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Al-Hariri received Abou Soleiman

The Prime Minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, received yesterday in the governmental palace the head of the parliamentary committee on Administration and Justice, deputy Chaker Abou Soleiman, who declared, after the meeting, that the president of the Republic had the right to suggest any constitutional modification.

About the conference of  Lebanon friends, Abou Soleiman said that great hopes depend on it. This issue and others were raised yesterday during the meeting of National Parliamentary Gathering including president Hussein El-Husseini, Salim El-Hoss, and Omar Karameh, as well as deputies Mohammed Yousef Baydoun, Boutros Harb and Nassib Lahoud.

The assembled issued a statement in which they first thanked the American administration, for inviting different countries to the conference of  Lebanon Friends, as well as all countries which would take part in it, particularly the Arab countries.

Second, they supported the government measures to hold municipal elections, and reaffirmed their importance.

Third, the assembled stated that nothing would hinder raising the issue of constitutional modification, if there would be a need for that. Asked if there was such a need  at the present time, president El-Husseini said the country's interest must be taken into consideration in these matters, and the Taef agreement, which became later on the nation's Constitution, could be democratically modified.

Al-Hariri travels today to Washington via Paris

The Prime Minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, travels today to Paris and then to Washington D.C., where he will arrive on Sunday afternoon, to take part in the conference of  Lebanon Friends.

The Prime Minister is accompanied by the public delegation, including the Secretary of State, Mr. Fares Bweiz, the Minister of  Economy and Trade, Mr. Yassin Jaber, the Minister of State for Financing Affairs, Mr. Fouad Assanyoura the general secretary of the council of Ministers, Mr Hicham Echahar, the governor of the Bank of Lebanon, Mr .Ryad Salameh, the head of the council Development and Reconstruction, Mr. Nabil El-Jisr, besides other officials.

Another delegation of  businessmen, including the head of the Industrial Association, Mr. Jack Sarraf, the head the Banking Association, Mr. Francois Basil, the head of the chamber of commerce and Industry, Mr. Adnan Al-Qassar, and the head of the Association of Beirut Trades, Mr. Nadim Assi, will travel also to Washington D.C., and hold meeting with American businessman.

On the other hand, the embassy of  Lebanon in Washington D.C., distributed the program of the Prime Minister visit as follows :

Sunday Dec: 15th

Monday Dec 16th:

Tuesday Dec 17th

Thursday Dec.19th

Teachers Union satisfied with adopting the salaries scale.

The head of private schools teachers' Union, Mr. George Saadeh, visited yesterday the Minister of Education, Mr. John Obeid, along with a delegation, and thanked him for adopting the salaries scale. The delegation also presented some vital demands to Minister Obeid, about the pension rules and solidarity fund.

Obeid also met with the Tunisian ambassador in Lebanon, Mohammed Najib Hachanah who declared discussions were about enforcing cooperation in general, and on education and youth level particularly .

Obeid then received the Jordanian ambassador in Beirut, Mr. Fakhri Abou Tabb, with whom he discussed  mutual educational and cultural relations.

He was then joined by deputies Soweid, Nawfal, Assamad, Mokari, Yatim and El-Khalil.

The Watching Committee : Israel bombarded civilians.

The Watching Committee, stemming from April understanding, held on December 9th 1996 at the U.N.I.F.L. headquarters, near Naqoura, a meeting to discuss the Lebanese complaint against Israel, after its bombardment of civilians. Having checked the bombarded sites, the committee considered the Israeli forces responsible of attacking and injuring civilians. It called for all authorities to take necessary measures to avoid having such dramatic accidents repeated.


*The Secretary of State, Mr. Fares Bweiz, estimated the Conference of  Lebanon Friends, would set the foundation for a Lebanese-International Cooperations in the future, with long-term results.

*The British ambassador in Lebanon, Mr. David Maclenan, along with the director of the British Council, Mrs Malama Thomas, visited yesterday the minister of state for Administrative Reform Affairs, Mr. Bechara Merhej, and discussed mutual relations.

*The investigator in Mount-Lebanon, judge Fawzi Dagher, agreed on re interrogating all these who are accused in the murder of Raafat Soleiman.

*The District Attorney in Beirut decided to charge Ahmed M.H. and Nabil A.M. of  falsifying and using school certificates.


Lebanon Football Cup

Today starts the 15th period of the Lebanese football series, and at 14:15, two matches will be held as follows:

1-Achabiba-Mazraa v/s Al-Homentmen (at Assafa Stadium)

2-El-Hekmeh v/s Arryada Waladab (At Bourj Hammoud local stadium)


-------------------------- Buying -------------Selling

Syrian Pound --------34,50 ------------- 38,50

Iraqi Dinar ----------51,00 -------------- 55,00

Kuwaiti Dinar -------5178,75 ----------- 5182,75

Jordanian Dinar -----2187,10 ----------- 2191,50

Bahreini Dinar ------ 4117,20 ----------- 4121,25

Libyan Dinar ----------1650 -------------1660

Qatari Riyal ---------- 424,70 ----------- 428,70

Emirates Dirham  ------420,30 ------------ 424,80

Saudi Riyal  ----------412,10 ------------ 416,30

Omani Riyal ---------  4155 -------------- 4157

Egyptian Pound ------- 456,50 ------------ 460,50

French Franc ----------295,10 ------------ 299,60

1000 African Franc --- 480,50 ------------ 489,40

Netherlands ----------- 895,10 ------------ 899,11

Swiss Franc -----------1178,01 ----------- 1182,87

1000 Italian lira -------- 997 --------------- 1001

Sweden Coronne ------226,15 -------------230,83

Belgium Franc ---------47,10 --------------48,94

Turkish pound --------0,4580 -------------0,4590

Cyprus pound ---------3318,10------------ 3322,97

U.S. Dollar ------------1549 ---------------1557,50

Australian Dollar -------1229,10 ----------- 1233,76

Canadian Dollar --------1139,10 -----------1143,52

1000 Japanese Yen ----13071,50 ----------13075,60

Dutch Mark ------------1004,30 -----------1008,45

English Pound ----------144500 ------------149500

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