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Hariri lays foundation stone for lawyers syndicate

Prime Minster Rafik Al-Hariri today laid the foundation stone of a new building for the lawyers syndicate in Beirut. This during a ceremony held this morning on the land on which the building will be constructed. The piece of land located near the justice palace in the capital was donated by the ministry of Justice. The new building comprises halls specially equipped for holding conferences and lectures and a huge library. The project will be supervised by the government agency responsible for reconstruction projects in the city of Beirut. It will be carried out with the start of the new year and will take two years to be completed. The project will cost two and a half million US dollars to be mainly provided by the syndicate and its lawyers.

During the ceremony, the prime minister said the country does not need new laws but a better implementation and enforcement of already existing legislation. Hariri called on all public sector workers to enhance and increase their productivity.

He also said Lebanon's main problem has always been the Israeli occupation adding the region needs a comprehensive solution accompanied by an Israeli withdrawal from occupied land and the preservation of Palestinian rights.

During the ceremony which was attended by government and legislative officials, both the minister of justice Bahij Tabbara and head of the lawyers syndicate Shakib Kortbawi praised the project describing it as a direct result of the fruitful cooperation between the ministry, the syndicate and the government.

Mothers' Thursday at ICRC headquarters in Beirut

Mothers and Fathers of Lebanese Detainees in Israeli jails gathered today at the headquarters of the International Red Cross Committee in Beirut. Every Thursday, the mothers stage a sit-in, some carrying picture of their sons and daughters who remain incarcerated in Israeli jails in defiance of international human rights standards.

Today, the son of the Communist leaders Chee Guevara was present to share with the families their feelings in a bid to show support for their case. The sit-ins are organized every Thursday as part of a campaign launched by the follow up committee for Lebanese detained in Israeli jails to raise awareness on the suffering of the detainees. The families called on the Untied nations to forces Israel to allow family visits to the Khiam detention center and permit the ICRC to inspect the jail. Last month, Israel decided to stop family visits and prohibit the ICRC from carrying out its regular inspection of Khiam.

About 200 Lebanese are being detained in Khiam without trials or charges for several years. Human-rights groups have repeatedly denounced cases of torture and ill treatment of Lebanese detainees in Israeli jails.

Lebanese Universities participate in the 1997 vocational-educational meeting

Under the patronage of Prime Minister Hariri's wife, Mrs. Nazik Al-Hariri, the third vocational-educational meeting opened today. The annual meeting is organized by the Career Guidance Department in the Hariri Foundation.

It shows the different majors and specialties being offered at the universities of Lebanon and the world. It also aims at enabling students to choose among different possibilities and according to everyone's capabilities and desires the suitable major and future career. This increases awareness among intermediate and secondary students concerning the different educational, vocational, and technical fields being offered.

The meeting will continue for four more days, enabling a greater number of students from different Lebanese areas to participate and benefit from such an opportunity. Students can learn more about every major, the number of years it takes to graduate, application forms, entrance examinations, university fees, and finally the different job opportunities awaiting them when they graduate.

Lebanon court sentences Palestinians for killings

A Lebanese court today sentenced a Palestinian leader to death in absentia and four others to prison terms for planning the killings of PLO officials in Beirut in the early 1990's. Wasfi Abdel Rahim, the top officials of the Fatah Revolutionary Council in Lebanon at the time of the killings, was sentenced to death in absentia for masterminding the shooting attacks. If Rahim is caught or surrenders, he is entitled to a retrial under Lebanese law. Four other members of Fatah received prison terms ranging from six to 10 years for planing the attacks. The rulings can be appealed in a higher court.

Lebanon rejects an appeal by Saudi prince's mother

A Lebanese court dismissed an appeal by the mother of Saudi Prince Walid Bin Talal against a decision in favor of the owners on one of Lebanon's biggest publication houses. A Mount Lebanon court on March 6 had dismissed the initial lawsuit by Princess Mona al-Solh that accused the Freiha family, owners of Dar al-Sayyad International, of breaching an agreement to sell her 50 percent of he business. Both the lawsuit and the appeal were dismissed as unlawful. The latest verdict by the Mount Lebanon court said Prince Talal wrote in letters to the Freiha family after the initial agreement " the role of Princess Mona has ended completely as I can now lawfully conclude the deal." The verdict added that this indicated his intention to replace the initial 1992 agreement with another one in his name after he was granted Lebanese nationality and hence could legally hold shares in Lebanese publications. But the ruling can still be appealed to Lebanon's highest court.


Lebanese Stages Women Table Tennis Championships

The first Lebanese International Women's Table Tennis championships opened Thursday in Beirut. The event is part of the "Pro Tour" program launched by the international federation(ITTF).

Some 30 players from 11 teams, including China, Canada, Armenia, France, Germany, India, Lebanon and Ukraine, will participate in the tournament which only includes Women's Singles and Doubles.

China's Li Ju, ranked number 2nd in the world, and Wang Nan, world number three, Cheng Hungxia, number 15 and Wang Hui, number 18, are expected to win all the matches.

The prize of the three-day tournament will amount of 20,000 U.S. dollars, with 7,000 U.S. dollars for the Singles Winner and 2,000 U.S. dollars each for the doubles champions.

-Hussam Hariri 7th basketball tournament is to end tomorrow with the final match between the Egyptian Zamalek and Lebanese Tadamoun. Tadamoun overcame Orthodoxi team 80-73 and qualified to the final. Zamalek overcame Riyadi 98-58.

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