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Al-Hariri: The reconstruction process required a round table.

On Saturday and in the Assembly Hall, A.U.B, Al-Hariri's Institution held a ceremony to honour its brilliant students, within Lebanon and abroad. The ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister, his wife, Ministers Obeid, Essabeh and El-Barbir, deputies Bahia Al-Hariri and Adnan Araqgi, besides the Mouhafez of the Mount of Lebanon, Mr. Soheil yammout, The Mouhafez of the South, Mr. Faysal Essayegh and the head of the Press Union, Mr. Mohammed Baalbecky.

The Prime Minister held a speech in which he praised the Lebanese people resistance against Israel, the reconstruction and peace processes he had undertaken since the beginning of the nineties.

Al-Hariri pointed that now the government has gained the parliamentary confidence, but during the last 3 months, development projects, the state and  its institutions were attacked, while all these processes needed a national round table. A dialogue, however, must be democratic, and this couldn't occur by imposing things.

Al-Hariri stated that the administration, early in the nineties, was in bad situation, and has now improved. He accused those who are calling for its reform of ignoring the time when they were officials and did nothing of the sort.

He finally said that Lebanon must start the next century with a strong and productive economy leading towards equal opportunities.

Bweiz left to Abou-Dhabe.

The secretary of state, Mr. Fares Bweiz, heading an official delegation to represent Lebanon in the ceremony of commemorating the nomination of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan as the U.A.E president, and to congratulate him of  the Independence Day, left yesterday Beirut towards Abou Dhabe.

In the airport, Bweiz said he would take the opportunity of the ceremonies and meet with Arab and foreign officials who would participate in the Conference of Lebanon Friends, to be held in Washington. He then revealed that Lebanon was going to raise a long-term plan of action of 5 billion dollars through the next 5 years, and contributing countries would choose the matching projects.

On the regional level, Bweiz said Israel positions after the election of Benyamin Nattanyaho contradicted Madrid agreement on Principles.

Franjieh and Eddwayhe inaugurated a road.

During the inauguration of a vital road, linking together 5 villages in Zgharta Caza, named after the Martyr Joseph Ramia, who was killed along with President Rene Mohawad, the Minister of Public Health, Mr. Soleiman Franjieh, asked all deputies to work on services sector, namely that the state was going to grant it priority during the next four years.

About the raised constitutional modifications, Franjieh said there should be a one-head regime in this country, followed by the hierarchy of a vice-president, Prime Minister, President of the parliament, and others. He added "We need a patriotic president who would strongly believe in the nation's principles, that is our objective".

Essabeh: November 30th is a date for dialogue

After meeting with a delegation of the Follow-up Committee, and discussing with them the media issue, the Minister of Information, Mr. Basem Essabeh declared :

1-The governmental decision wouldn't be postponed or eliminated on November 30th, but there is dialogue concerning the audio-visual media.

2-No return to disorganization within the use of the Lebanese air space for T.V. and radio purposes.

3-The media law will be implemented according to a new mechanism to be examined in the next few days.

4-The Follow-up Committee agreed of abiding by the law, namely to stop any broadcasting of political news or programs.

5-The media organizations should submit their application files and deliver them to the Ministry to examine them thoroughly.

Essabeh then stated the Ministry didn't possess any file of any media, but one was delivered by the Voice of the People, and which required a legal form to be studied. He however, he had asked the media representatives to set up their files within a term they would choose.

Sfeir: without freedom, no politics.

The Maronite Patriarch, cardinal Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, headed yesterday the Holy Mass, in Bkerkeh, and said during the sermon, that the parliamentary discussion of the governmental statement, and the attempted demonstration worried him, especially that the freedoms of expression and demonstration were concerned.

Then, how could  freedom flourish in a regime where one category dominated over the others, there would be no politics without freedom, and no responsibility without politics, and without responsibility, people are nothing but herds driven where they would not like to go.

Then, Sfeir received deputy Rachid El-Khazen, who noted after the meeting that corruption prevailed in the whole administration body, as well as in Justice. He also hoped a new page would be open, and the state would stop oppressing freedoms and using its bodies for private purposes.


*The head of the parliamentary committee on information and Telecommunications, deputy Abd Ellatif Ezzein, held a press conference, during which he handled several issues, starting by events related to the media one.

*On Friday the last day of November, the U.S. dollar closed at 1554 L.P, nearly equal to closing of  last month 1556  L.P.


Lebanon Football Series.

Within the 12th period of the Lebanese football championship, four games were held as the following:

1-Al-Ansar v/s El-Bourj (2-0) (at Tripoli local stadium)

2-Attadamoun-Tyre v/s Al-homentmen (3-1) (at Bourj Hammoud local stadium)

3-Assafa v/s Racing (1-0) (at Saida local stadium)

4-Al-Homentmen v/s Annejmeh (2-0) (at Tripoli local stadium)

Team Games Win Equal Lost Scored Got Points
1-Al-Ansar 12 9 2 1 24 5 29
2-Al-Homenmen 12 7 2 3 23 17 23
3-Al-Homentmen 12 6 3 3 23 15 21
4-Annejmeh 12 6 2 4 20 13 20
5-Al-Aka-Aley 12 5 4 3 16 15 19
6-Chabab Assahel 12 5 4 3 12 11 19
7-Arryada Waladab 12 4 6 2 9 8 18
8-Assafa 12 4 3 5 15 15 15
9-El-Bourj 12 3 5 4 8 12 14
10-Al-Hekmeh 12 3 4 5 17 18 13
11-Attadamoun-tyre 12 3 4 5 10 15 13
12  Assalam Zgharta 12 1 6 5 12 20 9
13-Achabiba 12 - 7 5 8 20 7
14-Racing 12 1 2 9 8 21 5

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