News from Beirut November 2 1996

Abd El-Majeed in Beirut next month

The General Secretary of the Arab League, Mr. Ismat Abd El-Majeed will make a visit next month to Beirut to patronize signing an agreement of cooperation between the Lebanese center for Arbitration and the Kuwait Ministry of Justice, besides another agreement with Cairo Regional Center for Trade and International Arbitration.

On the Lebanese side, the agreement would be signed by judge Emil Khayrallah, the head of the Lebanese center, along with his deputies, president Chafic El-wazzan and Dr. Bachir El-Baylani.

A celebration on the honour of bishop El-Khoury

Deputy Nabil El-Bustani gave yesterday a celebration on bishop Tanios El-Khoury's honour, at prince Amin Palace in Beiteddine. Among the attendance, Ministers Walid Jounblat and Marwan Hamadeh, deputy George Dib Nehmeh, bishops Tanios El-Khoury and George Koweiter, and father Saad Nimr. Two speeches were delivered during the ceremony, first by Minister Jounblat and then by deputy El-Bustani.

Bkerkeh visitors

The Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, was yesterday joined by the Minister of Education, Mr. Robert Ghanem, who discussed various issues with him.

Sfeir also received the ex-deputy Habib Kayrouz, and deputy Salah El-Harakeh.

Naim: No fixed period to form a government

Dr. Edmond Naim pointed out that the government constitution would be reached, if the decree was signed by both the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister. He added that none of the constitution articles fixed a period of  forming a new Cabinet. The President of the Republic, on the other hand, might redeem the entrustment of the Prime Minister; the entrusted Prime Minister might apologize and the parliament could ask the President of the Republic to redeem the entrustment.

Soudre in Baabda

The French Minister of State for French-speaking , Mr Margie Soudre, visited yesterday the President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi in Baabda. After the meeting, she noted that her visit was to reaffirm the special relations between France and Lebanon.

Soudre then went to the building of the Ministry of Information, at Assanayeh, where she was received by the Minister of Information, Mr. Farid Mokari, and they discussed means of cooperation in the audio-visual domain, especially carrying out the agreement concluded between the Lebanese and French governments to have Radio France Internationale programs broadcasted on the Lebanese radio station.

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