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The 7th Arab Investment Conference AIC

President Elias Hrawi today inaugurating the Arab Investment Conference in Beirut said Lebanon has announced boycotting the Doha-Qatar economical meeting which Israel is attending. He said the peace for the entire region won't be possible without returning the Arab occupied land and Arab dignity.

While the Syrian prime minister Mahmoud Zohbi was addressing the conference and argue if  it is right to award Israel and some Arabs to attend the conference, The ambassador of Qatar Mohammad Noeimi interrupted the speaker to respond to the remark. At this point, president Elias Hrawi ordered him to sit down because he was not allowed to speak.

The seventh Arab Investors Conference at Beirut Summerland Hotel today under auspices of president Elias Hrawi has chosen Syrian prime minister Mahmoud Zohbi guest of honor. The Arab League secretary General Issmat Abdel Magid and some 600 Arab and foreign investors are participating.

Later in the day, the ambassador of Qatar released a statement saying his country respects Lebanon and Syria's stands but what it is not adequate is the attack against Qatar, which is not justified, and the silence of officials toward the attack. The embassy statement recalled that no invitations were extended to either Lebanon or Syria and recalled that some businessmen from the two countries will attend Doha conference.


One Israeli soldier killed and two others wounded this evening when the Islamic resistance attacked the Israeli outpost at Kassarat el Ouroush. Security sources in Merjeuoun confirmed the casualties.

Israeli warplanes raided yesterday early afternoon for three times the Naameh hill 15 Kms south of Beirut where the Palestinian PFLP g.c based. Six air to surface missiles were fired and no casualties were reported. Israeli radio said the warplanes bombed a terrorist target in the region of Naameh and all planes returned safely to base.

Earlier in the day, a 40 years old man was wounded in Israeli artillery shelling against the town of Mashghara in west bekaa, minutes after the Islamic resistance men and Israeli forces exchanged fire at Toumat Niha village at the outskirts of the security zone.

Prime minister Rafik Hariri discussed swap with Israel at a meeting yesterday with Hizbullah MP Mohammad Fneish. He has earlier received an Israeli verbal message on the swap conveyed by ICRC Jacques Frazer. The Israeli stand is the same as before insisting on swapping corpses of Lebanese martyrs for pieces of the Israeli soldiers corpses. Lebanon is insisting   on swapping Lebanese detainees and captives in the security zone and Israel.

Israeli radio said tens of Israeli women demonstrated yesterday in Israel in protest of the Israeli occupation to south Lebanon which continuously cost Israeli casualties. Earlier, several demonstrations staged by parents of Israeli soldiers serving in south demanding the Israeli government to pull out of Lebanon.

Israeli commander of the eastern front with Lebanon Gen. Yair, speaking at the inauguration of a social club at Kfarshouba in the security zone, said there is no change of Israeli terms toward existence of its army in Lebanon. He said he can assures that in the democratic Israel, the head of the authority decided not to withdraw from Lebanon until after reaching a peace accord between the two countries, which guarantees dismantle of all the terrorist groups and "future of our allies including the civilians and military".

News Briefs

- Foreign minister Fares Boueiz would visit Canada in Dec upon invitation from his Canadian counterpart. The Canadian Andrew Robinson, who is head of  M.E. division and head of the refugees committee of the multi nation peace process, discussed yesterday with S.G of the Lebanese foreign ministry bilateral relations. Robinson particularly discussed the UNRWA donor countries plan to help Palestinians and the cut of its budget. Robinson is to issue a report on the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and ways to improve their living situation.

- Reshuffle of Lebanon judiciary that was endorsed by the government on Thursday and 16 days after the beginning of the judicial year will be in effect as of next week. The reshuffle is almost including third of  Lebanon's judges and it is the largest since 1990. It included most of the judges in mount Lebanon especially the prosecutors.

-Justice minister Bahij Tabbarra yesterday said that judge Claude Karam will be appointed as head of the central inspection at the coming government meeting. He said vacant posts in the supervisory boards will be appointed at the meeting.

-Mother of the Lebanese captive Soha Beshara, who attempted nine years ago to assassinate SLA commander Antoine Lahd, visited Montreal in Canada and met officials in the amnesty international-Canada branch, Mrs. Beshara called for release of her daughter jailed for years without trial. She also met Lebanese general consul Sherbel Wehbe and Canadian media representatives.

-The Lebanese ISF released results of its recent dragnet to arrest drug dealers, car thieves and law violators namely in Bekaa.

-Son of "Che" Guivara Arnesto is a member of a Cuban delegation that will visit Lebanon and share in a press conference at the press association office on Monday in support of the Lebanese detainees in Israeli jails. The Cuban delegation will include too comrades of "Che" Orlando Porigo.


-Three football matches will take place today in framework of Lebanon 38th Dawri Cup including Tadamoun-Tyre against Nijmeh, Al Ahd against Riyada wal Adab, and Shabab Sahel against Racing. Four more matches will be held on Sunday including Homentmen against Himeh, Safa against Ikhaa-Aley, Ahli-Sidon against Bour, and Homenmen against Ansar.

-Terry Fox hope race is to start tomorrow.

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