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LEBANON-south monitoring committee

A  5 nations monitoring committee is to resume today its investigations over 4 complaints-two each by Lebanon and Israel. The committee has held  Jan 6 a  six hours meeting to investigate the claims and adjourned until today. A decision is expected today over the complaints.Lebanon provided  a video tape proving that the two attacks by Hizbullah were launched from uninhabited areas but Israeli team did not regard it.  Lebanon complaints center on Israeli shelling of the village of  Baraachit where two civilians were killed on Dec 19 and Israeli air raid on Jan 3 at the Loueize village.

In Jerusalem, the Israeli prime minister received the commander of the Israeli backed SLA militia Antoine Lahd. Mr Netanyahu vowed Israeli will stand by its allies in times of war or peace. He said ''under any concept of peace, we will take a special care to protect the interests of our allies in south Lebanon''.

In Beirut president Hrawi, at a traditional reception held each new year to diplomatic corp at Baabda palace, president Hrawi said neither Israeli  raids in South nor the assault at the vehicle at Tabarja or any other attempt to destabilise security will shake the stability we have restored.

He also said the all over and just peace we have chosen with Syria is our option and who wants such peace we ready for but who seeks capitulation he will not find. He added that Lebanon will not be the victim of peace because the peace of the region is from the peace of Lebanon.

P.Hrawi called the USA to lift travel ban in order to embody its auspices to the conference of Lebanon's friends adding that Lebanon deserves every support to its development plan from each brother and friend. The Papal Nuncio hoped that the regional changes will not disturb efforts exerted aiming at rebuilding Lebanon so that an all over, just and serious peace could be reached. He hoped the promised financing to Lebanon at Washington conference to allow reconstruction and development of Lebanon in a balanced way and rebuild Lebanon external aspect, but Lebanon should remain itself in its core and distinguished values of freedom, independence and cultural international openness.

The US embassy charge d'affaires in Lebanon said the lift of travel ban is under study in Washington and a decision is expected by secretary of state Warren Christopher before he leaves office by 20th Jan.

Lebanon-council of ministers meeting and agenda

Lebanon council of ministers is scheduled to meet Jan 8 with 46 topics on agenda namely a draft bill to amend labor law,another bill aims at creating special financial resources to the displaced fund. Other topics include;

Lebanon-speaker's prospects of l997

Lebanon speaker of parliament Nabih Berri, speaking Jan 6 to press reporters, said the l997 will not be a year of peace and not a year of political and security pressures. He pointed out that Israeli prime minister Netanyahu wants to make Hebron the ''last Hebron''. He revealed that Egyptian president Husni Mubarak told him Israeli former prime minister Rabin was ready to give up Golan to Syria but expected latter to trade that in normalization.

Lebanon-journalist Attallah released

Pierre Atallah, 35 years old sub editor of An Nahar who was detained with many others earlier, has been released Jan 6 on bail by investigating judge. Atallah ended a 3 weeks detention but his case is far from over and he may be summoned in coming weeks for further interrogations and a decision has not been made to stand or not for trial.

Miscellaneous :


Algerian national soccer team is due to arrive Jan 8 to Beirut to play with its counterpart Lebanon national team.

3 games are scheduled for today in the 20th phase of Lebanon football tournament.The games are between Hikme and Homentment, Shabab Sahel-Homenmen, and Akhaa-Tadamoun.

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