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The Lebanese document to the Conference of lebanon Friends

The Lebanese delegation to the Conference of  Lebanon Friends, in Washington D.C. will present a document about the current Lebanese situation, six years after the end of the war, and after about 8 months of April Aggression, as well as about the forecasted plan of a long -term investment program.

The government will count more on the private sector while reconstructing the infrastructure.

The Conference of Lebanon Friends

Will be held today in the headquarters of  the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Washington D.C.  During this conference, attended by representatives of 32 countries, Lebanon will present a document about the current situation and the support required to carry out projects.

Along the conference, a meeting of  Lebanese businessmen with those of the participating countries will be held in Sheraton Hotel. The Conference will be inaugurated by the American Secretary of State, Mr. Warren Christopher speech, then president Al-Hariri's word, after which the meeting will proceed .

The conference is expected to last three hours, and a statement will be pronounced at the end.

Then, president Al-Hariri, will be joined by the president of the World Bank, Mr. James Wolfanson, the president of the International Monetary Fund, Mr. Michel Camdisus, and finally the Arab ambassadors in Washington. It has been pointed out that 32 countries and 8 specialized financing organizations were taking part in this conference.

It remains to note that great hopes are expected from this conference, in particular since it was called for by the American president and will be held in the American capital Washington D.C.

A gathering in Baaqlin

Upon invitation by the head of the Progressive and Socialist Party, Mr. Walid Jounblat, a wide gathering, attended by Ministers Walid Jounblat and Elias Hanna, and deputies El-Khatib, Abd Ennour, El-Boustani, Dib Nehmeh, was held in Baaqlin, to discuss to role of civil planning in safeguarding the environment. During the meeting, several speeches were delivered, insisting on the importance of the civil planning, especially by backing up municipalities in the Chouf  villages, where dislodged people are returning.

Minister Jounblat declared he had called for civil planning before the return process began, but there were objections about that, and now those villages were rebuilt in a random way.

Minister Hanna, on the other hand, pointed out that the random construction was provoked by poverty and the absence of any kind of planning.

The Lebanese Cultural Movement honoured Zein Choheib

The Lebanese Cultural Movement held, under the patronage of the president of the parliament, Mr. Nabih Berreh, a ceremony on the honour of the popular poet, Zein Choheib, at Nabih Berreh cultural center, in Talat Arradar. The ceremony was attended by deputy Nadim Salem and several deputies.

First, the national anthem, then the welcoming word by the director of Nabih Berreh Cultural Center, Mr Bassem Abbas. Then, on behalf of the Lebanese Cultural Movement, Mr. Bilal Charara thanked president Berreh for sponsoring the ceremony.

President Berreh, on the other hand, asked, in his speech, to cope with any attempt to reject the national patrimony, and called for the government and the Ministry of culture to build a culture palace, headquarters for the Lebanese writers union and for the Artistic unions Federations.

He invited the Lebanese people to take advantage of the peace, and work together, adding that any person has the right to work in politics, but according to laws.

President Berreh warned off the Israeli political and military attitudes, and reaffirmed that having confidence in Lebanon required hard work to achieve carrying out the Taef agreement.

Choheib : Kahaleh reassembled the Lebanese people

During a lunch held on his honour, in  town of  Kahaleh, and attended by deputies Hatti, Andrawos and Bejjani, the Minister of Environment, Mr. Akram Choheib, said this meeting and Kahaleh in general, reassembled the inhabitants of  Mount-Lebanon, adding that the unity of Mount- lebanon, reflected that of  Lebanon. He also added that Lebanese together, will work to build the country and the future.


Lebanon Football Series

At the end of the 15th period of the Lebanese football cup, 5 matches were held within this period:

1-Al-Ansar v/s Racing (1-0) (at Saida local stadium)

2-Assalam-Zgharta v/s Al-Akha (1-1) (at Tripoli local stadium)

3-Annejmeh v/s Al-Homenmen (2-1) (at Bourj Hammoud local stadium)

4-Assafa v/s Attadamoun-Tyre (2-1) (at Assafa stadium)

5-Chabab Assahel v/s El-Bourj (1-0) (at Saida local stadium)

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