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Fifty five member states of the OIC today condemned Israel as a terrorist state

Fifty-five member states of the Islamic Summit Organization meeting in Tehran today called for the implementation of UN resolution 425 which calls for the unconditional withdrawal of Israel from Lebanon and condemned the Jewish state as a terrorist state. The Iran declaration also called on Israel to pullout from the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Leader's at thesummit stressed Lebanon's right to resistance against Israeli occupation.

The declaration also condemned the expansionist policies and actions of  Israel such as the construction of Jewish settlements and stressed the need for Israel to quote cease state terrorism. Iran's president Mohammed Khatemi reiterated that his country will use its chairmanship of the summit to remove misunderstandings and strengthen an atmosphere of tranquillity in the region. The meeting has drawn more than thirty heads of state and prime minister to Iran, making it the largest international event in the country since the 1979 Islamic revolution. Today, Lebanese President Elias Al-Hrawi, prime minister Rafik Al-Hariri and Foreign Minister Faris Boueiz held a series of side-line meetings with Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, in the presence of top Palestinian officials. The Lebanese delegation also held talks with Syrian, Saudi, Egyptian, and Moroccan officials on the outcome of the summit. The Lebanese delegation to the summit will return to Beirut this evening.

Lebanon bans live interview with Aoun

Lebanese authorities today banned the private television station Murr Television (MTV) from broadcasting an interview planned for Sunday with former Prime Minister General Michel Aoun who was forces into exile in 1990. Information minister Bassem Al-Sabaa informed MTV of the ban on the live interview with Aoun from Paris during a meeting with its administration. MTV president Gaby Murr said his TV would comply with the demand. On Sunday, MTV broadcast live from Paris an interview with former president Amin Jumaiyel who also lives in France and is hostile to the Syrian presence in Lebanon.

Fakhoury holds talks with Libyan delegation

The Libyan delegation which arrived in Beirut yesterday this morning held talks with Agriculture Minister Shawki Fakhoury. Discussions centered on ways through which Libya can increase its imports of food products from Lebanon. The delegation said a series of treaties will be signed to boost bilateral ties between the two countries.

Fakhoury said a working paper will be formulated with the delegation on products and agricultural goods Libya wants to import from Lebanon.

Lebanon to allow jail visit by Japanese Red Army member's daughter

Lebanon recently gave a permission for the daughter of a Japanese Red Army member who was sentenced to jail in Beirut for four months ago to visit her father in prison. Attorney general Adnan Addoum has authorized Sei Harada to visit Masao Adachi, 57, who was sentenced to three years' jail in July for forging documents using false passports and residing illegally in Lebanon. However, no date was given for the visit by Harada who was arrested in Beirut in February at the same time as her father but deported the following month along with two other Japanese suspects. Adachi was convicted along with four other Japanese Red Army members. None of the defendants faced any charges in Lebanon connected to their acknowledged membership of the Japanese Red Army. Last month, Japan's national police chief was quoted as saying he would press ahead with demands for extradition of the five, who have appealed against their conviction.

Casino du Liban sees revenues up

Casino du Liban today said it expects 1997 revenues of $85 million and plans to join the Beirut Stock Exchange in 1999. Brokers said the casino's forecast for 1997 was encouraging describing the company as a safe long-term bet with strong growth potential. The government is hoping the casino will lure tourists to a country which is pouring billions of dollars into reconstruction following 17 years of war. The casino is now planning to build a theater and two more restaurants and a five-star hotel in a bid to regain its pre-war status as a gambling center that once attracted many popular figures around the world.

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