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65 million U.S. dollars from the American International Bank

Yesterday, President Hariri visited the American International Bank President, Mr. James Wilingson, accompanied by the two Ministers Yassin Jaber, Fouad Assanyoura and other assistants where he signed a 65 million U.S.dollars agreement to finance projects related to the development of electricity in Lebanon.

It was also agreed to send  International Bank  specialist to meet Lebanese official and continue the financial projects.

Later, President Hariri met the Arab Ambassadors and explained the purpose of his journey and preparations which preceded Lebanon's Friends meeting.

Karameh met with British Ambassador

Yesterday, President Omar Karameh met the British Ambassador in Lebanon David Macinley for about an hour. Karameh declared that most of the ambassadors are concerned about the Syrian presence in Lebanon , however we have only one concern which is the withdrawal of Israeli army .


*After visiting Bkerki, C.G.T.L President Elias Abou Rizk affirmed that there will be several movements in 1997 concerning the social situation which is going everyday toward poverty because of the ignorance of the officials.

*French government asked to postpone the Death judgment of General Antoine Lahd which will be issued soon from the Lebanese government but failed to cancel or even decrease the death penalty.


Lebanon Football

Results of yesterday football matches:

Achabiba and Arryada wal Adab were equal (0-0)

Assahel and Attadamoun Tyre (0-1).

Today 4 matches will be played as follows :

1- Homentmen v/s Homenmen. (At Safa Stadium)

2- Al Salam Zgharta v/s Al Safa (Tripoli Stadium)

3- Al-Akhaa Alai v/s Al Ansar. (Bourj Hammoud Stadium)

4- Al Racing v/s Al Hekmeh. (Saida Stadium)

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