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Jounblat: relations between me and Al-Hariri are cut.

The Minister of Dislodged People, Mr. Walid Jounblat, stated that the new government didn't reflect the Lebanese people ambitions, namely in the social and economic fields. He asked to redeem the immunity of some Ministers especially concerning the stamps scandal, belonging to one of Al-Hariri's men, that is Minister Fouad Assanyoura.

Jounblat added that relations between him and the Prime Minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, are now cut off.

He also noted that the administration, as well as all Ministries, including the Ministry of Dislodged People, were corrupted.

Al-Hariri discussed with Al-Hrawi the government statement

The Prime Minister, Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, visited on Saturday afternoon the President of the Republic, Mr. Elias Al-Hrawi, and discussed with him the headlines of the governmental statement, before the first session of the new Cabinet, which would be held today in Baabda.

Al-Hariri was then joined by the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Mr. Hagob Demerjyan, who declared the visit was to discuss priorities, as well as the ministries function.

Al-Hariri was also visited by the minister of state for financing affairs, Mr. Fouad Assanyoura who said he handled with the Prime Minister the points of the governmental statement. About Minister Jounblat declarations, concerning corruption scandals in the ministry of finance, Assanyoura said the Justice was investigating and he wouldn't interfere with its work.

The Prime Minister also received the Minister of Information, Mr. Basem Essabeh, who pointed out that the discussion was about public matters.

Merhej: Laws must be implemented

The Minister of State for Administrative Reform Affairs, Mr. Bechara Merhej estimated his portfolio would be the starting point of  reform, including the administration, the state and the society. He added that laws must implemented in all fields as well as on officials, in order to have a democratic country.

He also considered the new government reflected the political forces equilibrium in the country and that it would deal positively with raised issues, especially the the audio-visual media one. About Minister Walid Jounblat position, Merhej noted that the cabinet besides being the highest executive authority in the country, was a dialogue council, and all opinions might be set forth and discussed within this council. He also asked not to neglect corruption matters, but instead to handle them refering to laws. Furthermore, Merhej considered the social and economic situation as too pressing, and must be dealt with as a  priority.

Mesqawi: Taef agreement didn't create Lebanon.

The Minister of  Transport, Mr. Omar Mesqawi, held yesterday a press conference during which he called for setting new principles of a political republican regime, which would be efficient and complementary. He pointed that Taef  agreement could be modified . Finally, Mesqawi pointed out that the government constitution was very good, and expected its statement to be objective.

Catholics marginized in the Cabinet

Reactions against marginizing the Roman Catholic community in the government constitution continued to flow. Bishop Habib Bacha even asked all Catholic Ministers to present a collective resignation.

Furthermore, a catholic deputy declared the community part within each cabinet was dwindling since the Taef agreement was reached. The High Council of Roman Catholic Community is expected on the other hand, to hold a extraordinary session today, in the afternoon, in order to discuss the community representation within the new cabinet.

Bishop Andre Haddad criticized the government constitution, in which the Lebanese people ambitions were neglected. The central body of the Roman Catholic league sent a note to the president of the Republic and another to the president of the parliament, in which they asked both officials to review the government form, in order to make justice for all communities.

Finally the Roman Catholic Democratic Union denounced the basis on which portfolios were distributed, and the injustice made to the Catholic community.

Nasrallah : our land is occupied.

The general secretary of  Hizbbollah, Mr. Hasan Nasrallah estimated that, as long as the land would be occupied, resistance would exist. He also asked to give back the media rights.


*  The Minister of Public Health, Mr. Soleiman Franjieh, reaffirmed yesterday that he was going to work hard, within his Ministry, to help all Lebanese citizens, without any kind of discrimination.

* The action undertaken by clubs and associations of Byblos to protect and save their environment, namely the sea and beach, came after many dialogue attempts with the government since 1993. At that time, a committee of Ministers was formed to examine the southern part of Byblos sand beach, in order to make decrees according to some private interests.

Thus, the decree n"5645/96 was adopted, allowing each person possessing 20 000m2 of the beach to build his own beach, and even a touristic harbor.


Lebanon Football Series

Yesterday ended the games of the 8th period in the Lebanese Football cup.

Only 7 goals were scored during the 7 matches of the period. These are the results of Saturday and Sunday games :

1-Al-Ansar v/s Assafa (0-0) (at Tripoli local stadium)

2-Al-Homentmen v/s Attadamoun-Tyre (1-0) (at Saida local stadium)

3-Al-Homenmen v/s Racing (1-0) (at El-khyara stadium-Bekaa)

4-Al-Hekmeh v/s Achabiba (0-0) (at Bourj Hammoud local stadium)

5-Arryada Waladab v/s Al-Bourj (1-1) (at Rachid karameh stadium-Tripoli)

6-Annejmeh v/s Asalam-Zgharta (1-0) (at Saida local stadium)

7-Al-Akha v/s Chabab-Assahel (0-0) (at Assafa stadium-Wata Mosaitbeh)

Team Games Win Equal Lost Scored Got Points
1  Al-Ansar 8 6 2 - 17 3 20
2  Al-Homenmen 8 6 1 1 16 10 19
3  Al-Homentmen 8 5 2 1 20 10 17
4  Annejmeh 8 5 1 2 13 7 16
5 Chabab Assahel 8 4 1 3 9 9 13
6 Al-Akha Aley 8 3 3 2 9 9 12
7 Arryada Waladab 8 3 3 2 7 7 12
8 Attadamoun Tyre 8 2 3 3 6 8 9
9 Al-Bourj 8 2 3 3 7 10 9
10 Assafa 8 2 2 4 11 10 8
11  Al-Hekmeh 8 2 2 4 15 16 8
12  Assalam Zgharta 8 1 2 5 9 17 5
13  Achabiba 8 - 2 4 5 16 4
14  Racing 8 - 4 7 3 15 1

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