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Al-Hrawi received credentials of 5 ambassadors

The Russian ambassador in Beirut, Mr. Olig Berysbekin, carried a verbal message from the Russian secretary of state, Mr. Yefgini Brimakov, to the President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, concerning the results of  Mr. Brimakov visit to the region last month.

The Russian ambassador made the point that Brimakov, during his visit, tried to decrease tension between Israel and Syria, since Russia wanted to continue peace efforts. On the other hand, the president of the Republic received credentials of  five new ambassadors in Lebanon:

Bweiz received Jones and Grinly

The Lebanese Secretary of State, Mr. Fares Bweiz, discussed with the American ambassador in Beirut, Mr. Richard Jones, along with the head of the cease-fire control group, Mr. David Grinly, the conference of  Lebanon friends, to be held in Washington, D.C., on next December 16th.

After the meeting, Jones declared giving the Lebanese Foreign Minister a letter from his American peer, Mr. Warren Christopher, including the names of Ministers participating in the conference. Jones added that Foreign Ministers of  30 countries were invited to that conference, besides international organizations, such as the World Bank.

Grinly, on the other hand, pointed that the discussion with Bweiz was about the progress the committee on watching cease-fire has reached. He added that the committee achievements were positively viewed, since it was able to take decisions which reinforced stability in the region.

Hobeich met with Mountain

The Minister of Culture and High Education, Mr. Fawzi Hobeich, met yesterday with the coordinator of U.N. Development Program, Mr Ross Mountain, and the head of the regional office of UNESCO, Dr. Qasem Bin Saleh, and discussed with them projects the U.N. were carrying out in cooperation with the Ministry of  Culture and High Education.

After the meeting, Hobeich declared the Ministry was willing to proceed  in cooperating with the U.N., as it was when Minister Michel Eddeh was carrying this portfolio. Mountain, on the other hand, said he handled various projects carried out along with the Ministry of Culture and High Education.

Hobeich was then joined by the head of the Lebanese University, Dr. Asaad Dyab, who noted that he came to congratulate the new Minister, since he was in Paris when the Ministry was handed over to Minister Hobeich. Dyab also stated that an agreement was concluded between the Lebanese University and the AUPELF (Association of French speaking Universities), aiming at establishing a law department in the Lebanese University.

Erslan: opposition is a legal right

The Minister of  Emigrants, Mr. Talal Erslan, stated yesterday that the government was balanced, and that opposition would be legal if it took the public interest as a starting point. He also reaffirmed that the government should act on the nation's level, whatever communities were represented within that Cabinet, and insisted on dealing with the social crisis.

Erslan received, on the other hand, a delegation of the World Lebanese Cultural Union, then the head of the union National Council in Geneva, Mr. Joseph Najm.

Coral Beach Conference

A National Conference for the triumph of  freedom was held yesterday, in the Coral Beach Hotel, and was attended by several ex-prime ministers and deputies, as well as Minister Walid Jounblat, besides the heads of many parties and organizations.

The assembled asked to allow demonstrations and sit-ins, to support the motion aiming at extending the period for the non-authorized media, to reinforce official information media, and to respect public freedom. On the social level they called for a new strategy of education, training and technical rehabilitation, for the encouraging of investments in remote regions, the reinforcing of the economy to stop recession, the adopting of a new tax strategy which would make social justice, and diminish the budget deficit.

Dr. Geagea is in bad condition.

The defenders of  Dr. Samir Geagea raised the issue of their client health, psychic and physical situation, since he was deprived of everything, and couldn't get into contact with the upper world, but during the meeting. They declared imprisoning him in such a place was against the Lebanese constitution, and asked the Lebanese authority as well as all bodies to take knowledge of his bad condition.


The Lebanese Football Cup.

Within the 9th period of the Lebanese football series, two games were held yesterday:

1) Racing v/s Achabiba-Mazraa (2-2).

2) Chabab Assahel v/s Assalam-Zgharta (1-1).

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