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Israeli generals still confused over Sojod outpost operation as attacks continue on the South

Israeli Radio today reported the head of the Israeli army will today inspect the Sojod outpost which was infiltrated by a resistance man two days ago during a bewildering one-man-show Hizbullah operation. The head of the northern command of the Israeli army also inspected the site yesterday and investigated with Israeli soldiers there. The operation has caused great confusion among the Israeli army.

Meanwhile, Israel this morning bombarded the villages of Gmaigmeh, Assawwaneh, Majdel Selem, and Kherbet Selem. Early this morning, the Israeli artillery also targeted the hills of Iqlim Al-Touffah. Last night, the same areas were bombarded but Israeli shelling mainly concentrated on the hill of Mleeta, Jabal Safi and the outskirts of Lowaizeh.

In another development, Israeli warplanes today held intensive inspection flights over areas in Nabatieh, Iqlim Al-Touffah and the Western Bekaa. Mock air raids were also carried out over the area.

Hizbullah denies targeting civilians in Jezzine

Hizbullah's Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah denied the group had anything to do with roadside bombs being planted in Jezzine and inflicting casualties among Lebanese civilians there. Nasrallah was speaking after talks with some visitors yesterday. He added he held several meetings with a number of officials and dignitaries in Jezzine stressing the role of the Lebanese army in preserving security in the area. Nasrallah also said resistance operations in Jezzine do not target Christians there, denying accusations by some Jezzine MPs, adding they are carried out against Israeli allies there.

Hariri calls Saudi officials to inquire about king's health

Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri, while still on a family vacation in Sardinia, yesterday held talks over the phone with a number of high-ranking Saudi officials. His calls aimed at inquiring about King Fahd's health following the removal of his gall bladder. A medical team led by a US surgeon performed the monarch's operation yesterday in Riyadh. The Saudi officials informed the Lebanese premier the King is in good health adding the operation was successful.

New batch of compensations handed to Chouf displaced

A new batch of compensations for reconstruction was handed today to a number of the war displaced citizens of the Chouf area. 300 war displaced from the Chouf village of Ain Al-Hawr benefited from sums donated by the National Fund of the War Displaced. Their homes were destroyed during the year 1985. Sources at the fund revealed 26 villages and towns in the Chouf were compensated for up to now. The sources added a sum of five billion Lebanese Liras will be distributed next week to more displaced in the Chouf and Alaye areas.

Arslan discusses the situation of Lebanese immigrants in Congo

Minister of Immigrants Talal Arslan today held talks with the First Vice President of the Lebanese Cultural League, Ahmad Nasser over the situation of the Lebanese community in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nasser said all the Lebanese there are safe and well adding women and children are being evacuated. Nasser also said a Nigerian airplane will carry Lebanese immigrants from the Kinshasa Airport in the next few days. Minister Arslan had earlier took permission from the authorities at Beirut's International Airport to allow the Nigerian airplane to land here.

Sanyoura reiterates financial stability in the country

Acting Finance Minister Fouad Sanyoura today announced the recent tense political atmosphere witnessed in the country did not affect its financial stability. He added political tension between Lebanese officials can no more influence the economic situation in the country.

Meanwhile, statistics issued by Lebanon's Central bank during the month of  June showed a 30% improvement in the bank's economic indicator. The report added this resulted in a considerable decrease in the budget's deficit and an increase in surplus.

Jaber praises Lebanon's expected participation in Lisbon's "Lebanese Day"

Minister of Economy and Industry Yassin Jaber will head tomorrow to Lisbon to attend the "Lebanese Day" which will be held in the Portuguese Capital's Exhibition Center between the 16th and 21st of this month. Minister Jaber praised Lebanon's participation in this event. He also noted this will help boost Lebanese industries which will be marketed in this exhibition. Jaber hoped Lebanese private institutions would also benefit from chances provided in such international exhibitions.

German foreign minister stresses Lebanon's economic importance in the region

The German Minister for Foreign Affairs today said Lebanon attracts German companies operating in the region. His statement was issued today by the German embassy in Beirut commenting on the outcome of his recent visit to the country. He also said Lebanon is on the right track, adding it is a very important country in the region. He also praised the economic situation in Lebanon and stressed the importance of boosting bilateral ties based on solid grounds.

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