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The Body of Raafat Soleiman  found burnt with Acid

Body  of Raafat Soleiman was found today in Ghosta, Investigations have led Mohammed Harmouch and Tony Tayyar to admit killing Raafat Soleiman, on last September 26th, in Moussali's office, where the body was cut off, put in plastic bags and taken in Moussali's car to the woods of Ghosta, where it was burnt with acid.

Troops of police forces, the Army, the General Security forces went yesterday to Ghosta and started looking for the body .

Al-Hrawi would have a modification program

Deputy Chaker Abou Soleiman visited yesterday Baabda and met with the President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi. After the visit, Abou Soleiman declared the President had the right to propose any modification of the constitution, when he would estimate it's necessary.

Once he make this proposal, responses could be immediate. He, however, hasn't presented his program in the matter, and it would better, according to Abou Soleiman, to wait for this plan, which would be discussed in an objective way later on. Yet, Abou Soleiman said he didn't discuss these modifications in detail.

Al-Hariri inaugurated the Arab Book Exhibition

In a ceremony attended by Minister Bechara Merhej and deputies Araqgi, Itani, Baydoun, Yatim, Sokaryah, and the Mouhafez of Mount-Lebanon, Mr Soheil Yammout, the Prime Minister inaugurated yesterday the 40th Arab Book Exhibition.

In a speech he delivered on this occasion, Al-Hariri said the problem in politics was the lack of responsibility in both political and cultural debates . Opponents refuse to handle a file of Public interest objectively.

He then noted the number of job opportunities created within the last 4 years, the improvement of the administration, and the economic stability occurring during the same period.

Addressing reporters and educated people, Al-Hariri then declared they were to take the initiative, within this period of reconstruction and preparation for the future, through perspectives, ideas , propositions and alternatives,reaffirming that Beirut can't live but on dialogue.

He finally asked all those people to be worthy of the reputation our ancestors inherited us, as well as of hopes made on us.

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