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Berreh 's Visitors

The Prime Minister, Mr Rafiq Al-Hariri, visited yesterday the head of the parliament, Mr. Nabih Berreh and held a one-hour meeting with him. Berreh was also joined by the minister of education, youth and sports, Mr. Jean Obeid, the minister of environment, Mr. Akram Choheib, and the minister of state, Ghazi Safy Eddine. He also met with 31 deputies, among whom his vice-president, Mr. Elie El-Ferzli.

Besides, the acting general secretary of the parliament, Mr Adnan Daher, announced yesterday in a note the names of deputies who would represent president Berreh in honouring Independence men, as the following:

Deputy Baha Eddine Itani would , at 10:00, put a wreath on the tomb of late Sheikh Bechara El-Khoury, in Ras Ennabeh.

Deputy Adnan Araqgi, at 11:00, to put a wreath on the tomb of  late Ryad Solh, in Al-Ouzai region.

Minister Sheikh Qabalan Isa El-Khoury, at 15:00, to put a wreath on the tomb of  late Abd El-Hamid Karameh, in Tripoli.

Minister Mohammed Yousef Baydoun, at 10:00,  to put a wreath on the tomb of  late Habib Abou Shahla, in Mar Elias Btina.

Deputy Ghassan Matar, at 11:00, to put a wreath on the tomb of  late Emir Majid Erslan, in Khaldeh.

Minister Sheikh Elias El-Khazen, at 11:00, to put a wreath on the tomb of late Salim Tacla, in Zouq Mekayel.

Deputy George Dib Nehmeh, at 10:00, to put a wreath on the tomb of  late Kamil Chamoun, in Dayr El-Qamar.

Deputy Chaker Abou Soleiman, at 10:00, to put a wreath on the tomb of late Pierre Jemayel, in Bekfaya.

Deputy Fayez El-Ghosn, at 15:00, to put a wreath on the tomb of  late Hamid Franjieh, in Ehden.

Deputy Faysal Daoud, at 11:00, to visit Rachaya fortress.

Deputy Mohammed Ali El-Meis, at 11:00, to put a wreath on the tomb of  late Sabri Hamadeh, in Al-Hermel.

Deputy Hussein Yatim would, at 14:00 on friday November 22nd 1996, put a wreath on the memorial picture of  late Rene Mohawad, in Zarif sector.

El-Murr: the committee ended editing the communique.

Headed by the Home Secretary, Mr. Michel El-Murr, and partly attended by the Prime Minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, the second meeting of the ministerial committee on editing the governmental communique was held yesterday at 13:30.

After the meeting, El-Murr pointed out that the committee ended writing the communique, which might be in 6 pages, within the following items :

The social and economic issue, the administrative reform, the dislodged people problems, the ecological crisis, public freedoms and Justice, liberating the South, the government foreign policy, decentralization of the administration, and enforcing the role of Municipalities.

El-Murr denounced any disagreement between the committee members, and expected the council of Ministers while discussing the communique in its next session on saturday, to modify it either partly or completely.

El-Murr invited to the 14th session of the council of Arab Home Secretaries.

The Home Secretary, Mr. Michel El-Murr, received yesterday, the general secretary of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, Mr Ahmed Bin Mohammed Essalem, who asked him to participate in the 14th session of the above-mentioned Council, to be held from January 4th to January 6th 1997.

Essalem pointed that the session agenda included security issues, namely setting an Arabic strategy to fight terrorism. El-Murr, on the other hand, noted that Lebanon's position with regard to that strategy consisted in separating terrorism from resistance acts, and this point of view was adopted.

Assanyoura started diplomatic consultations

The minister of state for Financing Affairs, Mr. Fouad Assanyoura, began yesterday consultations with a number of ambassadors in Lebanon, in order to prepare the conference of  Lebanon Friends, that would be held on December 16th in Washington D.C.

Thus, he met consecutively with the ambassadors of Brazil, Mr. Bryan Micheal, Japan Mr.Yasogi Atchikagi, the consul of Ireland Mr. Khaled Eddahouq, as well as ambassadors of Canada Mr. Daniel Marchand, Greece Mr. George San Georgeous,Netherlands Mr. Roland Mulnier, and Belguin Mr Denis Banel. All ambassadors said their countries were ready to participate in the conference and to help Lebanon.

Six opposition deputies met at El-Hoss's

A consulting meeting attended by presidents Hussein El-Husseini and Omar Karameh, and by deputies Boutros Harb, Nasib Lahoud and Mohammed Yousef  Baydoun, was held yesterday at the president El-Hoss office.

After dealing with various local and regional issues, the assembled stated that, in this critical period of the history of  Lebanon, all efforts must be gathered to face the  present situation by:

1- Avoiding the risks of peace talks on Lebanon and liberating its occupied  territory in the South and West Bekaa, according to resolution n" 425.

2- Cease the troika, implementing the law and enforcing institutions.

3- Adopting a social policy which would alleviate the current living burden.

4- Enforcing the control institutions, to reach to a non corrupt administration.

5- Supporting the notion presented by some deputies to grant a new delay for the non-authorized audio-visual media.

6- Committing to these efforts, in order to achieve these goals within constitutional institutions.

Miscellaneous ...

* The Mouhafez of the Mount of  Lebanon, Mr. Mohammed Soheil Yammout, addressed a circular to municipalities, in which he asked all advertising groups desiring to use ad panels to abide by the decree 8861, concerning the organization and authorization of ad panels.

Yammout insisted that municipalities would take into the consideration the number of authorized panels, according to the decree, as well as calling for companies with previous panels, to settle down their situation.

* The Minister of Public Health, Mr. Soleiman Franjieh, handled yesterday, along with the ad hoc bodies, Zgharta polluted water  and Bekaa poison cases.

In this regard, he made a phone call to the Minister of Hydroelectric Resources, Mr. Elie Hobeiqa, and both reaffirmed the necessity of a radical solution to such problems.

* During a meeting with delegations from the Department of Civil Aviation, the Minister of Transport, Mr. Omar Mesqawi, insisted on filling the gaps within Beirut International Airport, to avoid incidents.

* People in some of the southern frontier villages have recently suffered hepatitis. According to the doctor of the caza of  Bint Jbeil, Dr. Naim El-Hajj, the cause of this disease is either dirt or polluted water.

* The Social League Labour organized yesterday a symposium, under the title Developing Mount of Lebanon... problems and solutions, in which participated the Minister of Environment, Mr. Akram Choheib, and deputy Antoine Andraous.

* On December 4th 1996, the Casino of  Lebanon will reopen its gates to receive guests and visitors. The President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi will officially announce the inauguration of the casino, on December 3rd.

According to the chairman of the casino, Mr. Habib Latif, the casino is going to be one of the most magnificent amusement centers in the Middle East.


Lebanon v/s Iran (0-0)

A  football match was held yesterday between Lebanon and Iran teams , on Bourj Hammoud local stadium. None of the players did score. The Lebanese players could have won, if  Jamal Taha did not miss a penalty in the 8th minute.

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