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Al-Hrawi reassured Strida Samir Geagea

An Australian information delegation of Lebanese natives, in visit to Beirut, met with the Prime Minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, and then with the president of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, and handled with them the health state of the imprisoned leader of the former Lebanese Forces, Dr. Samir Geagea.

Infact, according to his lawyers, Geagea's life was in danger and he should be moved to a healthier place than the prison of the Ministry of National Defense.

The Prime Minister said that Geagea was imprisoned there for security purposes, while the President of the Republic reassured Geagea's wife, Mrs. Strida Samir Geagea, before the delegation, saying he was taking care of the case.

Jones: The Conference of Lebanon Friends will be a success.

The American ambassador in Beirut, Mr. Richard Jones visited yesterday first The President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, and then the Prime Minister,  Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, and discussed with both of them means of preparation for the Conference of Lebanon Friends, the countries taking part in it, and movements which would help it have a positive outcome.

Jones added that, till now, 30 countries were taking part in it, including the whole members of the European Union, besides the Gulf region countries, some Asian ones, Norway, and declared the U.S.A. intended to make the Conference as successful as possible. He also said his government didn't expect a would-be war in the region, while peace negotiations were likely to be resumed.

Jones also met with the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Chawqi Fakhoury, and discussed with him the American loan to be given by the American Ministry of Agriculture, to Lebanon to buy 3 thousands cows, distributed later on on small farmers.

El-Barbir: Technical Education was fundamental.

The Minister of Technical Education, Mr. Farouq El-Barbir, said the 102 votes of  confidence reflected the parliamentary majority, and the government, through its program, was able to obtain this majority.

Insisting that technical Education was fundamental to help the country recover its industrial background, and that building technical schools was the upright means of pushing the country forward.

He finally reaffirmed the Lebanese and Syrian positions would remain inseparable, till the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon, the West Bekaa, and Golan Heights.

Essabeh, contacts would be made to take a final decision.

The Minister of Information, Mr. Bassem Essabeh, received yesterday a  delegation of the Follow-up Committee of non-authorized media, and told them he made contacts with President Al-Hrawi, president Berreh, and met with the Prime Minister to work on media issue. Essabeh added that Al-Hariri reaffirmed the government principles of abiding by the law, as well as the cooperative mood that prevailed at the end of the last parliamentary session.

Essabeh declared the government decision was a legal one, but it would adapt according to the positive atmosphere that occurred after the last contacts between legislative and executive powers.

About the date of November 30th, he said it would not be a decisive one, and that he would make contacts and take a final decision within the next few hours but such a decision needed to be adopted by the Cabinet. Stating the final outcome would abserve the law and take into consideration the media interests, he said he would stay in contact with the Follow-up Committee reaching an issue.

Finally, Essabeh said he supported the journalists and reports role to cover the situation, but described the events that happened with some reporters during Thursday demonstrations as a security measure.

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