News from Beirut November 7  1996

Al-Hariri and Berreh visited Baabda.

The President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, had talks yesterday with the president of the parliament, Mr. Nabih Berreh, and the entrusted Prime Minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, in order to discuss problems hindering the constitution of a new government.

At one o'clock, president Rafiq Al-Hariri left, describing the general climate of the meeting as positive.

Berreh Congratulated

For being reelected, president Nabih Berreh received yesterday a felicitation telegram from the president of the Saudi state council, Mr. Mohammad Bin Ibrahim Bin Jobeir.

Berreh, on the other hand, offered his condolences to the families of Amal Movement last two martyrs, Ali Hasan Atwi and Ahmed Mohammad Daqiq, who were killed last week during a battle with the Israeli force .

Bweiz held a press conference

The secretary of state, Mr. Fares Bweiz, held yesterday, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Boutros Palace, a press conference, during which he estimated it was too early yet to guess about president Clinton new policy after his reelection. He noted that, since Nattanyaho was elected as Israel prime Minister, political, military and psychic tensions existed, these however, wouldn't change the principles we were committed to since the beginning of the peace process.

About the committee on watching cease-fire, Bweiz said its mission was to observe the current situation and inform governments , nevertheless, the function of this committee was constantly hindered by the question of unanimity.

Bweiz added that it was not necessary to have a completely parliamentary cabinet.

Sfeir in the Vatican

Yesterday, before leaving to the Vatican, the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, met with a french delegation from Nice, including a  Middle East historian, Mr. Roger Delacroix, a lecturer from the French National University, as well as press reporters and other people.

Then, at 14:00, Sfeir left to the Vatican, in a week visit, to participate in the celebration of the Pope golden jubilee. At the airport, the cardinal was seen of  by the Minister of Social Affairs, Mr. Estefan Eddwayhi, representing the President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, bishops Roland Abou Jaoudeh, Boulos Matar, and Tanios Khoury, as well as Mr. Wadih El-Khazen.

Before leaving Sfeir pointed out that the holy father asked all cardinals to have a part in this golden jubilee celebration, and that he the cardinals would hold meetings with officials in the Vatican, concerning the Lebanese situation.

Jones met with Bweiz and Assanyoura

After visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the American ambassador in Beirut, Mr. Richard Jones declared he informed the Lebanese secretary of state, Mr. Fares Bweiz, of the results of Washington meetings after president Al-Hariri's visit to the American capital . The conference of Lebanon's Friends was also discussed between the officials, and Jones expected a wide participation in it. Jones pointed, on the other hand, that the American administration is working hard to help resume negotiations, between Israel and Syria and between Israel and Lebanon. Jones also met with the Minister of Finance, Mr. Fouad Assanyoura, with whom he discussed the aids the U.S.A and other countries might provide within the conference of Lebanon Friends.

Fadlallah: Israel won't invade Syria

Mr. Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah accused the American secret services of planning to make Iran bear the first responsibility of Al-Khobar bomb. He didn't expect, on the other hand, Israel to invade Syria for the U.S.A. haven't yet given it the green light. Nevertheless, precaution measures must be taken.

Arrest Warrants

The district attorney of finance, judge Ahmed Taqyeddine, submitted to the office of the attorney general in the Mount of Lebanon a file of  falsifying stamps, prosecuting Jamil Lahoud, Jean Antoine Rahmeh, Toni Youssef Rahmeh, Farid Hanna Moussally and Hasan  Youssef Nawfal, all of them on the run.

Miscellaneous ...

* The International Navigation Body in Beirut held yesterday a regular meeting, headed by Mr. Fawzi Ghandour and discussed the general transport situation, namely of the maritime transport.

* The head of the Insurance companies Association, Mr. Joseph Zakhour, called for all members in the Association to conform to the law, that is to pay preventive reserves claimed by the Minister of Economy and Trade, Mr. Yassine Jaber.

* The customs returns during last October increased by 25842015588 L.P. That is 19% and reached 163068931151 L.P. As usual, the major part of these incomes came from Beirut harbor dues, reaching 122959394740 L.P., about 75,4% of the total number, and the International Beirut Airport ranked second.

* Since many weeks, phone lines in Horch Tabet region are out of order, and people there are asking officials to deal with this vital matter.

* The council for carrying out great projects in Beirut announced it was going , starting next Saturday on October 9th 1996, to cut for two month Saint-Louis Street, Al-Ghabi sector, Achrafieh .This council is now excavating a tunnel within Saint -Louis Street.

* The Ministry of Agriculture started yesterday to distribute 350 thousands of olive saplings, 200 thousands of which are promoted by the Ministry while the remaining 150 thousands are granted by the project on improving the olive tree productivity, carried out in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development and the Arab Center for studying Arid Regions.

The price of one promoted olive sapling reachs 1000 L.P. while the other saplings are free.


Lebanon Football Cup in the 7th period.

Within the 7th.  period of the Lebanese football championship, a series of 4 games were held yesterday. These are the results.

1-Al-Ansar v/s Assalam (4-0) (at Bourj Hammoud local stadium)

2-Al-Akha-Aley v/s Attadamoun (3-1) (at Saida local stadium)

3-Annejmeh v/s Achabiba-Mazraa (3-0) (at Jamal Abd Ennaser stadium-El-Khyara-Bekaa)

4-Arryada Waladab v/s Racing (1-0) (at Tripoli local stadium)

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