News from Beirut November 6  1996

Fares met with Al-Hrawi and Bweiz

Deputy Isam Fares met yesterday with the Secretary of State, Mr. Fares Bweiz and informed him of the outcome of his visit to the United States.

Fares hoped that, once the American presidential elections end, the American administration would put pressure on Israeli to resume Madrid conference and peace talks. Deputy Fares also visited the President of the Republic, Mr .Elias Al-Hrawi, with whom he took lunch, along with the Secretary of State, Mr. Fares Bweiz . After the visit, Fares declared the country was facing economic, social and administrative crises, a situation which required a maximum of national responsibility, especially now that a new parliament had been elected.

Lahoud for reviewing the media issue.

After receiving the committee of audio-visual media employees, deputy Nasib Lahoud said it is the time now to review the media issue by the government, in order to have a new report by National Council of Information. Taking into consideration the diversity in this field. Lahoud added that the way the mass media law was implemented allowed some officials to take hold of this important sector.

Berreh visitors

The President of the Parliament, Mr. Nabih Berreh received yesterday in his office a delegation of the following-up committee of audio-visual media.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Mr. Tanios Doeibiss announced after the visit, that the delegation proposed giving a new delay to the non-authorized media; he also reaffirmed president Berreh's position, calling the local authority to stop holding media information, and to review the matter in order to find new solutions. Berreh was also joined by the vice-president of the parliament, deputy Elie El-Ferzli, and deputies Basem Sabeh, Jean Obeid, Akram Choheib and Mansour El-Bon. He also received the Minister of Social Affairs, Mr. Estefan Eddwayhi, the general director of the Ministry of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Mrs Nehmat Kanaan and the technical director of the population survey project, Mr. Marwan Khoury, who offered him a copy of the results of the last population survey.

The Maronite Bishops Council monthly meeting

The Maronite Bishops Council held yesterday, in Bkerkeh, its monthly meeting, headed by Cardinal Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, and issued a communique, calling officials to rectify the defect occurring in the implementation of Taef agreement as well as in the government policy. The council warned about the negative effects, both on the international and the domestic fields, of the reluctance in forming a government. The Bishops hoped, however that institutions would be reinforced by those who believed in Lebanon and who worked for it.

It was also known that council discussed International Maronite Conference, to be held next year, in Sydney, Australia.

Today, Patriarch Sfeir will travel to the Vatican, where he is going to participate in celebrating the golden jubilee of pope John-Paul II .

The High Islamic Council meeting

The High Islamic Council held a regular meeting yesterday, in Dar El-Fatwa, headed by the substitute of the Republican Mufti, Sheikh Mohammed Rachid Qablani . The Council discussed religious matters, took the appropriate decisions, and issued a communique concerning the domestic situation.

In this report, the High Islamic Council called all Lebanese people to gather their efforts to face the Israeli enemy, but first private interests should be put away, especially by officials who must bear their national responsibilities.

It was their task also to purge the administration, to protect rights and freedoms, as well as justice, and to deal with the social crisis.

The council ascertained that the current situation, full of recession and anxiety, would soon lead either to war, or to peace. In both cases, however, we must be aware and prepared in order to face problems positively.

Miscellaneous ...

* The first Lebanese Internet exhibition will be from November 7th till November 10th 1996, in Engineering Department, Saint-Joseph University-Mokalles, under the patronage of the general director of investment in telecommunications Ministry, Dr. Abd El-Menhem youssef.

* The committee of  Beirut stock exchange issued yesterday a circular in which the  Middle East Capital Group company was admitted as an exchange agent, starting on Monday November 11th 1996.

*  The Ministry of Hydroelectric Resources sent yesterday a delegation of engineers and technicians to Baalbeck region, especially the villages located to the west of Baalbeck. The delegation's mission is to examine water pipes and installations there, for many of these pipes must be repaired urgently.

* In a response to the statement of the Insurance companies president, an official source within the Ministry of Trade and commerce pointed out that the current crisis of the insurance sector did exist because companies themselves didn't conform to domestic laws

* After 130 cases of poisoning were examined among citizens, the polluted water issue in Zgharta casa is being promptly dealt with. Thus the Minister of Hydroelectric Resources, Mr. Elie Hobeiqa called for appropriate measures to be taken, in order to examine all water resources in the region and have water samples tested in laboratories, each hour 24 hours a day. The north Mouhafez, Mr. Khalil El-Hindi, declared he was following the issue up with Zgharta commissioner . El-Hindi also visited, yesterday morning, Zgharta hospitals, where the poisoned persons were being treated.

* Yesterday, the investigating magistrate, judge said Mirza issued a decree in which Ali Ahmed Saad, George Nehman Jobeilini and Darwich Mohammed Soeifan were convicted and sentenced from 3 months to 3 years of imprisonment, while George Tannous Zogheib and Jaafar Ahmed El-Moussawi were sentenced from 3 months to one year. Mirza investigated also the casino of Lebanon law suit against  Mr.Roger Tamraz .


Lebanon Football Series

Yesterday started the 7th period of the Lebanese football championship.

Three games were held as the following.

1-Al-Homentmen v/s Al-Hekmeh (4-2) (at Tripoli local stadium)

2-Al-Homenmen v/s Chabab Assahel (1-0) (at Bourj Hammoud local stadium)

3-Al-Bourj v/s Assafa (1-0) (at Saida local stadium)

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