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Presidential election tops official talks in the country

The subject of the upcoming presidential elections continued today to top the agenda of official talks and consultations in the country. House Speaker Nabih Berri was today quoted by his visitors as expecting the presidential Lebanese-Syrian summit to be held in a period of 10 days.

Berri reportedly added the whole issue will be finalized before mid October. Meanwhile, the visitors of Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri also quoted him as saying the subject of presidential elections will not be settled before the expected summit between President Elias Al-Hrawi and his Syrian counterpart, President Hafez Al-Assad. Hrawi's term in office ends on November 23.

Cabinet discusses 87 clauses at Baabda

Cabinet met today at Baabda to discuss 87 clauses on its agenda. The meeting was headed by President Elias Al-Hrawi and attended by Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri and the ministers. The session was preceded by separate talks between Hrawi, Hariri and Defense Minister Mohsen Dalloul.

Prime Minister Hariri opened the meeting by briefing ministers on the outcome of his recent talks in New York, Washington, Paris, and Damascus that centered on the Middle East peace process and the situation in the South Lebanon. Ministers then started discussing a number of clauses on the agenda. Sources at Baabda said the issue of opening an extraordinary parliamentary session was not tackled in the meeting.

Ministers reveal 1999 budget to be discussed during next presidency

After leaving cabinet's meeting, Transportation Minister Omar Miskawi revealed that President Elias Al- Hrawi asked Premier Rafik Al- Hariri about next year's budget project. Miskawi added that Hariri replied by saying it will be discussed during the next presidential term. For his part, Agriculture Minister Shawki Fakhoury reported that the president insisted on referring the budget draft project to parliament as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Acting Finance Minister Fouad Sanyoura denied reports that cabinet will today finalize the matter, whether by referring it to parliament or delaying it.

Berri holds diplomatic meetings in parliament

House Speaker Nabih Berri today received in parliament the Bulgarian Ambassador to Lebanon in a farewell visit. Berri later held discussions with the newly appointed Canadian Ambassador to Lebanon. Talks centered on bilateral ties between the two countries and a number of common projects, in addition to the general situation in the region. The House Speaker also met today the new Armenian Ambassador to Lebanon who later told reporters he discussed with Berri a number of bilateral parliamentary issues. The House Speaker also officially invited his Armenian counterpart to visit Beirut during the beginning of next year.

Murr stresses security and stability in the country

During a graduation ceremony for 120 internal security officers, Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister Michel Al-Murr today reiterated security and stability are prevalent in the country. Murr stressed some necessary qualifications as the criteria for appointing the right person in the right place. The Interior Minister also praised strategic and security awareness among these officers. Murr called on the graduates to work on preserving order and justice in their country.

Resistance men attack a number of Israeli outposts in the South

The Lebanese Resistance in the South today carried out a series of operations targeting Israeli troops and their allied militia. The Radar outpost in Bayyada and the positions of Blat, Beit Yahoon, Zemrayyah, and Ahmadeyyeh in the Western Bekaa were under heavy resistance fire.

Resistance statements said direct hits were scored in these operations. Meanwhile, the Israeli allied militia today admitted one of its militiamen, Nidal Nasr, was killed. The resistance had earlier claimed responsibility for his assassination. For its part, the French News Agency said his body was found in a valley near Ibl Al-Saqi.

Lebanon celebrates International Day for the Aged

Minister of Social Affairs, Ayyoub Hmayyed, this morning held a press conference at the occasion of the International Day for the Aged that falls today. Hmayyed announced some work plans prepared by the National Committee for the Affairs of Aged People in Lebanon. This comes in light of a recent announcement made by the United Nations marking the year 1999 as the international year of the aged.

NBA players beat Lebanese All-Stars at the Cite Sportive

Ten players of the world's famous basketball league, America's National Basketball Association, last evening matched up with stars from Lebanese teams during an inauguration of the Sports City's indoor stadium. The NBA player beat the Lebanese team securing a 90-81 victory. Thousands of screaming fans, journalists, and sports figures in the country enjoyed the long-awaited game. Observers voiced their appreciation of what they called "strong performance" of some Lebanese stars. During their first Middle East adventure, the NBA stars will also play with the Lebanese Sporting Club team tonight and an Arab all-star team on the weekend, in addition to holding basketball clinics and other events during their stay.

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