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Berreh in Baabda today

The President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, received yesterday the President of the Editors Union, Mr. Melhem Karam, along with the Members of the Union Council. After the meeting, Karam said that coordination and understanding between the President of the Republic and the Union Council was permanent, and that the President proposed modifying the Constitution, because he wanted to make reform.

Karam also declared the president of the Republic was on good terms with the president of the parliament, Mr. Nabih Berreh, and that he would present a program to the parliament, and the latter has the power either to adopt it or to reject it, and in both cases, President Al-Hrawi would be thankful . The president insisted, on the other hand, on holding municipal elections, for these elections haven't occurred since 1963.

President Al-Hrawi was said to be against another extension of his period as President of the Republic.

About the Conference of Lebanon friends he hoped it would help stop the American travel ban on the country, As for the threatening of Israel, Al-Hrawi said that Nettanyahu could invade Lebanon any time, but it would head him nowhere.

Mr. Nabih Berreh may visit Baabda today and meet with the president of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, after the last week reactions and counter reactions concerning the modification of the Constitution.

Raafat Soleiman Funerals

As a result of efforts made by several chiefs, the family of  late Raafat Soleiman accepted to receive the body, even though investigations haven't yet unveiled the real killers.

Thus, the body of Raafat was yesterday transported, in a funeral from Beirut to the Bekaa, exactly to his native village, Bindnayel, where he was buried.

A meeting today to handle the situation in the law Faculty L.U.

A meeting would be held today in the Law faculty of the Lebanese University, first section, to handle the situation within the Faculty after more than 15 people were wounded in the second round of fighting in the Faculty between members of the Amal movement and others of Hizbollah.

This meeting would be attended by deputy Ali Hassan Khalil, representing the Amal movement, and deputy Hussein El-hajj Hassan, on Hizb Allah side.

The European delegate visited Al-Hariri and Bweiz.

The European Union, special delegate to the Middle-East, Miguel Ankhyl Moratinos visited yesterday the Prime Minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, and gave him a message from the president of the E.U., declaring its political, economic and financing support for Lebanon, namely in the Conference of Lebanon Friends, where contribution may reach 800 million dollars. Moritanus then met with the Secretary of State, Mr. Fares Bweiz, and discussed with him the role the E.U. should play in this critical phase. About peace negotiation, Moritanus said all countries and organizations within the E.U. should concentrate their political weight and economic means on helping the people of the region reach peace, adding that both Syria and Israel were willing to make tension between them dwindle, but some talks must be held before resuming negotiations.


* A delegation of the Lebanese-swiss community showed yesterday the Minister of Emigrants, Mr. Talal Erslan, a plan made by the community to rebuild touristic hotels in Aley and Bhamdoun, and how to contribute into that.

*Deputy Abd Ellatif Ezzein visited yesterday the Minister of Public Health, Mr Soleiman Franjieh, and discussed with him how to finance health centers in Yohmor and Qaaqayat El-Jisr, as well as the emergency room in Nabatyeh.


Lebanon Football Series

Within the 13th period of the Lebanese football series, 2 matches were held yesterday, as the following:

1-Annejmeh v/s Chabab Assahel (5-2) (at Bourj Hammoud local stadium)

2-Achabiba-Mazraa v/s El-Bourj(2-1) (at Assafa stadium)

Currencies :

Country---------------Buying -------Selling

Syrian Pound ---------34,50-------- 38,50

Iraqi Dinar------------ 51,00-------- 55,00

Kuwait Dinar ---------5178,75-----   5182,75

Jordanian Dinar ------2187,10------- 2191,50

Bahreini Dinar -------4117,20------- 4121,25

Lybian Dinar ---------1650 ----------1660

Qatari Riyal -----------424,70-------- 428,70

Emirates Dirham -------420,30 --------424,80

Saudi Riyal ------------412,10-------- 416,30

Omani Riyal -----------4155 ----------4157

Egyptian Pound -------456,50 ------- 460,50

French Franc ---------293,10 --------297,60

1000 African Franc --480,50 ---------489,40

Netherlands ----------888,10 --------892,11

Swiss Franc ----------1167,01 ------1171,87

1000 Italian lira -------997 ----------1001

Sweden coronne ------224,15 ------228,83

Denmark coronne -----262,50 ------267,23

Belgium Franc ---------47,10 -------48,94

Turquish pound --------0,4580------ 0,4590

Cyprus pound ---------3301,10 -----3305,97

U.S.Dollar ------------1549 ---------1557,50

Australian Dollar ------1242,10 ------1246,76

Canadian Dollar -------1144,10-------1148,52

1000 Japanese Yen -----13068,50 -----13072,60

Dutch Mark ------------996,30 -------1000,45

English Pound ----------144500 -------149500

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