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Preliminary results in Beirut confirmed

Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister Michel Al-Murr held a press conference at 10:00 p.m. last evening announcing the official results of Sunday's municipal and mayoral elections in Beirut and South lebanon. The official results confirmed yesterday's expectations. In Beirut, 23 members of the capital's consensus list won seats in the city's municipality. A 24th seat was occupied by Abdel Hamid Fakhoury, the head of a rival electoral list in the capital. The highest record of votes was scored by Hisham Sinno who got 51,682 votes.

The interior minister evaluated the elections saying the process was democratic and highly-organized, whether administration-wise or security-wise. He added all parties were fairly represented in Beirut's municipal council stressing the importance of consensus and balance.

Armenians praise electoral process in Beirut

A number of officials in the capital today evaluated the municipal and  mayoral elections which took place in the capital on Sunday. A political official in the Armenian Tashnak party, Hagop Bakradouny, expressed happiness to participate in Sunday's electoral process adding that the Armenians always support legality and consensus. Bakradouny also said his party in particular has always been a strong advocate of preserving consensus, balance, civic peace, and the country's reconstruction process.

The Armenian official also praised the important role played by Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri in providing the capital with a balanced municipality. He also congratulated the Lebanese government on the democratic local elections that took place in all Lebanese areas up to now.

Hariri wishes to rest this afternoon

Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri's press office today issued a statement saying the premier apologizes from all these who wish to visit him this afternoon saying he cannot receive them because he has to rest following the latest tiring days he went through. The prime minister usually receives Beiruti delegations and officials every Tuesday afternoon and discusses with them their views on different current issues in the country. The press office added another date will be scheduled soon to receive well-wishers who wanted to congratulate the premier on the victory of the consensus list in the municipal polls.

Murr confirms Sidon results

During his press conference, Interior Minister Michel Al-Murr also confirmed yesterday's preliminary results issued in Sidon. According to the official results, 20 out of 21 candidates running under the list of the Decision of Sidon won seats in the city's municipal council. The list is backed by deputy Bahiyya Al-Hariri and al-Jamaa Al-Islamiyya among other officials in the city. The final seat was occupied by Oussama Saad, the head of a rival list supported by Opposition MP Mustafa Saad. Saad was the only candidate who could penetrate the Decision list replacing candidate Arab Kalash, the only female candidate running under the list. During his press conference, Murr also announced the results of municipal elections in some Southern cities and towns like Tyre, Nabatieh, Maghdousha, and Bint Jbeil. The rest of the results will be published by the Lebanese National News Agency.

A meeting in Sidon discusses municipal future cooperation

Two days after municipal and mayoral elections took place in the city of  Sidon, extensive meetings were held today to discuss the future of the municipality of Sidon and the beginning of a new phase of cooperation. A meeting was held this afternoon headed by Mufti of Sidon and the South Sheikh Mohammed Salim Jalaleddine. The meeting was attended by the head of  the education parliamentary committee deputy Bahiyya Al-Hariri, the head of  the political office of Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiyya, Ali Sheikh Ammar, and a number of religious figures and dignitaries in the city. The meeting discussed future plans for the city's municipal council. It also stressed the importance of cooperation between all the members of the council.

Bekaa prepares for Sunday's local polls and the battle is expected to be hottest in Zahle

Local elections in Bekaa are expected to be held next Sunday. Competition in Zahle is the hottest up to now. A series of mutual accusation was heard in the city today. President Elias Al- Hrawi's son, George Al-Hrawi, today described some statements recently made by his cousin deputy Khalil Al-Hrawi as mere lies. He also called on all the supporters of the Decision List of Zahle to vote for all the members of the list in a bid to preserve balance and national co-existence. For his part, deputy Elie Skaff also called on the residents of Zahle not to cross out any name running under his list. A number of electoral lists were announced in other areas of  Al-Bekaa.

Australian House Speaker and Bulgarian Foreign Minister in Beirut

The Australian House Speaker today arrived in Lebanon after a visit to Damascus. He was received at the Syrian-Lebanese border at al-Masnaa by Lebanese Deputy House Speaker Elie Al-Firzli.

In another development, the foreign minister of Bulgaria is expected in Beirut tonight coming via Istanbul. Her two-day visit is aimed at discussing the peace process in the Middle East with the Lebanese foreign ministry. Sources at the ministry also revealed today a protocol will be signed between the Bulgarian and Lebanese sides aimed at increasing coordination and cooperation between the foreign ministries of the two countries. The Bulgarian foreign minister will hold talks tomorrow with her Lebanese counterpart Faris Boueiz, Minister of Economy Yassin Jaber and Lebanon's three top leaders.

Monitoring group discusses two Lebanese complaints tomorrow

The five-nation cease-fire monitoring group will meet tomorrow morning at the UNIFIL's headquarters in Naqoura to look into two complaints filed by Lebanon over Israeli violations of the April understanding.

In another development, the Lebanese resistance in the South today carried out a number of attacks on two Israeli outposts in Swaydaa and Toumat Niha.

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