An economic Lebanese-Bahraini Conference today opened at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Beirut. The opening was attended by Lebanese Minister of Trade and Economy, Yassin Jaber and visiting Bahraini Trade Minister Ali Saleh Al-Saleh. The event is being held for the purpose of discussing investment opportunities between the two countries. Bahrain is currently organizing a trade fair at the Forum du Beyrouth to market the country's different products.

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