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The Independence speech

On the occasion of the 53rd commemoration of the Independence, the President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, addressed the Lebanese People, saying the restored state needed a new organization, and that he would, during the remaining of  his period, rehabilitate administration, by separating it from politics, enforcing the role of inspection bodies, and strengthening the practice of Justice.

Al-Hrawi called upon Lebanese to think of and choose a modern structure for the state. He then pointed that modifying the constitution was a necessity, as well as setting a new law for civil status, he called for a new law which would satisfy all categories and enhance the national consensus.

He also noted that liberating the South and West Bekaa was a sacred right, and resistance would continue until Israel withdraws, according to the U.N. Resolution 425, and on the basis of  land for peace.

The President of the Republic addressed the Army soldiers, declaring they set the example in strengthening security, implementing the law and protecting the Independence.

President Al-Hrawi, received, on the other hand, a telegram from the syrian president, Hafiz El-Asad, congratulating him on the Independence. He also received similar telegrams from other presidents , kings and sultans.

An Australian Information delegation in Beirut.

In a dialogue with the Australian information delegation, in visit to Beirut, the secretary of state, Mr. Fares Bweiz, hoped that the reelected American president, Mr. Bill Clinton, would put pressure on Nattanyaho to go on with the peace process .Bweiz declared the Israeli Prime Minister could start a war, in order to impose his own peace conditions.

He then opposed the government position concerning the media issue, and hoped deputies would ask the government to review the media law.

The National Gathering

Including several opposition movements, the National Gathering started yesterday, without an official authorization, or any covering by a political or religious eminent persons.

Furthermore, many of the opposition leaders were absent during the starting declaration. Thus, the general secretary of the Gathering, the ex-Minister Fouad Ennafah didn't come for family reasons, and the former president of the Phalanges Party, Dr Elie Karameh, for medical reasons and journalist Gebran Tueni for being abroad.

The declaration, made by the president of the Liberal Party, Mr. Dory Chamoun, during a press conference he held in the party headquarters at Sodeco, was however attended by general Fouad Aoun and Mr. Saadallah El-Khoury, representing the Aoun Movement, Messers Elias Abou Assi and Robert Khoury, as the liberal party representatives, and Mr. Chaker Aoun, for the Phalanges opposition, representing the former President of the Republic, Sheikh Amin Jemayel.

The French-speaking parliament members ended their session

The body of the world Council of French-speaking parliament members held yesterday its closing meeting, and adopted a draft-resolution about solidarity with Lebanon.

Thus, the assembled renewed their support of  Lebanon total sovereignty and of U.N. Resolution 425, forcing Israel to withdraw from the South and West Bekaa. They declared solidarity with the Lebanese people, hoping peace would return to this country, and backed up efforts made in the aim of a just and comprehensive peace in the region.

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