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Hrawi-Assad summit to be held later today in Damascus

The long-expected Lebanese-Syrian summit between Presidents Elias Al-Hrawi and Hafez Al-Assad will be held later today in Damascus. An official Lebanese source today said the meeting was set during a phone call late yesterday between the two presidents. President Hrawi this morning headed to the Syrian capital for an official visit during which he will discuss with his Syrian counterpart recent regional development and bilateral issues between their two countries. The current Turkish threats and the subject of the upcoming presidential elections in Lebanon are also expected to top the agenda of their talks.

Hrawi earlier announced at the Lebanese-Syrian border Lebanon's support for Syria in light of the growing war of words between Syria and Turkey and hoped all Arabs would have a common stance in this regard. Hrawi also called on Damascus to stand by its president, Hafez Al-Assad.

Before heading to Riyadh this evening, Hariri reiterates support for Syria

Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri will head to Riyadh this evening to meet Saudi King Fahd Bin Abdel Aziz and a number of top officials in the Kingdom. Discussions are expected to center on recent developments in the region especially the Turkish-Israeli alliance and the current Turkish threats to Syria.

The premier this morning reiterated Lebanon's support to Syria in light of the current Turkish intransigence. Hariri told the An-Nahar daily these moves come as a preliminary result to the Turkish-Israeli military alliance. Hariri also expressed concern for these warnings, denying this would have any effect on the expected presidential elections in Lebanon.

The premier hoped that the efforts of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Saudi King Fahd, and Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad would help ease the prevalent tension in the region.

Murr expects presidential elections to be held before October 20

Deputy Premier, Interior Minister Michel Al-Murr today said the subject of the upcoming presidential elections should not be tackled before President Elias Al-Hrawi's return from Damascus. Murr was speaking after talks with Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri this morning at the Grand Saray. The Interior Minister added the president will discuss the issue himself when he returns to Beirut. Murr also expected the elections to be held before October 20. He denied that the current Turkish threats on Syria would have any effect on the course of these elections.

Merhej strongly condemns Turkey's move against Syria

Administrative Reform Minister Bshara Merhej today stressed that the regional situation is very alarming. After talks with Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri this morning, Merhej reiterated Lebanon's support to Syria, adding that the Turkish-Israeli alliance is being directed against Syria and its policy that has always called for solidarity among Arab states.

Merhej expected a wide Arab move to support Syria and to deal with this dangerous situation that is not only directed against Syria but against all the Arabs, he added.

Lebanese politicians criticize Turkish threats to Syria

In light of the growing tension between Syria and Turkey, a number of  Lebanese officials today condemned Ankara for its military alliance with Israel. Former Prime Minister Omar Karameh today said Syria have always relied on dialogue, condemning Ankara's move and stressing the importance of Arab solidarity in the face of all alliances and threats.

Minister of Immigrants Talal Arslan also today issued a statement condemning the Turkish threats. He added this couldn't be separated from Turkey's move to form an alliance with Israel under international blessing in a bid to intensify the siege on both Lebanon and Syria.

For his part, Deputy Ahmad Swayd said any offensive against Syria would mean an attack against the whole Arab nation. Beirut MP Adnan Arakji called on Arabs to hold an urgent summit to deal with the situation. Deputy Nassib Lahhoud also criticized Ankara's move saying it posed a major threat to Turkey's own interests in the Arab world.

Assad receives congratulatory messages from Lebanese politicians on the occasion of the October War

On the occasion of the Tishrine (October) War, Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad today received a congratulatory message from Lebanon's House Speaker Nabih Berri who reiterated solidarity between the two countries in the face of all external threats. For his part, former Prime Minister Omar Karameh also sent a similar message to the Syrian leader stressing that Syria, under his leadership, has proved its determination and faith in the liberation of land. Minister of Labor, Assaad Hardan and deputies Talal Merebi, Hussein Yassin, Ali Al-Khalil, and Mahmud Awwad also sent Assad congratulatory letters on the same occasion.

Hobeish represents Lebanon in Paris conference on higher education

In the French capital, a conference on Higher Education in the 20th Century was opened this morning. Around 115 ministers of higher education came from different countries in the world to participate in the event.

Lebanon's Minister of Culture and Higher Education, Fawzi Hobeish, heads the Lebanese delegation to the conference. The opening session today was attended by France's Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, UNESCO's Director General, Frederico Mayor and a number of European officials.

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