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The Summit's Outcome

-President Elias Hrawi, speaking at the immigrants festival in Aley on Sunday, said Lebanon will not join any unilateral peace talks with Israel even on one inch of land. He called for the withdrawal of Israel from the Lebanese occupied land, repeating his earlier words "let Israel withdraw and the state will ensure security along the international border". He asked the Lebanese immigrants to convey the message to their host countries saying no one can remove Lebanon from its role and no one can weaken Lebanon.

-Presidential sources said both presidents Hafez Assad and Elias Hrawi agreed in their last summit on the linkage between the two countries' peace tracks and on rejecting the partial solutions. The sources said any Israeli withdrawal from any area in Lebanon will not pose any disturb to Lebanon, because the Lebanese army is ready to fulfill its mission at any evacuated area.

South Lebanon

-Relative calm prevailed in south Lebanon Sunday with no major military escalation but political sources here do not count much on the US assurances to curb Israel saying if a large scale operation is excluded a surprise attack is not. The political sources expected Israel to continue to pressure both Lebanon and Syria through south Lebanon. Political observers here see the US is practicing double face policy, leaving Israel escalating the situation in the south and saying at the same time it is working to contain the tension.


-House speaker Nabih Berri told his visitors that two presidents Hafez Assad and Elias Hrawi have agreed at their last summit that the Lebanese army will fill any security vacuum in the south in case Israel pull out. Berri frankly revealed that his stand on the Mar Roukoz meeting for Jezzine stem from the concept of averting any confessional one color group that would cause rift between the people. He denied he is working to form an alliance of parties or groups that stands against the Mar Roukoz meeting, saying his concept is that all the people in the south should be under the umbrella of the state. Mr. Berri said south Lebanon will remain posed to series of military intense operations but not a large scale operation. Berri sources said he decided to dismiss minister and MP Nadim Salem from his parliamentary bloc.

-The preliminary reading of the statement of the ceasefire monitoring committee after four days of discussions over ten complaints filed by Lebanon and Israel proved that Lebanon achieved half success while Israel averted in fact a total failure.

-Foreign Minister Fares Boueiz at a party in Kesrouan said the country is under a total administrative hegemony on decentralization. He argued what kind of country the people want, is it an independent one, a federal or con federal country.

Boueiz said the people are exhausted and preoccupied with their private affairs and did not reach the level of looking into the public affairs. He assailed the MPs who's entire work was to lend and extend special services in order to have loyalty and commitments, "but where is the role of the MP in drawing the nation's interests, to look into the government faults and misconduct, and to take the role of drawing the development projects and reviewing the fiscal budget. Boueiz said what merit for paving roads and telephone connections when the people are massing at the doors of the foreign embassies seeking to migrate out of their homeland.

-Muslim Shiite Mufti Abdel Amir Kabalan yesterday said the resistance against Israel should not be exclusively including one group of the people and instead should include all the communities same as the resistance during the ottoman rule. Hizbullah MP Hussein Haj Hassan said the resistance katyusha rockets had readjusted the course of events, after the massacre of Sidon. He said instead of the Israeli linkage between Sidon and Jezzine, which never existed, the equation now is Sidon-Israeli settlements. Another Hizbullah MP Abdallah Kassir said the katyusha rockets gave life once again to the ceasefire monitoring committee and the April's understanding.

-Khalil Mussawi, a member of Amal movement who was killed in a blast explosion at downtown Beirut quarter of Khandak el Amiq on Aug 23, was buried at his home village Arzoun in south Lebanon. AMAL MP Ayoub Hmayed said the blast that killed the man was similar in type to that planted by Israel in Jezzine area.

-Sheikh Subhi Tufeili already formed a 300 man Notables Council for Baalbek-Hermel rural area. The council is to observe and follow up the public projects carried by the government.

-The Kataeb party leadership's last appointment of the heads of the party regional offices, was regarded by some party circles as a nomination that satisfied the leadership but not the cadres.


-Ansar football team maintained the Haleeb Rabih Super Cup after beating Nijmeh 1-0 Sunday at Bourj Hammoud. Ansar won this season the championship of the beginners, the super cup and the first class clubs in addition to the Viceroy cup.

-Brummana tennis tournament is over with Rabeeh abi Hassoun the male champion, beating Toufic Zahalan 6-1 and 6-2, Tamara as the women champion beating Suzane Sayed, and the double for men Toufic Zahalan and Haroutian beating Ashkar and Kahil.

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