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Election of parliamentary committees.

Headed by president Nabih Berreh, a parliamentary session was held yesterday to elect members of 13 committees and these are the results :

A- Finance and Budget Committee:

Deputies Saleh El-Khayr, Fayez Ghosn, Mohammed Abd El-Hamid Baydoun, Samir Azar, Mohammed Feneish, Mohammed Yousef Baydoun, Khalil Al-Hrawi, Ghazi Zohayter, Talal El-Merehbi, Estefan Eddwayhe, Ahmed Habous, Nayla Mohawad, Anwar El-Khalil, Nasib Lahoud, Ibrahim Amin Essayed, Mosbah El-Ahdab and Khatchick Babekian.

B- Administration and Justice Committee:

Deputies Shaker Abou Soleiman, Ahmed Soweid, Raji Abou Haydar, Agop Joekhadaryan, Ahmed Fetfet, Mohammed Raad, Baha Eddine Itani, Abd Ellatif Azzein, Hasan Alawiyah, Mohammed Yousef Baydoun, Abd Errahman Abd Errahman, Zaher EL-Khatib, Abdo Bejjani, Estefan Eddwayhe, Ghazi Zohayter, Kamil Ziyadeh and Boutros Harb.

C- Foreign Affairs Committee:

Deputies Ali El-Khalil, Qabalan Issa El-Khoury, Ammar El-Mousawi, Nabil El-Bustani, Zaher El-Khatib, Bahia Al-Hariri, Hussein Yatim, Baha Eddine Itani, Adnan Arqaji, Abd Ellatif Ezzein, Raji Abou Haydar, Assem Qanso, Najah Wakim, Sayed Aql, Ali Osayran, Nasib Lahoud, and Boutros Harb.

D- Public Works Committee:

Samir Azar, Mohammed Kebbarah, Ala Eddine Terro, Mohammed Abd El-Hamid Baydoun, Ibrahim Dedeyan, Ayman Chokeir, Gebran Taouk, Nicholas Ghosn, Assem Qanso, George Qasargi, Habib Hakim, Salah Harakeh, Mansour El-Bon, Rashid El-Khazen, Elias El-Khazen, Faysal Eddaoud, and Ghasan El-Ashkar

E- Educational Committee:

Deputies Bahia Al-Hariri, Ghassan El-Ashkar, Abd Errahim Mourad, Ibrahim Bayan, Mohammed El-Meis, Hussein Yatim, Marwan Fares, Mosbah El-Ahdab, Ali Khoreis, Nayla Mohawad, Nouhad Said and Nabil El-Bustani.

F - Housing and Dislodged people Affairs Committee:

Deputies Talal El-Merehbi, Antoine Andrawos, George Dib Nehmeh, Yagya Gergian, Salim Dyab, Rabih Kayrouz, Sayed Aql, Emil Nawfal, Ala Eddine Terro, Nazih Mansour, Ali Hasan El-Khalil and Antoine Haddad.

G- Agriculture, Environment and Municipal Affairs Committee:

Deputies Elie Skaf, Saleh El-Khayr, Agop Joekhadaryan, Soleiman Kanaan, Khaled Saab, Elias El-Khazen, Khalil Al-Hrawi, Abdallah Qasir, Ali Khoreis, Ammar El-Mousawi, Habib Hakim and Abd Errahman Abd Errahman.

H- Health Committee:

Deputies Ryad Assaraf, Jean Ghanem, Ahmed Fatfat, Ismael Sokaryah, Mahmoud Awad, Mohammed El-Meis, Michel Moussa, Marwan Hamadeh, Pierre Dakkash, Soleiman Kanaan and Sebouh Hovanian.

I- Economic Committee :

Deputies Mohammed Feneish, Hussein El-Hajj Hasan, Khaled Saab, Jamil Shammas,Nicholas Ghosn, Yagya Gergian, Morris Fadel, Antoine Hatti, Salim Dyab, Antoine Andrawos, Henry Chedid and Michel Faraoun.

J- Information Committee:

Abd Ellatif Ezzein, Ghassan Matar, Adnan Araqgi, Hassan Alawiyah, Ibrahim Bayan, Henry Chedid, George Qasargi, Nouhad Said,Marwan Fares, Jihad Assamad, Anwar El-Khalil and Fayez Ghosn

K- Human Rights Committee:

Deputies Michel Moussa, Zaher El-Khatib, Ghassan Matar, Ahmed Soweid, Mohammed Abd El-Hamid Baydoun, Wadih Aql, Khaled Daher and Estefan Eddwayhe.

L- Planning Committee:

Deputies Khatchick Babekian, Ghassan Matar, Hussein El-Hajj Hassan, Faysal Eddaoud, Georges Dib Nehmeh, Rabiha Kayrouz, Marwan Hamadeh, Mahmoud Awad, Mustafa Saad, Jamil Shammas, Antoine Hatti and Abdo Bejjani.

