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El-Murr: Electoral lists must be rectified

The Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Interior Affairs, Mr. Michel El-Murr declared yesterday he made a proposal to the Cabinet to hold municipal elections, by allocating necessary credits, but the electoral lists which included some errors needed to be rectified.

He added that the Cabinet would nominate the rectifying committee, but first it must cease the function of delays adopted by the election law, stating the lists would remain unchanged till May 15th 1997. Therefore, postponing the term,  ending on December 31st 1996, of actual municipalities might occur till rectifying the lists.

Deputy Issam Fares, on the other hand stated the government intended to nominate municipal officials, instead of having them elected. He warned off this movement by which municipalities would be dominated by the officials  private interests.

Fares rejected the government pretext, concerning the electoral lists, for 5 months were still ahead before the date of these elections, and these lists could be rectified. He also regretted that issues raised by deputies during the parliamentary session were still without answers, and that the government was ignoring people's needs.

Al-Khadari in Baabda deliver a message.

The Egyptian ambassador in Beirut, Mr. Adel Al-Khadari, delivered yesterday a message from president Moubarak to the Lebanese President, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi.

At the end of the meeting, he declared having handled with President Al-Hrawi the critical situation in the region, as well as the Conference of Lebanon Friends and mutual relations.

About the hindered peace process, Al-Khadari said president Moubarak was working, along with President Al-Asad, al-Hrawi and Arafat, on a solution , and Egypt has always made its best to obtain Arab legal rights, namely the Palestinian determination one. He added President Moubarak and the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amro Moussa have always warned off the negative consequences of colonizing the West Bank and Ghaza.

Al-Hrawi also received a delegation of Pharmacologists Union, headed the its President, Mr. Ghassan El-Amin, who declared discussions were about the country general situation, as well as the progress made in Pharmacology and Pharmacologists performance.

Al-Hariri discussed with Al-Hrawi the Cabinet agenda

The Prime Minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-hariri, visited yesterday Baabda, and examined with the President of the Republic the agenda of the Cabinet session today.

Then, he received in the governmental palace first a delegation of the Ministry of Public Works, headed by Minister Ali Hrajli and of Hydro-Electric Resources, headed by Minister Elie Hobeiqa. These meetings were attended by the Inspection institution members, in the aim of coordinating work between Ministries of services and control councils.

Al-Hariri also met with the Minister of Environment, Mr. Akram Choheib, who said the Ministry was nothing but a structure, and it was necessary to have headquarters to achieve work.

He also pointed that constitutional modifications issue might be brought before the cabinet session today.

Bweiz: The reason of the American ban existed no more

The Secretary of State, Mr. Fares Bweiz, came back yesterday from Abou Dhabi, where he has represented Lebanon in commemorating the 25th anniversary of  Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan as president of the United Arab Emirates.

In the airport, Bweiz said, during this visit, he met with European and Arab Ministers who were participating in these ceremonies, and discussed with them, namely with Secretaries of State of Kuwait and Emirates, the Conference of Lebanon Friends issue, for an effective part within this conference was expected from these countries. Bweiz also said the reason of the American ban on Lebanon existed no more, since, if it was a security one, security in Lebanon is better than 70 or 80% of other countries.

El-Murr headed the National Security Council Meeting

The Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Interior Affairs, Mr Michel El-Murr, headed yesterday, in his office within the Ministry, a meeting of National Security Council.

After the meeting, El-Murr thanked police forces and the Army members for their discipline and cooperation last week, which impeded demonstrations.

About the increasing robberies, El-Murr declared civil patrols were going to be intensified during the day to stop these accidents. He also denied that terrorists were being trained in the Bekaa, as some foreign newspapers said, and if Israel was preparing war, the Lebanese Army and Police forces would take defensive measures.

El-Murr finally declared the Lebanese people would start receiving their identity cards by February 1st 1997, and 150 thousand cards would be distributed monthly.

Responds about the suggested constitutional modifications.

The High Islamic Chariha Council headed by the substitute of the Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Mohammed Rachied Qablani, held yesterday a meeting, during which it discussed religious issues and took appropriate decisions, then issued a statement in which they rejected the proposed modification of civil status law.

Solidarity Party saw in President Al-Hrawi's initiative a further step to have a better political practise in the country. Former Minister Joseph El-Hachem estimated the political structure made the power a tripartite one, reflecting the population division. A presidential regime would, however :

-Ascertain the people's authority by means of democratic practice.

-Deepen the national common identity

-and make a first step towards separating politics from religion.

The head of the Maronite League, Mr Ernest Karam pointed to the marginalization of christians after the Taef agreement.

The Mufti of Tyre and Jabal-Amel, Sheikh Najib soueidan, stated the Lebanese people must be aware of the fact that Lebanon hosted many sects, and that dialogue was the only way to enrich this civilized value.

Deputy Mohammed Ali Dennawi wished the President of the Republic would review his proposal concerning the civil status law, for the state must respect all religious and guarantee the free religious practise.

Miscellaneous ...

* The Minister of Transport, Mr. Omar Mesqawi met yesterday with the board of  directors of the Tripoli International Exhibition Center, and headed a meeting of the board of directors of Common Transport and Railway Department, and asked the board to fix final dates for reinforcing transport in Beirut and Tripoli.

* The general assembly of the Lebanese University Master's League rejected decrees concerning the high education sector, and denounced the officials strategy to weaken the university, asking them to nominate competent directors away from political influence.


Lebanon Judo Team the second

The Lebanese Judo youngsters Federation organized the fifth championship in Judo, with the participation of Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Kuwait.

The Lebanese team won 2 golden medals, by Talal Harb (75klg) and Rody Hachach (80klg), one silver by Hady Saad (65klg), and 6 bronze ones. Thus, Lebanon ranked second with Egypt in the first place and Kuwait in the third.

Lebanon Football Federation decisions

The High Committee of the Lebanese Football Federation held its weekly meeting in the headquarters of the federation in Beirut and took the following decisions.

1-To adopt the final preparations of the games the Lebanese football team will play versus the Georgian at Bourj Hammoud local stadium, on December 5th 1996, at 14:15, and on December 8th 1996, at 14:00

1-To fix the results of the 12th period of the Lebanese football, series

2-To prohibit from playing each of  Haydar Howeila (Attadamoun-Tyre), Korkane

Yankebarian (Al-Homenmen), Badrous Makobian (Massis), Rahal Saeb Machich

(Al-Ahli-Bourj) Said Mahfouz (Al-Karameh), Fadi Azzaarour (Assabil) for  misbehaving.

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