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- Lebanon's parliament in its extra session on 20th and 21st Aug. will discuss the case of MP Najah Wakim. According to lawmakers the extra session will automatically halt the legal procedures against the MP who enjoys an immunity. If the government wants to go on, the justice minister should request a lift of the immunity from the parliament, something has never happened so far, and the parliament is not likely to agree to that. House speaker Nabih Berri has said earlier that article 39 of the constitution is too clear and stipulates that an MP should not be prosecuted for his words and stands during his term.

- Prime minister Rafik Hariri, who is spending a holiday with his family in Sardenia, is expected to arrive Monday to Damascus to attend meeting of the Lebanese Syrian high council's coordination committee. The committee which is presided by the two countries' premiers is to discuss agenda of the Lebanese Syrian high council's meeting scheduled end of the month. The council will discuss as a major item the economical cooperation and measures that enhance the creation of a common market between the two countries. Rafik Hariri has declared last Sunday after a meeting with president Assad that he discussed for over an hour the economical bilateral relations and ways of promoting it.

- House speaker Nabih Berri speaking to 1,520 cadre of Risala Islamiya boy scouts in Tyre said he calls for a truce on the internal level in order to pave the ground for administrating the disagreements in a democratic way. He said the truce is in the interest of the country at the present circumstances. He said defeat of the state project will have serious consequences on all the country's communities and affiliations, and it will be of destructive impact on the future of the country. He said the social demands should be under the ceiling of law, and the democratic ways of expression are sufficient to correct the drive of the state. Mr. Berri said he is the first to call for municipal and mayoral elections but according to a modern law which designs role and function of a municipality. He said the Israeli aggressions are little less than a total war but definitely a war on installments. He emphasized that Lebanon is not a body guard for Israel neither in its land nor on the border and said the Israeli aggressions have dropped the merit of the last year April's understanding.


- Interior minister Michel Murr at immigrant's festival in Dhur Chueir said no one can anymore step over law and order. He called the Lebanese not to listen to slogans of some people, who use as pretext some social and political demands, aiming to destabilize the country and push the people to migrate once again.

- The Lebanese Maronite Monastery Order announced a concept aimed to resolve the decades long pending problem with the people of Mayfouk-Qattara. The Monastery will grant its old farmers-partners land property thanks to the social inspiration of the apostolic guidance.

- Patriarch Sfair and other Christian clerics all over Lebanon celebrated St. Marie occasion with prayers and sermons. The patriarch said the apostolic exhortation called all the Christians to change their life's course. Bishop Haddad at Zahle's sermon said the social problem cannot be solved by deploying security forces.

- The Lebanese forces office in UK, commenting on remarks attributed to president Hrawi, argued if it is shameful for him to be a Christian, and is it heroism for him to be proud of the unfair policy against Samir Geagea and Michel Aoun.

- Education minister Jean Obeid in a preview on the public education in Lebanon said the public schools in the country are not ready to receive double number of students next year due to budget. The public schools in Lebanon have remarkably this year proved efficiency and success, with so many students marking top grades in the official examinations. Obeid said his concern is to rank education second after defense on the budget roll.

- The Lebanese army units entered the town of Hermel for the first time since the security dragnet in Bekaa was enforced. The units did not face any problem and withdrew afterwards without setting any checkpoint.

- The Muslim religious leaders in their Friday's sermons centered on the situation in south Lebanon and said the ceasefire monitoring committee is becoming a secretariat for receiving complaints.

- 400,000 Lebanese volunteer are going to participate in the environmental campaign to clean the Lebanese shores from north to south which is titled the "large blue".

- Head of the international civil aviation council the Lebanese Assaad Koteit hailed the civil aviation safety standard in Lebanon and said is discussing in Beirut a $1mn plan to enhance safety measures.


- The Nijmeh and Ansar football teams are to play tomorrow at Bourj Hammoud stadium on the final of the "Viceroy cup for elites-97". Nijmeh has scored the cup last year and is trying to keep it this year, while Ansar is trying to gain the cup for the first time.

- Lebanese and Syrian athletes who scored medals during the Eighth Pan Arab Games were hosted at a launch. Lebanese minister of education Jean Obeid praised the stand of Syrian sports officials against malpractices during the games. Obeid said some of the people who harmed themselves and their patriots were punished and some were jailed.

-Tadamoun-Tyre is to be joined by Ansar former player Khalil Watfa and three other players from Yemen.

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