M- Defense Committee:

Deputies Sami El-Khatib, Ayman Chokeir, Nabil El-Bustani, Mansour Ghanem El-Bon, Ali Hassan Khalil, Ibrahim Essayed, Faysal Eddaoud, Ibrahim Dedeyan, Abdallah Qasir, Salah Harakeh, Mustafa Saad, Ahmed Soweid, Mohammed Kebbarah, Rashid El-Khazen, Ali Osayran, Jean Ghanem and Sebouh Hovanian.

Assanyoura met with ambassadors

The minister of state for financing Affairs, Mr. Fouad Assanyoura, resumed yesterday his talks with Arab and foreign diplomats, preparing for the Conference of Lebanon Friends, to be held in Washington on the next December 16th.

Thus Assanyoura met with the charge d'affairs of the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Moussa El-Khaja, the honorary consul of Malaysia in Beirut, Mr. Omar El-Jundi, the ambassador of Kuwait in Lebanon, Mr. Abdallah El-Kandari, the consul of Austria, Mr. Khalil Fattal as well as the Russian ambassador in Beirut, Olyg  Perespektin.

Chirac sent telegrams to Al-Hrawi and Berreh

The French president of the republic, Mr. Jack Chirac sent yesterday telegrams to the president of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, and the president of the parliament, Mr. Nabih Berreh, to thank them for the special welcome with which he was met during his visit to lebanon.

In his note, president Chirac reaffirmed the French total support of Lebanon independence and sovereignty over the whole of its territory.

Al-Hrawi received a telegram from the Chinese president

The president of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, received yesterday a telegram from the Chinese president Jyang Zemen, on the occasion of 25 years of diplomatic relations between the popular Republic of China and the Lebanese Republic.

Noting the progress of economic relations between the two countries during the last 25 years, Zemen congratulated, in his name and on behalf of the Chinese people, the Lebanese president of the Republic as well as the Lebanese.

Al-Hrawi also received the substitute Mufti, Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qablani. After the meeting, Qablani declared he discussed with the president the general situation in the country and congratulated him for the Independence day.

Al-Hariri's representatives in commemorating independence men.

The general secretary of the council of Minister, Mr. Hisham Echahar, issued yesterday a note concerning the nomination of president Al-Hariri's representatives, in commemorating independence men and visiting Rachaya fortress, as the following :

Thursday 21st 1996

A- Minister Omar Mesqawi

- At 10:00, a wreath on the tomb of  late Sheikh Beshara El-Khoury in Ras Ennabeh.

- At 11:00, a wreath on the tomb of  late Salim Tacla, in Zouq Mekhayel.

- At 12:00, a wreath on the tomb of  late Sheikh Pierre Jemayel, in Bekfaya

B- Minister Farouq Barbir

- At 10:00, a wreath on the tomb of  late Habib Abou Shahla, in Mar Elias Btina.

- At 11:00, a wreath on the tomb of  late Ryad Solh, in Al-Ouzai.

C- Minister Ali-Hrajli

- At 11:00, a wreath on the tomb of   late Kamil Chamoun.

D-Minister Yassin Jaber

- At 11:00, a wreath on the tomb of  late Emir Majid Erslan, in Khaldeh.

E-Minister Fawzi Hobeich

- At 11:00, a wreath on the tomb of  late Abd El-Hamid Karameh, in Tripoli.

F- Minister Agop Demergian

- At 12:00, a wreath on the tomb of  late Hamid Franjieh, in Ehden

G-Minister Ghazi Sayf Eddine

- At 11:00, a wreath on the tomb of  late Sabri Hamadeh, in El-Hermel.

H-Minister Basem Essabeh

- At 11:00, visiting Rachaya fortress.

Friday 22nd

A-Minister Baheej Tabbarah

- At 14:00, a wreath on the memorial picture of  late martyr Rene Mohawad.

Miscellaneous ...

* The board of directors of  Association Lebanese Industrial held yesterday a meeting, headed by president Jack Sarraf, and declared in an issued note, that one of the greatest wishes of industrial community became a reality, now that a minister of state was assigned for the Industrial Affairs.

* The chamber of  Trade and Industry in Beirut, gave a lunch party yesterday, on the honour of deputy Salim Dyab, were also present the Minister of  Industry and Oil, Mr. Chaheh Barsomyan, several deputies , the head of the chamber and others.

* Throughout the Bekaa, new cases of  food poisoning were detected among people, who, from fear, stopped eating meats and sweets, in spite of the statement of Public Heath Office in the Bekaa that different poison cases were not correlated by any means.

* The rate of interest on treasury bonds in expected to decrease, within next few weeks, especially interests on the 2-years category, the decreasing amount would reach by the end of January 1997 1 to 1,5%.


Lebanese Football Cup

Today starts the 9th period of the Lebanese football series, and two games will be held at 14:30 between:

Chabab Assahel v/s Assalam-Zgharta (at Saida local stadium)

Achabiba Al-Mazraa v/s Racing (at Assafa local stadium)

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